8 terrifying things you’ll see Utah drivers do


Every state has their driving quirks, but Utah drivers are especially quirky.

Here are just a few the heart-stopping things you’ll see on the Utah road according to out-of-towners.

1. People distracted from rocking out to their favorite jams.

Lego movie-happy driver

If it isn’t your hidden rockstar karaoke abilities distracting you, then it might just be an intriguing phone call or a car full of kids.

Other drivers:

Confused puppies

You do know that people can see you rocking that air guitar through the windows, right?


2. Stopping past a stop sign or light…by a lot.

Mulan- you missed

Umm…I think you were to stop back there. But the car stops at the last second on a dime, even if it is a car length past the stop sign.

Other drivers:

(Gif courtesy "Ellen")

(Gif courtesy “Ellen”)

3. People that don’t like being forced to choose one lane to drive in.

Clueless driving

Don’t let the law limit you.

Which causes the cars around you to be all like:

Kronk - hiding


4. Forget what a signal is.

It's called a blinker!

The person cut off is like:

You are not welcome


5. Speed anywhere from 10-25 miles over the speed limit on the highway.


Other drivers respond either like:

Tattle tale

Or, like:

Challenge Accepted



6. It’s impossible to merge.



7. Excessively running red lights.

The Count counts cars

Let’s all take turns. “Sharing is caring.”


8. Tailgaters.



But don’t worry, eventually the out-of-towners will fall completely apathetic and become one of those Utah drivers.

Hocus Pocus - I put a spell on you

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  1. Matthew says:

    Actually Utah has some of the best drivers out there according to national study done.


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