Vocal Point and Stuart Edge serenade unsuspecting women for Valentine’s Day


Wishing you had a valentine serenading you with romantic music?

Look no further than YouTube sensation Stuart Edge, who got his start right here in Utah Valley with his famous mistletoe kissing prank video on the BYU campus.  Now with well over half of a million followers, Edge presents his newest video, featuring BYU’s own, Vocal Point.

Edge along with the musical stylings of Vocal Point (who were also recently featured on the Grammys) brighten the Valentine’s Days of a few women around Utah County by letting them know they’re loved. If your Valentine’s is looking a little more blue than pink-and-red-with-hearts-all-over, this video is sure to add some love to your V-Day.


Amy McDonald is a reporter with a degree in journalism, American studies and international development from BYU. She is a lover of the sky and a human rights advocate.

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