From Alpine to Santaquin, Utah Valley’s landscape is dotted with stunning structures. And though many of these buildings are brand new and beautiful, we have to admit we miss the architecture of our ancestors. Here are 5 great Utah County buildings that are no longer.

1. Utah State Hospital

1. Utah State Hospital
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What we now know as the Utah State Hospital opened in 1885 as the Territorial Insane Asylum. At the time, Provo was a full day’s travel from Salt Lake, and mental illness was viewed very differently than it is today. One indication of this is the site of the Provo asylum — it was eight blocks from the nearest residence and separated from the city by swampland and the local trash dump.

In the early days, the hospital served as housing for more than 1,500 mentally ill patients. The hospital’s campus — and purpose — have transformed dramatically over the last decade. This original building (photographed here in about 1896) is gone, along with the crude therapy methods many patients experienced. Today, the 300-acre campus is a successful treatment and rehabilitation center, with specialized programs for patients young and old.


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