From Alpine to Santaquin, Utah Valley’s landscape is dotted with stunning structures. And though many of these buildings are brand new and beautiful, we have to admit we miss the architecture of our ancestors. Here are 5 great Utah County buildings that are no longer.

2. Timpanogos Stake Tabernacle

2. Timpanogos Stake Tabernacle
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Utah County has seen its fair share of exquisite tabernacles. Most have been replaced with modern church meetinghouses and stake centers, but in the early days of the LDS Church these buildings were each uniquely designed and built. The Timpanogos Stake Tabernacle, formerly located in Pleasant Grove, was dedicated in 1911 but replaced by a new stake center in 1953 (which was then torn down to make way for a new building in 2005).

This picture of the tabernacle was published in “The Western Monthly” periodical in 1910, accompanied by an article praising the good people and achievements of Pleasant Grove. “Socially, the people live in perfect harmony,” the article says.


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