From Alpine to Santaquin, Utah Valley’s landscape is dotted with stunning structures. And though many of these buildings are brand new and beautiful, we have to admit we miss the architecture of our ancestors. Here are 5 great Utah County buildings that are no longer.

3. Provo Woolen Mills

3. Provo Woolen Mills
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In the late 1800s, the largest manufacturer of woolen fabrics west of the Mississippi was in our very own Utah County. The Provo Woolen Mills, photographed here in 1908, was built in 1870 at a cost of $155,000. Machinery was ordered from Philadelphia, and the mills’ four buildings near the center of Provo city housed equipment that employed about 150 workers. The main building was created from blue limestone and had a turreted stairwell and a tin mansard roof. The mills made men’s suits (which were sold for $7.50 apiece) as well as the carpet for the St. George Temple.

In 1910, LDS Prophet Heber J. Grant told an audience, “With one or two exceptions, I never wore a suit of clothes that was not made of cloth manufactured at Provo.”


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