From Alpine to Santaquin, Utah Valley’s landscape is dotted with stunning structures. And though many of these buildings are brand new and beautiful, we have to admit we miss the architecture of our ancestors. Here are 5 great Utah County buildings that are no longer.

5. Hotel Roberts

5. Hotel Roberts
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Provo’s Hotel Roberts was demolished just 10 years ago, but its history goes back more than 130 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, this mission-style structure was a famous landmark and the center of Provo’s social scene. The hotel could accommodate 90 guests, and meals in the dining room featured vegetables from the hotel’s own garden and milk and butter from its herd of Jersey cows. Well-known guests included President William Howard Taft and Helen Keller. The hotel remained in operation until 2003, when upkeep became too expensive and structural and water damage sent the space into disrepair.


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