2014 race schedule in Utah Valley


With spring right around the corner, the 55-plus races in Utah Valley from now until the end of the year should help us all to come out of hibernation. (Photo courtesy Thanksgiving Point)

Nearly every weekend from now until the end of the year, a race could be run near you. Utah Valley is home to 55 races and counting. Utah Valley races are diverse and plentiful — from a glow-in-the-dark fun run to intense trail runs, there are more races than ever in the valley.

Why such a race craze? Local running expert Amber Andrews, manager at Runner’s Corner in Orem, explained that running is the easiest sport. And a race adds motivation to your fitness goals.

“It’s the only sport that you can just walk out your door and start,” Andrews said. “You don’t need a field, you don’t need a teammate, you don’t need gear.  You could go out and run with nothing.  It’s the easiest form of exercise and people are seeing that.” To get a real run for your money this year, check out these races in Utah Valley (organized by date):

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Amy McDonald is a reporter with a degree in journalism, American studies and international development from BYU. She is a lover of the sky and a human rights advocate.

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  1. AvatarJosh Kelshaw Reply

    I know its slightly south of Utah Valley but the majority of our runners come from UV. Would you mind adding the Run Through the Lavender 5k to your list?

    June 27, Run Through the Lavender 5k,


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