Luke Staley today: Family, food and photos


In 2001, Luke Staley was the Jimmer Fredette of Provo.

He was a consensus All American and Doak Walker winner (best college football running back). He also led BYU to a 12-0 start that year and a national ranking along with his partner-in-crime Brandon Doman.

Fandom morale was high and the name “Luke” moved from the 60th most popular Utah baby name in 2001 to the 29th most popular Utah baby name in 2002 — a jump I attribute to the popularity of No. 6.

Today, after enduring 21 surgeries on assorted body parts, Staley calls his days at BYU the best times in his life and the worst times. The best because of the friendships he found there and the success the team experienced on the football field and the worst because of the chronic arthritis he silently endures.

The 33-year-old pharmaceutical salesman for Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (DSI) is now married to a former University of Utah (gasp!) cheerleader named Heather, and they’re the proud parents to two rambunctious boys, Tate (age 10) and Crew (age 7) who are currently starring in the Draper, Utah Pee Wee football, basketball and baseball leagues. Staley says that while Tate leans Utah red, Crew is true BYU blue.

“Tate likes to please his mother. If he had to make a choice, he’d probably pick Utah to make his mom happy,” Staley said with a smile.

Staley says that while his passion for college football has waned since leaving BYU for the Detriot Lions in 2001 — he has found new passions coaching his sons’ sports teams, spending way too much money on eating out (his favorite places are Pago “on 9th and 9th,” The Cooper Onion and Mazza) and developing his craft as a serious photographer.

“This might seem like a boring life to some people, but to me, this is just how I want life to be,” Staley said.

Here are 19 examples of Staley’s work in and around the Beehive state.



  1. AvatarCougar Passion Reply

    I’m very happy to see Luke having success, even if not in the public sphere, with something else he’s passionate about. It’s too easy to think that life is about success in just one field, when, in reality, we should be trying to develop many aspects of our character along with talents and abilities. Jabari Parker has said that playing basketball is something he does, not something he is, and that’s a terrific mindset to have when, for whatever reason, things don’t work out as hoped in one are of one’s life. It’s also best not to be very concerned with the adulation that comes with public success, because in the end there will be only a small group of people that truly care about you if you aren’t in the spotlight.

  2. AvatarJared Reply

    Hey Luke,

    Nice to hear you are doing well! Loved seeing you play at BYU and I enjoy seeing your photography. I am very similar in that I love the sports photography, landscapes and my little girl. Keep up the photography, you definitely have an eye for angles and some fun pictures! Do you have a site or instagram or anything?

  3. AvatarZooZoo Reply

    I love photography too Luke. Watching college football is fun, but no replacement for the beauty all around us. I’ve had no bigger thrill than standing on the sidelines watching my children play sports or seeing them perform in other areas of life. God bless you and best wishes for good health.

  4. AvatarHutch Reply


    1) A picture of Luke in the article might have been nice…

    2) “Fandom morale was high and the name “Luke” moved from the 60th most popular Utah baby name in 2001 to the 29th most popular Utah baby name in 2002 — a jump I contribute to the popularity of No. 6.”

    “Contribute” means to assist, help, have a part in, provide assistance in a person’s/group’s undertaking or task. So unless you have done something specifically to contribute to Luke’s popularity, I think you mean “attribute”, which, as a verb, means to assign credit, blame, responsibility, or a causal relationship to.

    That is all.

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