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“A neutral palette” — that’s what you hear when building or remodeling. The instruction to give yourself a blank canvas leaves you moving in and feeling bored until you can add some life to your space. Here, Lindy Allen — owner and designer at Four Chairs Furniture in Lindon — offers key ways to add sprinkles to your vanilla ice cream.


1. Wallpaper

(Photo courtesy Four Chairs)
Wallpaper helps add to a plain wall in the room. (Photo courtesy Four Chairs)

“So fun. So easy. So stylish. So colorful,” Lindy says. “Wallpaper is hands down the most fulfilling thing you can do to your boring, solid, tall walls. Wallpaper will change your home by adding pattern, texture and color.”


2. Pillows

(Photo courtesy Four Chairs)
Changing your pillows with the seasons is an easy way to give your home a facelift, according to Lindy. (Photo courtesy Four Chairs)

“How easy to change out pillows on your sofa with the changing seasons?” Lindy says. “Mixing and matching colors, geometrics, florals and solids will give your old sofa a facelift (of sorts). Of course at Four Chairs we will help you put them together so you return home with direction and confidence.”


3. Accessories

(Photo courtesy Four Chairs)
A home should be full of things, including accessories, that you love, according to Lindy. (Photo courtesy Four Chairs)

“Take down every single thing that you hate — or that you never liked — or that is old and just fills up space,” Lindy says. “Replace the old with new things you love. A home should be a collection of things you love — things that remind you of great places you have been or great places you’d love to go. Add colorful splashes of accessories, picture frames, art, rugs and unique light fixtures. You’ll feel like you have a new zest for life!”

Some homeowners are uncomfortable with making choices for their home. That’s where the professionals at Four Chairs come in. They offer in-home consultations where they evaluate what you have, what you like and what you need.

The real value comes from this personal service.

“After the initial visit, we’ll return with loads of accessories and place what you love and take the rest back to Four Chairs,” Lindy says. “Your home will love us!”


Take-Home Tip

Don’t be afraid to do one room at a time. Just because you can’t do the whole house at once doesn’t mean you can’t make one space more enjoyable to live in. Start somewhere.

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