Two LDS sister missionaries created a parody song to explain the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sisters Emily Culp and Lauren Bundy, who are serving in the LDS Nashville Tennessee Mission, uploaded their video to their Facebook walls on Thursday, March 13, using the popular song sung by Anna Kendrick, “Cups,” to teach the principles of the restoration of the gospel.

The chorus to “Cupstoration” goes:

“When he’s (Jesus Christ) gone, when he’s gone, the church will be here when he’s gone. 

He’s got faith and repentance, he’s got baptism by immersion, the Spirit, enduring to the end.

When he’s gone, when he’s gone, his church will be here when he’s gone,

He’s got prophets, he’s got teachers, he’s got priesthood and the scriptures,

Oh, his church will be here when he’s gone.”

The clear cups the sisters use for their visual aid have pictures to accompany their lyrics starting with Jesus Christ and featuring other biblical prophets.

Some LDS missions are starting to include social media as part of their proselyting strategies. Missionaries, who were required to stay disconnected from Facebook and other social media sites in the past, are now using their personal pages to share gospel messages.

Watch the full video below.

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    1. It looks like Sister Emily Culp removed it from her Facebook page, which killed the link. She uploaded it to YouTube, so we embedded the post in again. Thanks for letting us know.

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