It’s back — the season 4 premiere of the laugh-out-loud, squeaky clean comedy show “Studio C” is just around the corner.

The cast returns Monday with some of your favorite characters for more family night entertainment.

In order to prepare for the many laughs ahead, the UtahValley360.com staff chose 11 of our favorite “Studio C” skits from the past three seasons. They are listed below in no particular order. Do you agree with our picks? Add your favorites to the comment section.


Awkward Avoidance Viking, Class Reunion

Why we picked it: The Awkward Avoidance Viking perfectly represents how many of us feel in awkward situations — a need to escape. If only we all had a viking to beckon when we called for an easy out, then life would be complete.


Teddy’s Story Joint

Why we picked it: Any avid reader can accept that this is clever, even if the realization that their favorite novels have similar plot lines and characters is a little depressing. This is what we call intelligent humor. Bravo!


Lady Shadow

Why we picked it: In a world where the movie industry typically represents women robbers and spies as highly attractive, high heel-wearing superhumans, Lady Shadow’s clumsiness is refreshing to watch.


Why we picked it: Naturally, it is because people have been involved with or overhead some health enthusiasts have similar — though maybe not as extreme — debates like this before.


Captain Literally

Why we picked it: Matt Meese’s character literally has us laughing with the ridiculous straight-forward talk. It makes us think of the popular posts on grammar: “your” vs. “you’re,” anyone? “Balance restored!”


Shoulder Angel and Shawn Bradley

Why we picked it: Meese is impressive in his acrobatic abilities each time the Shoulder Angel, or Devil, makes an appearance. In particular, this one is hilarious for the huge feat — 7-foot-6 Shawn Bradley.


Poker Face

Why we picked it: Whether you’ve gambled or not, the invented thought process of these poker players will have even dad giggling.


Flirting Academy

Why we picked it: Because we all know someone that needs help.


Worst Teacher Ever

Why we picked it: It’s slightly nostalgic to remember our own teachers (not that any of them were ever like this), and imagine how well this would go over in a real school system. Yikes!


International Relations

Why we picked it: Clever. That about wraps it up. You have to know your basic United State country relations in order to follow all of the humor in this skit.


Facebook Friends Song

Why we picked it: In a social media driven world, this hits way too close to home. Quite frankly, it’s a home run.


Honorable Mentions

Candy Land Character Conference: Because one of the most popular childhood games just needed to come to life.

Gollum’s Rescue: Jason Gray impresses with his collection of impersonations. We could also choose from his Snape impression in “The Bachelorette” or Gandalf impression from “Gandalf Intervention.”

Bourne HR: Because we all wish we were as awesome as Jason Bourne.

Season 4 of “Studio C” starts on Monday, April 7 at 8 p.m. “Granite Flats” also premieres on BYUtv on Sunday, April 6 at 7 p.m.


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  1. Ms. Lane,

    Would it be possible for us to get a copy of the script for “Shoulder Angel and Shawn Bradley”? We would like permission to use that piece in High School Forensic Tournaments. I have a student who has not only seen the version online and loves it but is considering coming to BYU after doing his two year mission. His name is Samuel Grant Hobson and he is a Senior at Joe T. Robinson High School in Little Rock, Ar, We will give credit in the introduction to the author and BYU when performing this piece.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Stephen Smith, MAT
    Robinson High School
    Drama and Forensic Coach

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