Orem to Trader Joe’s: We want you


Logo_staticWhat’s better than a new Trader Joe’s opening in Cottonwood Heights next year? A Trader Joe’s opening in Utah Valley.

Orem wants to be the site of that grocery store. The company announced late last month that it would be opening a new store in Cottonwood Heights in 2015; its first Utah store opened in Salt Lake City in 2012. After the chain announced its Cottonwood Heights plans, Orem officials decided to try to get Trader Joe’s attention, too.

Orem has asked its Facebook fans to fill out a Trader Joe’s Location Request. The Facebook post has generated more than a dozen comments, mostly of the “done” variety. However, some expressed concern that a Trader Joe’s could hurt existing stores, and others want a Whole Foods store, too. The post has been shared 46 times.

City spokesman Steven Downs said the post has been viewed about 10,000 times, which makes it the most-viewed post in the city’s Facebook history, other than paid Facebook posts.

“We just thought this may be a way at no cost to get some citizens to express their voice for Trader Joe’s,” he said.

He said city officials assume the chain is looking at expansion in other parts of Utah, and wanted to make sure Trader Joe’s knows Orem is interested — and the city has some great locations available. RC Willey is moving from its University Parkway location to University Mall at the end of the year, and there’s another space open next to the JoAnn store. The old Kmart space on State Street also is vacant.

“University Parkway … I don’t think there’s a better place in Utah County (for a Trader Joe’s),” Downs said.

He said the city has no way of knowing how many people have filled out the location request on Orem’s behalf, and the city hasn’t had any contact — yet — from the chain.

“We’re hoping that if there’s any opportunity, if demand is high enough, maybe they would give us a call,” Downs said.

Trader Joe’s has stores across the country, and is known for selling harder-to-find items and low prices. To fill out a location request form, go to traderjoes.com.


Amie Rose has more than 14 years of experience writing and editing at newspapers in Utah and New Mexico. She graduated from BYU with a degree in journalism. She lives in Utah Valley with her husband, toddler and crazy dog.


  1. AvatarWilliam Bridgers Reply

    My wife and I made a concerted effort to get Trader Joe’s to locate to the empty Allen’s Market on State Street in Lindon. It would have been the PERFECT place – large store already equipped as a grocery store and a ton of parking, something which Trader Joe’s markets seem to lack. But, Kneaders took it over. Lost opportunity.

  2. AvatarMarcia Gray Reply

    We would really love to have Trader Joe’s in Pleasant Grove. This is a great town to start a business like Trader Joe’s Please come to Pleasant Grove

    1. AvatarDawn Reply

      I know tons of people that would love to see a Trader Joe’s come to Pleasant Grove, Utah. Our city would be the perfect place for an anchor store like this and I believe it would do very well!

  3. AvatarShaula Reply

    Pleasant Grove, what better place to put a Trader Joe’s than in a “pleasant” place? Pleasant Grove I say!!!

  4. AvatarRalynn Schaefer Reply

    My husband and I make monthly trips to Salt Lake. I have been hoping very much that we could get one closer. I know my married children would frequent it as well.

  5. AvatarMarybel De Waal Reply

    We need a wonderful store like Trader Joe’s in Pleasant grove it’s a small town that is growing and many new businesses are moving in a great opportunity to market your store without any big competitions .

  6. AvatarTodd Reply

    Hey how about one in Nephi, Ut. crossroads in the middle of the state. People traveling North, South, East & West would stop in everyday especially on their travels north for whatever reason then stopping on their return back home!

  7. AvatarAubrianna Qiora Reply

    I would love to invite Trader Joe’s to come and start up a store here. We would love that soooo much.

  8. AvatarKathy McLaughlin Reply

    I work in Orem, and I would love to have a Trader Joe’s here, but I also have another suggestion. Business is booming in Spanish Fork out on Highway 6. There are several empty stores, but there are a lot of new buildings going up too. Perfect location!

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