The 4-star USC/Florida State recruit jilted by BYU

Porter Gustin

Porter Gustin is a 6-foot-5, 237-pound, 4-star recruit from Salem Hills High School in Utah County.

On Thursday, April 3, Boise State offered Salem Hills quarterback/linebacker Porter Gustin a football scholarship.

A week ago, Cal followed suit. Last Sunday, USC got in the mix. And just this past Wednesday, the University of Utah officially made an offer to Gustin.

It’s all part of what could be called scholarship week. Not a bad seven-day span but if that wasn’t impressive enough, Florida State has now made it 26 official Division I offers for Gustin, who has become one of Utah’s hottest football recruits.

Oddly enough the school closest to Porter is not one of them. BYU has shown interest in Gustin, but the Cougars have not offered a scholarship and now it looks like BYU will not have a shot at the 6-5, 237 pound junior.

“We made a visit to BYU in December and talked to the coaching staff with the intention of committing to BYU if they had offered, but they said they were over their scholarship allotment for linebackers,” said John Gustin, Porter’s father. “That’s fine, that’s part of the process so we parted ways and now that’s not an option.”

Porter plans on serving an LDS church mission following his senior year and is expected to be ready to play in the 2017 season.

BYU’s crowded scholarship situation at linebacker is based on the projections for the 2017 season.

Gustin started at quarterback last year for Salem Hills. He played in five games injuries cut his season short. He passed for 1,248 yards with 13 touchdowns and three interceptions. One of this favorite targets was his older brother Gunnar, who led the state in touchdown receptions with 17.

He also ran for 260 yards and scored two rushing touchdowns.

On defense, he had 67 tackles, two sacks and an interception.

What make’s Porter so attractive to colleges is his strength, athleticism and versatility.

“The thing that makes him an elite athlete and someone so many colleges are interested is his ability to play so many different positions,” said Salem Hills coach Joel Higginson. “He can play six different positions on defense and three on offense.”

Porter has been timed in the 40-yard dash at 4.67. He has a 33-inch vertical leap and his max on the bench press is 330 pounds.

LSU likes Porter as a quarterback. Wisconsin thinks he would make a dominant tight end. Utah believes he would blossom as a linebacker or defensive end.

Schools like Louisville, Cal, Washington, Utah State, Wyoming, Oregon State and Arizona State just want him.

The position Porter plays isn’t a factor driving his decision.

“I’ve always been a defensive guy my whole life but the position I play isn’t much of a factor,” Porter said. “What I’m looking for is to help a team win a conference championship and have a chance at a national championship at a school where I can get a good education and the coaching staff can help me reach my potential.”

Gustin, who is rated as a four-star recruit by and, said he plans on waiting to see what all his options are before he makes his decision.

He could end up at Tallahassee or Baton Rouge, it just won’t be in Provo.Porter Gustin

See video highlights of Gustin here.



Neil K. Warner has covered all levels of sports in Utah for the last 20 years and is currently the beat writer for Utah Valley University. He is known best by the name Zuke, a nickname that stuck for his entertaining and often controversial Beat the Zuke column that runs weekly in the football and basketball season. He is the author of four books; Danny's Corner, Under the Green Banners, Off Court and Soul Survivor. He lives in Orem with his wife and three children.


  1. Mike Reply

    If the kid is that good, find a scholarship. Put him at DE or TE if you need to. It is always better to have more talent than less. Just don’t lose out on talent to stupid reasons

  2. Dillon Reply

    This makes no sense for BYU not to go after this guy, if they have a scholarship issue at linebacker why did they just offer a linebacker from southern Utah and the Masina kid.

      1. John Melvin Dodd Reply

        There may be more to this story, but a number of goofups in recruiting by Bronco don’t make sense. As far as character goes, the article says he plans on serving a LDS mission.

        1. Dan Reply

          I made no comment about this young man’s character, nor did I insinuate anything about his character. The only thing I know about him is what I read in this article. I cannot recall mention of his name in any other article that I have read on BYU recruiting recently. Maybe I just missed it. The article leaves a lot of questions unanswered for me. Like, how does a 4-star athlete in BYU’s back yard go unnoticed until now? Or, how is there no scholarships available for the 2017 (3 years from now) team for a 4-star athlete willing to play any number of positions? BYU doesn’t, realistically, have a shot on too many 4-star athletes, how does this one get goofed up? For me, the story does not add up. I don’t know what the “more” is and I am not going to speculate what the “more” is.

          1. Brian

            Could be the same reason Hill wasn’t pursued at all. Bronco is horrible at recognizing and developing talent. There’s a reason USU sends more players to the NFL than BYU.

  3. Truebluecougar Reply

    No mention of the “student” part of “student-athlete”, nor did I see any mention of character. I gotta believe if these two pieces were equal to the “athlete” piece, he would have been offered.

    1. Rachel Reply

      I think the fact that he is leaving a full-ride scholarship to the school of his choice (besides BYU) says a massive amount about his character.

    2. Koug03 Reply

      That’s quite presumptuous… But whatever. Let’s just turn a blind eye to BYU’s arrogance and cast the first stone at this kid. Couldn’t be a recruiting mistake… He must have character issues.

      The kid is going to be a missionary within two years for crying out loud.

    3. MaxPayne Reply

      Truebluecougar, I find your speculation about the “character” of a high school student to be very inappropriate. I wish fewer of my fellow alumni came across as judgmental and mean-spirited. (BYU fans’ reputation of being self-righteous is often well-deserved, unfortunately.)
      I imagine you’re a decent person. There’s simply no need or benefit of denigrating someone simply because he doesn’t play football for your preferred college team.
      I hope Porter does well wherever he ends up.

  4. Gftc32 Reply

    The kid is a piece of work. He’s a head case and a tool. There’s a good reason that BYU hasn’t given him an offer. I say good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    Why is it so easy to hurry and assume there is a “sinister” other side to the story when things don’t add up? Did you read the story? His dad clearly stated that : “We made a visit to BYU in December and talked to the coaching staff with the intention of committing to BYU if they had offered, but they said they were over their scholarship allotment for linebackers,”
    Why jump to making insinuations about his character? Or academic status? I read on a profile and again on a profile that he is a 3.7 student who is planning on a mission right out of high school. Where’s the scandal? Furthermore, as someone in the know, those two LB scholarships that BYU had available were offered to Gabe Reed, a LB at Timpview and his backup Devin Kaufusi (Kaufusi accepted BYU’s offer of a LB scholarship last August before his junior year wherein he played backup to Reed who was just recently offered). BYU’s loss is LSU, USC, of Florida State’s gain, plain and simple.

    1. maxpowers Reply

      You make great points, with the exception of including Riley Nelson in that list. He goes down as one of the biggest mistakes in BYU football history.

  6. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    Furthermore, don’t act like this is the first time that BYU didn’t ‘close the deal’ on big talent in their “own backyard”….this happens almost more often than not these days and anyone who knows Cougar Sports will have to admit it, even if grudgingly. Ever heard the name Chad Lewis? WALK ON. Dennis Pitta? (current NFL player and Cougar great) WALK ON. Even Taysom HIll wasn’t sold on BYU until after his mission…same with Riley Nelson, and the list goes on. How many exceptionally talented polynesian football players in this state end up as UTES? Too many in my estimation. Look, I’m a former athlete at BYU and I bleed blue – but the ugly truth about BYU recruiting is that they expect good, local LDS talent to “walk on” at BYU out of their love for and desire to attend BYU. In the case of Kaufusi and Reed, they did produce scholarships for them but let’s not forget that both their dads played at BYU! Hmmm.

    1. Gftc32 Reply

      Former Cougar Athlete,

      I didn’t jump to conclusions and yes I read the entire article as well as your response. As someone who is “in the know”, you sure are very angry and off put. Relax. It’s an opinion section.

      I’m very aware of the situation for local talent. I’ve helped coach a DE/LB who is looking to go to Utah or out of state because BYU hasn’t shown interest. But, I have also met Porter and I’ve coached against him (at different times). I stand by my comments that he’s a piece of work, head case, and tool. If he wants to go out of state, fine. In my opinion (which is all any of this is) he doesn’t fit the mold of what Mendenhall is looking for. Maybe a mission will change him, but I doubt it. A head case isn’t a team player and doesn’t want to be coached all that often. Jake Heaps was similar. The way I see it, he didn’t get an offer fit for a king and is feeling angry. That’s fine. If he thinks he can survive at an elite program like FSU or USC, fine. Let him go.

      Besides, the star rating system is flawed. It can’t predict a players work ethic or ability to flourish in college. I’d rather not hang my hat on the star system. Pitta was a 0 star that made the NFL. Heaps was a 5 star that has been a bust thus far. Maybe Porter has work ethic and maybe he doesn’t. Only way to tell is to watch his collegiate career.

      Don’t get so worked up over my opinion.

      1. Cougar Passion Reply

        *If* what you are saying is true–and I will not comment on it either way–it is frankly the right thing for BYU to do. For those of us old enough to remember, there was, back in the day, an all-everything quarterback who I won’t name, but whose dad was a quarterback-developing guru. From the time he was a child, his dad was grooming him to be an NFL quarterback. He famously had never been permitted to eat at McDonald’s. Well, this kid, who could have chosen to go to any major school–think someone like Ben Olson, but even more hyped–wanted to go to BYU, because BYU was THE quarterback school at the time. But LaVell Edwards wouldn’t visit him personally. Yes, he had signed Ty Detmer a year before, but for him to essentially snub this kid, there had to be something awry. And there was. After a mediocre career at USC, he left early and was still drafted before Brett Favre into the NFL, but he ended up getting into drugs and running completely adrift. So, again, without commenting on specific recruits, if BYU ever finds one they don’t think is a good fit despite being LDS, they are right to allow them to go elsewhere.

          1. Cougar Passion

            It was an interesting situation; one that occurred I guess because BYU had had so much success sending QB’s to the NFL in recent years. On top of that, clearly the spotlight on the Honor Code wasn’t what it is now, and, even if it were, he may well have thought living it wouldn’t have been an issue. But he was clearly THE MAN, and I would speculate that wasn’t what BYU coaches were looking for, especially given the potential for team division over two fantastically talented quarterbacks.

            By the way, when a poster leaves the person in question unnamed, he usually has a good reason for doing so. You never know what ends up on an Internet search; I specifically intended to discuss his issues with zero possibility for a search on his name to link here. He’s a human being, and probably doesn’t care to have people re-dredge his past.

      2. Former Cougar Atlete Reply


        The only thing “off-putting” about your “opinion” is how full of slander and disparaging judgments you’re slinging around about a kid you claim to have only 1) briefly met and 2) coached against. And that, my friend says more about you and your “opinions ” than I ever could. So, let me get this straight: from your brief meeting and while coaching against Porter Gustin you were able to determine that he is a “tool” and a “head case” and “uncoachable”? Geez, that’s impressive. What are you Dr. Phil? It’s pretty convenient to sling mud as “Mr. Anonymous”, so why don’t you enlighten us all with where you coach, when/where you met him and give an example of why Porter is all those ugly things you so boldly and forcefully claim?

        1. Former Cougar Atlete Reply

          Lastly, I did some checking and yes, BYU Baseball did in fact offer him last summer after seeing just one inning. Mystery Solved! If BYU’s Baseball Staff/program found his character and academic prowess to be a perfect enough fit and in line with their ecclesiastical and character standards how can you then make the silly argument that the football team did NOT? To assert that flimsy logic is so ridiculous. It only makes you look like a) a jealous hater or 2) that you believe BYU has one standard for their star baseball recruits and another one for their football recruits. Please!! According to my source he was flattered by the baseball offer but he turned it down only because baseball is not his first love, football is. So quit trying to insinuate scandal where none exists. It makes you look petty and small. Just sayin’.

  7. BWHYU BLUE Reply

    I found out today Byu baseball offered this kid last year after watching him in just one game. He throws in 90 + miles per hour. Why would the baseball program offer and football not? Maybe they were simply trying to get him on campus and save the football scholarship. They probably dident think he was going to get so much attention… I think they simply overlooked him and thought they could drag feet a bit…

  8. BYU alum Reply

    BYU has done this for years. When they see an athlete wants to go there, they hope he will come on his own without the scholarship. My brother was state Gatorade player of the year at tight end and was promised a scholarship. He turned down offers to all the top schools because he wanted to play at BYU his entire life and in the end they gave his scholarship to someone else because they figured he’d walk on. Meanwhile my parents didn’t have the money to send him. Still ticks me off.

  9. Hill Reply

    Interesting how so many quickly jump to say we should not be so hasty in judging this young man, but …. hasty judgments of the BYU football program or Bronco and his coaches is okay??

    Just curious….. What was the W/L record of all the other coaches in the country that played schedules rated as tough as BYU’s in 2013?? What conferences and schools do they represent? Don’t know off the top of my head, but I would bet their records were either not as good or not much better than Bronco’s record. And those coaches were probably all from “power conferences”. But obviously Bronco is not such a good coach.

    1. Dillon Reply

      While I am not going to say anything bad about Bronco or his Coaching staff, it does seem like BYU is trying to recruit more nationally then Local talent right now. I do not mine that at all. But for them to not go after a 4 star recruit that is in there back yard that most of the big name football schools in the country want, who would have committed on the spot if offered makes zero sense.

  10. Koug03 Reply

    I love how we call these 17 to 18 year old kids “head cases.” We were all “head cases” as juniors in HS. There are head cases on every single college football team in America! This is probably especially true for the USC’s, LSU’s, and FSU’s of the world. The difference between those teams and Byu lies in the fact that we struggle to develop top end talent. Then we blame the kids!

    We are pros at churning out walk ons, because that is exactly who Bronco Mendenhall was as a player! He knows the about being the undersized guy with “Rudy-like” heart. He knows how to motivate the underdog – but when a 5/4 star falls in our lap…we freeze. Byu is not the pinnacle of football for a 5 star guy. But that is all he hears from day one at BYU.

    We just don’t know how to take them from point A to B… and so they leave with all of Utah Valley thinking there must be something wrong with them! Case in point: Jake Heaps, Ofa Mohetau, Ben Olsen, Mike Marquardt, and CJ Ah You.

  11. sping Reply

    Hey Porter, you look like a DE no doubt from your film after you continue to grow. I’ve watched a lot of film on players and not many stand out like yours. You are awesome! I think it goes without saying you should join the Utes with their NFL DL pipeline. You may have never liked them, I don’t know, but if you could get over that if it’s an issue, look at how great of a chance to make the league would be right in your backyard. Good luck whatever you do.

    1. JmThms Reply

      Funny sping. ‘the Utes with their NFL DL pipeline’. Like they have some sort of deal with the NFL or something. Hilarious! Whatever soothes an inferiority complex I suppose.

      1. TDL Reply

        The Utes’ “NFL pipeline” is a statement of history, with historical facts to back it up… Just Google “NFL players by college” and check out the results. To question the honest facts is the real sign of insecurity, don’t you think?

  12. phill Reply

    kid doesnt use his hands well to get off blocks, that is the most negative thing i can find about his game…next is maybe that he doesnt play with very good leverage and defeats a lot of blockers or would be tacklers with straight up “strenth” (as the brothas call it heh heh) and poor competition….good news: THIS KID CAN PLAY!! the “knocks” i see on him are consistent with A LOT of hs players even the good ones, so i have no doubt that he can be coached up. kid can run well enough, has size. often explodes on contact (could use more consistency in hip strength and violent contact…thats a maturity and weight room thing, no biggy) or at least shows and understanding of aggressiveness and hitting. good use of wing span, often wraps up ball carrier and does not let go….i wouldve liked to see some negative plays to correctly assess lateral movement and speed….i project this kid to be more like a trevor reilly/paul kruger more than a KVN type…however if kid doesnt serve mission i see him grading better than trevor and paul by the end of career….this projection is based on him going to utah. if he goes to team with faster team speed particularly on D Line, im afraid it will take him longer to crack the starting line up and would rather see the kid switch to TE where he would be able to play sooner……SIGN HIM!!

  13. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    SHFan, am I right to assume that “SHFan” stands for “Salem Hills Fan”? I find that a little curious if that is the case because if you were an actual Salem Hills fan you would have heard by now that due to the fact that there was no evidence supporting the “hazing allegations”, the prosecutor filed a motion to dismiss the entire case. Where have you been? That’s old news. If you want verification call Coach Higginson like I did, he will be more than happy to validate everything I just said. Do you want his number? Which brings me to my second question, if you are in fact a Salem Hills fan, why on earth would you be trying to implicate Porter Gustin in some tabloid type gossip (that you call “insight”) just to smear the reputation of a great kid who was exonerated a long time ago? No offense, but it sounds like Salem Hills doesn’t need fans like you.

    1. SHFan Reply

      Former Coug – Been around the sports programs at Salem Hills since the beginning and for the most part the kids participating have been above reproach. This past year, not so much. It’s disappointing for those of us who have been long-time, faithful supporters to have the two separate incidents occur this past year that tarnish the school’s name and the reputation of the athletic programs. As a Salem Hills fan, I join with many others who believe Spirit, Heart, Honor and Success should guide the actions of all students who represent the school.

      What can successfully be prosecuted in the legal system is rarely a good indicator of moral or ethical behavior. The fact that the two situations were not pursued legally does not mean that inappropriate actions did not occur. If the players did not participate in inappropriate behavior, why were they suspended?

      I’m all for second chances and redemption. But I also believe strongly in accountability. Hats off to coaches who were willing to suspend star players. Accountability and consequences are good for all – the program, the players involved, the school and its fans..

      That said, my original comments were only intended to point out that being suspended due to involvement in inappropriate activities would not go unnoticed by coaches at BYU and may have been a factor in their decision not to offer. I probably should have been more clear on that point.

  14. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    SHFAn; “Spirit, Heart, Honor and Success should guide the actions of all students who represent the school.” Really? Until the Gustin brothers showed up there was no Spirit, Heart, Honor and Success within the football program. True fans know that the Shyhawks had managed to average just 2.8 wins per season “since the beginning” until this past year. Nobody was in the weight room trying to improve and the stands were practically empty. That has all changed! Those boys have done more positive for that football program in one year than all others that have proceeded them combined. According to Coach Higginson; Stanford, USC, Utah, BYU, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin and others were all on campus last week. Several more are coming this week. Stanford was the most recent Institution to offer a full scholarship to Porter and they vet their recruits more thoroughly than any other school in America and most political candidates. Are you saying that you know something that they don’t? As you know, part of that vetting process is talking with the administration, teachers, coaches and numerous others. Stanford only offer the “best of the best” concerning academics, personal standards, impeccable character and positive leadership. Your assumptions and ill based opinions do not hold water in this case. You are obviously wrong on all counts. Please have your facts correct when posting information about others.
    Secondly, according to Coach Higginson, not one coach on the football staff backed the decision by Principle Bart Perry to suspend him for two games. Bart made a poor, knee jerk decision based on pressure and inaccurate information from KSL. A decision that was quickly overruled by the district office once the evidence (or lack thereof) was fully reviewed. The district overturned Bart’s decision and allowed Porter back for the second game. However, you should know this as a “true fan.” By the way, where do you get your information? Are you the anonymous resident that contacted KSL? Doesn’t it seem odd to you that nobody was willing to actually come forward and instead opted to do it all through anonymous and untraceable channels during homecoming week? Where is the “honor” in that?
    Thirdly, the informed residents of Salem are obviously aware that there was no evidence to support any claims against Porter and that is why it was dropped. He was not involved (regardless of what you think) and therefore it never even made it to the courts. Unless of course you are suggesting that a prosecutor in Millard County dropped the case despite having solid, probable and sufficient evidence to convict! Is that what you are implying? Seriously? Time to get with the times SHFan and stop hanging around the local rumor mill and parents resentful of their kids losing playing time to better athletes.

    1. SHFan Reply

      Former Coug – I’ve obviously hit a nerve somewhere causing you to rebut with personal attacks and outrageous claims, leaving unsupported mayhem in your wake.
      First, let me address the genesis of this discussion. The article was in regard to BYU not offering to Porter Gustin when myriad other schools were lining up to do so. The discussion board was awash with comments questioning how this could be. My comment, though clearly should have been more specific, was that additional insight could be obtained as a possible reason in knowing that Porter Gustin was one of the two players suspended. That is a fact and I stand by the statement that certainly BYU would not have been unaware of this suspension. You can debate the appropriateness of the suspension all you want but it does not change this fact in any way. I do not have personal knowledge of whether or not Porter was involved in the incidents but do know that he is one of the players suspended. Without question, Gustin is an exceptional athlete but that does not alter the fact that he was suspended nor that the BYU coaching staff would know about it. Certainly other schools would know about it, but as you and I both know this would not likely raise even an eyebrow at most schools. These facts are indeed correct and I am not wrong on all counts. Your assertion of such is clearly an emotional response.
      All that being said, I think it’s great for Porter Gustin to have all of this national attention – it’s good for him and good for the program. I hope he ends up in a great situation that will allow him to develop in all areas and to find an opportunity to play many minutes at the next level in a quality program.
      Now, let me address your hyperbole and misstatement of facts. To claim that the Gustin boys have single-handedly changed the direction of the program is arrogant and ridiculous. It is also a tremendous insult to Coach Higginson for which you should be ashamed. While you are correct in pointing out that SHHS football has averaged 2.8 wins per season is correct, it does not tell the whole story. In the previous years there were some bright spots and some challenging times. In those years, we’ve had some good athletes and a couple of exceptional ones, and yes, even a winning season. It is my opinion, and that of many others, that the primary reason for the poor overall showing in the win column is because of Coach Morgan’s ineffective offensive schemes and an overall reluctance to throw the football. Defenses were able to stack the box and essentially shut down a strategy that relied on a running QB. Talent was there for the passing game in most of the years under Morgan and was showcased on several occasions only to inexplicably have the offense return to its anemic roots the following week. The Gustin boys should be acknowledged for their talents to make the passing game happen (along with Chad Peterson, Zac Zobell, Ammon Fifita among others and the offensive line) this past season but the overall credit goes to Coach Higginson, who should be congratulated on his willingness to throw the ball and the overall team for their execution. Your claim that “Those boys have done more positive for that football program in one year than all others that have proceeded them combined” is ridiculous and offensive on every possible level. You offend everyone who has contributed in any way. Last time I checked, 11 players are on the field from each team. If that is the attitude that the Gustins bring with them then I would rather win 2.8 games per season than to have that kind of arrogance and narcissism at SHHS from a couple of imports. Perhaps Timpview might be a better home for players who feel they are all that and then some. I doubt the Gustin boys themselves feel that way, but if they do SHHS is infinitely better without them win or lose.
      Also, If you knew anything about the overall program, you would know that Monte Morgan was big on the weight room. Many players who played under Coach Morgan spent many hard and dedicated hours in the weight room improving their strength. To clam that “Nobody was in the weight room trying to improve” is absolutely false and is offensive to everyone of those young men who spent hours benching, squatting and cleaning. I can’t specifically speak to Coach Higginson’s first year so you could be correct in looking at a year-to-year comparison but certainly not accurate in viewing the program overall. Your statement regarding game attendance is also completely false. There has been no perceptible difference overall in terms of attendance this past year from any other. As with many high school events, attendance fluctuates greatly by opponent and weather. I could reasonably assume from your comments that any meaningful experience you have with SHHS coincides directly with the arrival of the Gustin boys and thus would not have any real perspective of the history prior to Coach Higginson’s appointment as head coach.
      Regarding Mr. Peery – You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I have known Bart to be thoughtful and deliberate in his approach to everything at the school. He is honorable and has consistently demonstrated putting the overall welfare of the school and its students first in all of his dealings. If Bart felt justified in suspending students, then I’m happy to back him on that.
      You ask me where I get my information. Without getting into too much detail, I have the privilege to know many people in the community. I know many students, parents, administrators and, I as mentioned to you, have been a supporter of the school and its programs from the beginning. My children have attended the school from day one. With that comes some perspective on how the pieces fit. In fact, I already knew that Coach Higginson was not in favor of the suspensions and had taken a position of “boys will be boys” in regard to both situations previously mentioned. I offered the hats off comment in general terms and to make a point. While I would not call my information inside knowledge, I see enough pieces to make some reasonable assessments. And no, in answer to your question regarding my being an anonymous resident and frankly not sure to what you are referring. However, since you ask, I will share my opinion – I believe the events in question did in fact happen. I also believe that they were probably blown out of proportion. I do believe there is some merit to the idea of “boys being boys”? Yes, but I do feel that there has to be some accountability when lines are crossed. Does it warrant criminal charges? Not really. Suspensions? Probably – just to satisfy accountability and to help put perspective in the relationship of sports and real life. We live in a culture that way too often turns a blind eye to athletes who misbehave because of their prowess on the field. In my opinion, that mentality has no place in Salem.
      With all of that, I can only assume that you are either a troll who has successfully goaded me into spending more time than I should have to respond to your outrageousness or you are a close relative or friend of the Gustins that puts defending Porter above all and beyond reason. I can honestly think of no other reasonable way to explain your responses, positions and personal attacks. In either case, I remain a loyal SHFan.

  15. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    I agree that Joel Higginson is the best coach in the state. Nobody has argued contrary to that point. However, it is clear that you do not know anything about him, his program or the circumstances surrounding this case. I do! I called him! I would advise you to do some research of your own by asking officer Gurney to provide you with a police report but miraculously one does not exist. Hmmmm. I would then say to contact the person that filed the complaint (three months after the incident occurred) but that person does not exist either. Maybe it would be better to call the prosecutor in Fillmore and ask why he dropped the case. I am guessing it is because you need something called evidence to proceed. How about just call Everett Kellipolo at the district office and ask why he had Bart revise the initial punishment? Come on SFfan, at least put in a little effort to obtain the truth prior to spewing your opinion on a public forum. Please. Just a little research is all i am asking. At least call Coach Higginson like I did. By the way, what happened at Wasatch High this last week was 10 times worse than what happened in this case. Both of those boys received a slap on the wrist and a disorderly conduct.
    Secondly, you are correct, Salem did indeed have one winning season in 2009 thanks to a tremendous victory over our powerhouse neighbor down the street at ALA. Great job Skyhawks! Again, it is evident that you have no idea what is really going on around the football program. I also stick by my claim that the Gustin boys have done more positive for this program than all other players that have proceeded them combined. I repeat…all others combined. I am sorry that offends you but it is true. Salem football was a doormat and a punchline prior to Joel Higginson and the Gustins. I am sure you were aware that Salem was predicted to finish dead last (again) in all the preseason publications this past season. Of course that was prior to the top rated QB in the state (rating of 129), the current 4th rated linebacker in the nation and the top rated receiver in the state (17 receiving TD’s) showed up. I am using Max Preps and as my source here. Please feel free to verify.
    According to the article in the Salt Lake Tribune today Porter has over 24 division 1 offers. He is also the number 1 rated player in the state of Utah and 33rd overall in the nation. In the past two weeks there have been more than fifteen division 1 schools that have visited our valley specifically to see Porter Gustin whom they have already offered a scholarship. Since they are here in town they also visit other players at Salem High like Connor Hunt, Tyler Sorensen and Cooper Smith. They then go over to Spanish Fork and visit players like Jason Money. See where I am headed with this? “A rising tide lifts all boats.” When USC arrived in the valley last week to visit Porter whom they had already offered….they stopped and offered scholarships to two other players in Utah on their way to Salem. Are you following me on this? Everyone is benefiting from Porters success. ESPN has even mentioned Salem Hills on its broadcast when discussing the top 100 elite athletes in the nation. In other words, NOBODY cared about Salem football until last year. Nobody! Try to prove me wrong on that point. Next year it will be a zoo around here with reporters and camera crews. was on campus tonight to write a feature story about Porter and chatted with several players about opportunities to gain positive attention with recruiters according to coach Jake Grossbeck. That is all priceless exposure for the school that money can’t buy and several other players are benefiting from it. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? Until you can bring some actual facts to the table to substantiate your claims I am done wasting my time with you. Anyone can provide assumptions. You have failed to give one source or provide one hard fact in your argument. Again, you are wrong on all counts! Just do me a favor and call one coach on the football staff and ask for their opinion. I will bet you a Chocolate Shake at Parleys that they will say the same thing that I just did. If they do agree with me, will you still be a “fan”?

  16. SHFan Reply

    Former Coug – I’m pretty sure you just admitted that something actually happened. You said “By the way, what happened at Wasatch High this last week was 10 times worse than what happened in this case.” So, did something happen with the SHHS situation or not? You can’t have it both ways.

    BTW, I did not call Joel Higginson the best coach in the state – that is all on you and further proof of your delusional perspective. I’m happy to have Coach Higginson in Salem but there is a lot of ground to cover before a statement like that can have any credence.

    You are only partially correct in stating that “NOBODY cared about Salem football until last year” – depending on who you define as a NOBODY. Those who as you say “care” now, don’t really care about SHHS. They are looking for good players for the next level and nothing more. Good players will be found where ever they are with or without the Gustins. However, many of us nobodies in the community care and will continue to long after Porter Gustin is gone. We don’t need bandwagons or imports to in order to care about our community and our kids. What we have in Salem and surrounding areas that feed into SHHS is unique and goes way beyond anything that can be defined by what happens on the gridiron or with college recruiters. Young men who have participated in football and other sports have gained valuable life lessons through their experiences and their contributions to each other outweigh any moment of fame that any one player might bring.

    Oh, and did I mention that it is a cold, hard fact that Porter was suspended and that it’s unlikely that BYU coaches would not have known about that?

  17. Former cougar athlete Reply

    The topic is football and not the young men’s program. You posted a link about football. Stick to that topic. Joel was awarded the Coach of the Year. He is tops in my opinion. Plus nobody admitted to anything. Nice try! The fact is …the program was horrible until Joel an the Gustins showed up. This may have put some locals out of starting positions and I see your frustration since one was probably your son or relative. Fact is, the best thing to happen to Utah Valley Football in decades is what you are trying to tear down. May I add with no evidence. I take it you still have not contacted a coach. Time to drop your case that Porter is a bad kid and live with the fact that less talented native athletes were just simply beat out. Time to deal with it!
    Thanks and enjoy another winning season with the rest of us.
    Thank The Lord for immigrants and transplants from Idaho.

  18. SHFan Reply

    Former Coug – A few simple points for you:

    1) I never once said that Porter Gustin is a bad kid. Not once, not anywhere. And, if you can read, was quite complementary about his athletic ability.

    2) You asked me to stick to the topic. Let me reframe it for you one more time. Please pay attention this time. The topic was that a 4 star athlete was jilted by BYU. Comments on the board were discussing why that might be. My post (and again readily admit I should have been more specific and clear) was that Porter was one of the suspended players and that BYU coaches would certainly know that. No smearing of anyone. Only stating actual facts. Can you dispute any of that? You can certainly debate the merits of the suspension and have ad nauseam but that does not change the fact that he was suspended.

    3) You state “Fact is, the best thing to happen to Utah Valley Football in decades is what you are trying to tear down.” Are you really trying to say that Porter Gustin is the best thing in decades? Really?!?!? If my pointing out the ridiculousness of that statement is tearing it down, then guilty as charged. Really ??? The best thing in decades? I can hardly come up with words to describe that kind of arrogance. I think it must be your outlandish statements that you treat as fact that drive me to respond again and again…

    One last thing, no kids or relatives losing positions to any Gustin boys. They’ve already graduated and in reality probably would have been friends to them had they been in the programs at the same time.

  19. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    Why do I feel like I am debating a 7 year old? For your sake, I will do this one more time and please pay attention or you WILL spend the rest of the afternoon in timeout. When adults discuss grown up issues they use things like facts, sources, quotes or other valid data to back it up. It is like showing your work in math in order to get that shinny little sticker. Let me give you an example of how big people do this. Please grab a pen and paper to take notes.
    The original article refers to a Four Star Athlete being” jilted” by BYU due to the fact that “no scholarships were available”. That was very clear for those that actually read the article. However, on April 17th at 7:47 you felt it was your responsibility to encourage the readers to Google “Salem High Football players suspended” for more insight. Note how I will continue to use facts as i precede. Exactly one minute later at 7:48 you post a link about an alleged hazing incident for the readers to view. However, this new article that YOU posted does not mention Porter in it one single time. With that said, you then make the effort to tie him to this story and further insinuate that he was involved in a “second incident” that negatively impacted the school. Again you supplied no facts or resources to substantiate your claims. What is interesting is that as a “informed fan” you already knew that the prosecutor in Millard County had filed a motion to dismiss and that the case against Porter had been dropped. Nevertheless, you then insinuated that he did not have the “honor, spirit, heart or success” needed to properly represent the school. But wait, i’m not done because you then backed Principle Perry’s decision to suspend Porter knowing that it was overturned two days later when the district got involved. Ooops! Then, in desperation, you decide to lie by claiming that the coaching staff had supported the decision to suspend Porter and one other player. However, my favorite part is when you insinuate that the reason my Alma Matter did not extend Porter a scholarship is because they “knew” about the alleged hazing. Really? Are we talking about the same BYU that recruited Van Noy after he was arrested for drunk driving? I just want to clarify that we are not talking about a different school with higher standards than Stanford when recruiting athletes. I won’t even mention Jamal Williams or Harvey Unga. Therefore, what is your point here SFfan? What is your hidden agenda? Honestly, I am disgusted in what you are doing. You should be ashamed of yourself! This kid has absolutely no blemishes on his record and that is a fact! What are you trying to prove here with your hazing link and personal assumptions? As i said before, Salem does not need nor want “fans” like you! Stop lying?
    Now to my second point and I will go v e r y s l o w so you can understand. If you disagree with anything I say…..please try to use a fact instead of a personal opinion. Here is your chance to redeem yourself. I challenge you to find just one other 4/5 star high school athlete in the valley over the past 30 years that has garnered this much positive football exposure for Utah County. Give me the name of just one kid with over 30 offers (and climbing) that has put such a positive light on this community. Google Porters name and read the dozens of positive articles mentioning Utah and Salem Hills High School. Hello………..are you still there?
    I didn’t think so.

  20. SHFan Reply

    I concede, The fact that Porter Gustin was suspended has no bearing or relevance to anything. And if we kumbaya hard enough together, we can make it go away. Those big bad administrators are just against the innocent. Shame on them, Count me in for the kumbaya.

    I just don’t know how high school football managed to even exist in UV until the arrival of the Gustins. We are so fortunate that they chose to bless us with their presence. All the other 4/5 star recruits from UV that have played at universities across the land are such impostors. I hope they will each take a moment to acknowledge that they have only paved the way for the best thing to happen to football in decades.

    I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not that the only sports news is about Gustin. It’s so hard to find anything else to read but I guess I should be grateful for all the attention it brings to our lowly hamlet. I wonder if ESPN will consider a sub-channel to replace ESPN 2. Maybe they should call it ESPN Gustin.

    I am worried though, and maybe you can help me. What will happen to us when Gustin graduates? I can hardly bear the thought. Will there be a reason to even field a team? Poor coach Higginson. Perhaps we could convert the football field into a lacrosse field. I think it will fit…

    I am grateful that I can now change my agenda of stating facts for consideration and pointing out ridiculous and arrogant claims to one of promoting gratitude that the Gustins have finally brought SHHS into world relevance.

  21. Former Cougar Athlete Reply

    As suspected…… name provided. Game over…you lose! Now go find another innocent kid on a different thread and try to tear him down. However, if he is innocent, and I know it,…..I will always defend him or her from people like you.

    When it is all said and done, it is not the voice of your enemies that will be remembered but the silence of your friends.

  22. Paul Reply

    FSU has a great institute program and Florida is a great place to be in the winter. The Church is strong with Tallahassee being a strong stake of Zion. He would be great there. The Institute is a couple of blocks from the stadium. He would be playing for a championship every year.

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