There are a variety of different support groups in Utah Valley to help with all sorts of struggles. (Stock Photo)
There are a variety of different support groups in Utah Valley to help with all sorts of struggles. (Stock Photo)

“There is strength in numbers” might be a cliche, but it’s also the key to learning and healing for many people with challenges. Whether you’re struggling with an addiction or adjusting to breastfeeding, there are people out there who are going through the same. And chances are, there’s an organized support group ready and waiting to help.

Here are some local support groups you may not have known exist.

1. Breastfeeding Moms

La Leche League offers support for breastfeeding challenges and education about nutrition and weaning to moms all over the country. The Utah chapter is ready to help.

2. Empty Nesters

The Empty Nesters of Salt Lake City go out for brunch, shop for antiques, attend museum exhibitions and local theater performances and snowshoe through the mountains. It’s a great way to fill the void in their homes with new friends and new fun.

3. Loved Ones of People With Disabilities

Family to Family Network, supported by the Utah Parent Center, offers a variety of resources to loved ones of people with disabilities, including the facilitation of family-to-family support.

4. Suicide Survivors and Grieving Loved Ones

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention can help you find local support groups for people on all sides of this tragic problem.

5. Cancer Patients and Survivors

The American Cancer Society’s search tool can help you find local support groups for individuals and families dealing with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

6. Compulsive Gamblers

Gamblers Anonymous isn’t as well known as Alcoholics Anonymous, but it follows a similar format and philosophy. For details about meetings in Salt Lake City, click here.

7. Chronic Debtors

For people looking to connect with others who are struggling to get out of debt, Debtors Anonymous meetings, also held in Salt Lake City, might be worth checking out.

8. Stay-at-Home Dads

As a minority population, stay-at-home dads are often in need of extra support. For connection with other dads and information about organized father-kid outings, check out this Facebook group.

9. Loved Ones of Addicts

You probably know there are support groups for recovering addicts, but did you know there are also support groups for the people who love them?

Know of another local support group? Comment below with details.

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