where-they-came-fromPassionate BYU football fans have certain perceptions about where players are recruited from.

Some are correct. Some are not.

Test your knowledge of the current BYU roster by answering the following questions.

1. From which state does BYU get more football players?
A. Utah
B. California
(Correct answer is “A.” Some 47 players came from Utah. California is second with 34 players on the roster.)

2. Of the following, which metro area has the most players playing for the Cougars?
A. Seattle, Washington
B. Portland, Oregon
C. San Francisco, Califoria
D. Boise, Idaho
E. Las Vegas, Nevada
F. Phoenix, Arizona
G. Denver, Colorado
(Correct answer is “B.” Portland (7), Seattle (4), San Francisco (4), Phoenix (3), Las Vegas (2), Denver (2) and Boise (2). Of note, six players are on the roster from St. George and surrounding areas.)

3. How many players are from states east of the Mississippi?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 12
D. 16
(Correct answer is “B.” BYU has players on its current roster from Illinois (1), Alabama (1), Georgia (1), Florida (1), North Carolina (1), Maryland (2) and Massachusetts (1).

4. How many BYU players are from outside the United States?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
(Correct answer is “B.” Paul Lasike is from Auckland, New Zealand and Kalolo Utu is from Upolu, Samoa.

5. Which Utah high school has the most players on the BYU roster?
A. Timpview High School, Provo, Utah
B. Bingham High School, South Jordan, Utah
C. Pleasant Grove High School, Pleasant Grove, Utah
(Correct answer is “A.” Timpview (8), Pleasant Grove (6) and Bingham (5). Players from Timpview include: Michael Alisa, Craig Bills, Kevan Bills, Nick Clearwater, Colby Jorgensen, Bronson Kaufusi, Corbin Kaufusi and Isaiah Nacua. Players from Pleasant Grove include: Parker Dawe, Zac Dawe, DJ Doman, Austin Heder, Joey Owens and Bryan Sampson. Players from Bingham include: Tuni Kanuch, Remington Peck, Manoa Pikula, Iona Pritchard and Kesni Tausinga.

6. Which, of the following states, has the most players on the 2014 roster:
A. Colorado
B. Arizona
C. Idaho
D. Nevada
(Correct answer is “B and C.” Idaho and Arizona each have six players on the current roster. Colorado has three and Nevada has two.)

7. How many BYU football players are from Hawai’i?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
(Correct answer is “A.” Only two players are from the Aloha state and one is a haole. Michael Alisa and Graham Rowley.

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