Sneak Peek at ‘Heaven is for Real’: 10 images of heaven according to Colton Burpo


In heaven, everyone has wings (except Jesus) and it's always light, according to Colton Burpo.

In heaven, everyone has wings (except Jesus) and it’s always light, according to Colton Burpo.

Four months after his emergency surgery, 4-year-old Colton Burpo started telling his parents about experiences he had in heaven while he was lying in the hospital bed having an emergency appendectomy.  When the little boy from small-town Nebraska described where his mother and father were during the surgery and what they were doing while he was “up and out of his body,” Colton’s parents, Todd Burpo (a Protestant pastor) and Sonja Burpo, knew he was telling the truth.

They decided to share Colton’s message of faith through a book, “Heaven is For Real,” which is now a New York Times best seller. A film based on “Heaven is for Real” will be in theatres on April 16th.

Before Colton’s descriptions of heaven are released on the big screen, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek. Here are some of the things little Colton says he saw:

1. Angels sang to him because he was scared. He asked them to sing, “We Will We Will Rock You,” but they wouldn’t.

2. Colton describes heaven’s gates as being made of gold with pearls on them. The city of heaven, he said, is made of something shiny, like gold and silver. There are more colors in heaven, and the flowers and trees are beautiful. Colton says he saw animals of every kind — including Jesus’ rainbow-colored horse and dogs, birds and friendly lions.

3. Colton says he sat on Jesus’ lap at one point while he was in heaven. He says Jesus has brown hair and hair on his face. He told his father that Jesus’ eyes are so pretty.

4. Colton says Jesus had “markers” in the palms of his hands and on the tops of his feet, and that he wears white with a purple sash and a gold crown with a pinkish diamond in the middle.

This painting of Jesus Christ by Akiane Kramarik is what the Savior looks like according to Xxx.

This painting of Jesus Christ by Akiane Kramarik is what the Savior looks like, according to Colton Burpo.

5. Todd and Sonja Burpo showed Colton many paintings of Jesus to find out which one he thought came closest. It wasn’t until he finally saw the painting of Christ by 8-year-old prodigy Akiane Kramarik, who claims to have seen heavenly visions from the age of four, that Colton said it was right. After Kramarik continued to share her visions of heaven and turn them into life through her paintings, her atheist mother started believing in God.

6. Colton told his parents about meeting his sister in heaven, whom his mother had miscarried before Colton was born, and whom the parents had never spoken to Colton about. He says this sister looked a lot like his living sister, Cassie, but was smaller and had dark hair. Colton says she wouldn’t stop hugging him.

7. Colton also claims he met his grandfather, who died 30 years before Colton was born. When Colton’s father showed him a photo of “Pop” shortly before he passed away, Colton didn’t recognize him. When his father showed him a photo of “Pop” at 29 years old, Colton instantly recognized him as the man he spent time with in heaven. Colton told his father that no one is old in heaven.

8. Colton said everyone in heaven has wings except Jesus, who “just went up and down like an elevator.” Also, according to Colton, everyone in heaven has a “light” over their heads.

A coloring sheet available at shows what Colton Burpee says God's thrown looks like.

A coloring sheet available at shows what Colton Burpo says God and Jesus’ thrown resemble.

9. Colton claims to have seen God’s throne, which he describes as “really, really big” and says Jesus’ throne is “right next to his dad’s,” on the right, and that Gabriel’s throne is on the other side. Colton says he saw Mary kneeling at Christ’s throne and at other times standing by him. He said “she still loves him like a Mom.”

10. Colton says it never gets dark in heaven, because God and Jesus light it up.

To learn more about Colton’s entire story, as told by his father, Todd Burpo, click here.


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  1. Avatarchristina U Reply

    I have never seen a movie that is so real as Heaven is Real, I can relate to this movie from an out of body expediences I had when I was just 22 years old and I feel seeing and talking to Christ had helped me help my father three days before he passed away he had so many questions about death to ask me that 3 days before he died we sat up all night and he asked me so many questions about death pain heaven and GOD, I am glad I could answer his questions and that Christ gave me the knowledge to understand my own fears on death. I have opened my eyes to Christ and fear not death, when he calls me home my children will not be sad for my lost but filled with joy because they understand there is no pain only love in Heaven and beautiful warmth.

    1. AvatarKaren Reid Reply

      Colton Burpo AND his father are LIARS! The ORIGINAL 2011 book contained a vastly DIFFERENT picture of “Jesus” than the current Akiane portrait of Jesus. They have scammed the body of Christ, and will share in the judgement and condemnation of Ananias and Sapphira, for “OUTSIDE are ALL who LOVE and PRACTICE FALSEHOOD” (Rev. 20).

  2. AvatarBob Reply

    When i was young i went through Catholic never truly beliving in God,While i was in church with my mom and dad.I looked up at the cross and said to God quietly to myself,”God if your there prove it to me”.Through the years i had this incredible thirst within myself to find God,a hunger i cannot explain.I’ve read every book on the suject i could find,Until one day i realised you can’t find God in a book,He’s with you always you just need to look within yourself.One particular night i was very tired and slept like never before me or ever.That morning i awoke and thought i saw something when my eyes were closed,so i closed my eyes again and looking back at me was an eye”Known as the eye of knowledge.(The Third Eye).It lasted 5 mins,And right after that a thought ran through me saying ”DON’T WORRY EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT”Then it said my full name with a feeling of pure love within and all around me.When i saw the movie Colton says” HE TOLD ME EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT”.Well that line blew me away,and reaffirmed my faith in God,Thank you Colton,and PRAISE JESUS.

  3. AvatarOkonkwo obiora Reply

    I believe he’s seen all that he said he saw,Jesus,heaven and all… That movie really touched me deeply. And the painting pictures of christ and the thrown feels so real to me. I wish I could have such expirence in my life cos is a life changing one. All glory to God and peace to us his children… Amen! Thank you colton.

    1. AvatarMichael Ezeani Reply

      Obiora, You could have such experience in your life if you have faith in God. Obey his commands, and Pray always. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, always be humble and have humility in you. I promise you, if you stick to what I said, God will show himself to you. Cheers

  4. AvatarJohn Semler Reply

    The people that don’t believe need to wake up and talk to Jesus. The lady that thinks its bull you need to wake up. The people that say its not real well there is a lot of children that have went to heaven and came back and people don’t believe. Jesus is trying to reach people. The muslims started 600 years after Jesus they need to go back in history and find Jesus for hell is for real

    1. AvatarBill Tailor Reply

      I’m a Christian but no I don’t believe him and Christian’s are to question when people come in God’s name. This kid’s account of what Jesus looks like matches the pictures on his parents wall. History tells us the Jews did not look like that. He’s revealed nothing that a 4 yr old heard in Sunday school with a lot of encouragement from his parents need to have a “special” child. But lying on the Holy Spirit should put fear in him. So many kids grow up repenting for lying I hope he does as well

      1. AvatarPam Monis Reply

        “Out of the month the people of babes”. And that picture you are referring to came from a little girl named Akiane. Jesus took her to heaven every night for a while and taught her to paint. Just an FYI.

    2. AvatarRichard S Sarno Reply

      The number of ppl who are relating their dreams, visions and NDE experiences is multiplying expotentionally. Jesus Christ is revealing Himself in this present age, He is still ministering. Ppl dont realize we were created for the Father’s companionship with Him thru the Son. The planet Earth is one immense field the Lord is going to reap His harvest. But He’s going to separate the wheat from the chaff, believers from nonbelievers. It’ll be sad if many don’t heed the word and warning and are left behind, simply bc thwu listened to the world or it was just to much work to follow the Lord. May not one be lost, in Jesus’ name, I pray.

  5. AvatarVICTORIA IJIADE Reply

    This really Amazing for God to have shown little Colton the revelation of heaven. this really mean God care about everyone regardless of who you are. I am blessed, i will share this with all my friends.

  6. AvatarNEETHICHELVAN Reply



    1. AvatarDebbie Reply

      The bible has never been proven wrong. If anything is wrong in the bible then nothing can be believed. The bible is Gods holy word given to us.

  7. AvatarHomer Reply

    For anyone not to realize that this kid “saw” exactly what he had been taught Heaven and Jesus would look like, is beyond silly. Now if some kid from India were to die and then come back, what do you think he would see? If a kid from Iran or Saudi Arabia died and came back, what would he see? How many people who are so excited about what this kid says he saw understand that most people are of a Religion because of where they were born. If not for being born in the US or some country that has a majority of Christians, you might be one of the other many religions.

    1. AvatarDaughter of the most high Reply

      Maybe if this child was 12 then you would have a point but this is a 4 year old. I have a 4 year old. There is no way his little mind could make this up from learning about heaven in Sunday school. His knowledge of all the details in heaven and meeting family and so on are too detailed for it to be something he was taught. I just think the fact that he’s so young and innocent that he is telling his experience like its matter of fact and he doesn’t have the mentality to make up such an elaborate story. It’s pretty amazing. Just my 2 cents worth.
      Be blessed

    1. AvatarEsmie Reply

      Fear of your death? God is with you at all times.. Jesus said” blessed are those who believe without seeing”

  8. AvatarBilly Brown Reply

    Hi all did I or you ask to be the child of the parents we have? Maybe? What my faith is or your faith is usually comes from what our parents were taught. Some of us change our faith & that’s cool too. But do you think the greatest people and the worst people picked there parents? Why does this person have a billion dollars and this other person cuts off heads of people who don’t practice the religion that he or she’s been taught? I know for me love is the only thing I can give that I will take with me when I die. My favorite guitars will still be here and I won’t be. I ask my God to bless you.


  9. Avatarvontay Reply

    Its true I to.had a vision in his thron is real in heaven I got took there by an a vision the city is beautifull

  10. AvatarLerato Reply

    This is a fascunating story ,I Knew this movie even before it could be sold in the shops n when i saw this i had a tear in my eye because i too believe that Heaven is really for real. Everytime when i walk with someone- friends or family members i make sure that i show them the movie to buy it in the mall because by watching this could make a person who doesnt have much faith to gain their faith so quickly. n i promise you every time i see this movie i cry . I just wish everyone could connect with God as It Doesnt go with how old are yu to live with God and worship him and show him you appreciate that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross …. Last But not Least i would Like To Say I Am A Proud Christain And I Am So In Love With God in the name Of The Father ,The Son and the Holy Spirit ,and i am Only 15 Years Old

  11. AvatarDiana Wehbeh Reply

    Heaven is absolutely real. I don t know if it looks like Colton visions, but it must be more than we can describe or imagine.
    But I have one doubt, It s about Jesus’s painting that didn’t touch me.
    This is not Jesus..
    Anyone who could share his thoughts with me towards the painting?

    1. Avatarjoe Reply

      how do you know its not real, have you met Jesus face to face? Obviously not, or you would not be asking. Why ask other people that question? they will only agree or disagree with your opinion. Have they met Jesus face to face? I believe if you want to know the truth about your question, then you should ask Jesus himself. Jesus is not capable of telling anything but the truth. So ask him, he will speak to your heart and when he does you will know that you know and no human will ever be able to tell you otherwise. but ask in faith because you believe in him, dont ask if you need to see before you can believe.

    2. AvatarTess Reply

      Hi Diana, regarding the painting that Akiane painted of her vision of Jesus- did you picture Jesus as looking different or is there a painting that you believe resembles Him more? Please dont feel attacked, I’m just curious.

    3. AvatarAmelia Reply

      I looked at all of the pictures
      And when i saw the painting
      It looked like what I would imagine it to be!
      As soon as I saw it, it started to bring me to tears!

      I believe that as soon as I saw it and I was crying that It means that I truly believe!

  12. Avatargracy toy-schultz Reply

    wow heaven sounds so beautiful i can’t wait to go home. im probably go to run to jesus and hug him or i will probably fall to my knees and kiss his feet. i wont be scared of him but i will be respectful and love him so much.

    jesus in the painting looks so kind and loving you can see that in his eyes.

  13. AvatarSteve Reply

    Absolutley absurd! Someone made a lot of money on this story. Amazing that bible believing Christians actually believe these silly books.

    1. People in heaven do not have bodies, they are disembodied spirits. Their bodies are in the grave. When Stephen was stoned he prayed:

    While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” Acts 7:59.

    The hope of Christians is the Resurrection where we will receive our glorified bodies. Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord 2 Cor 5:8. All who die in the Lord are present with Jesus. But not in physical bodies. At the Resurrection they will receive bodies. And those who remain will be changed in a moment. And we will live on earth forever with the Lord in the New Jerusalem which has come down out of heaven.

    So how could this kid have seen people in heaven with black hair? Absurd! Silly!

    2. We will not have wings! Absurd! Angels do not even have wings. The only creatures that are said to have wings are Cherubim in Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4. In heaven now, Christians do not have bodies but are waiting for the resurrection. We will have a glorified body just like Jesus (When we see him we shall be like him). It is the same body we have now but glorified, we will recognize each other. AND……..we will not have wings for crying out loud!

    3. We will not have Halos. Arrgg. How can bible believing Christians eat this silly stuff up.

    I could go on but why bother. This book is a sham and a money maker that appeals to the ignorant who are not interested in what the Bible has to say about heaven.

    Repent and believe in the Gospel. The only way to heaven is through faith in Christ alone.

    This book is spiritual refuse and the little boy and his father are liars! Repent!

    1. AvatarRay Reply


      You are so literal in your interpretation of the Bible that it appears that you can not see the forest for the trees. I also had a vision of Heaven at one time in my life. Is this to be dismissed as folly? There are more mysteries than facts in this life that you nor I or any intellectual Bible scholar can even begin to understand or wonder about.

    2. AvatarIsrael Reply

      It’s not up to anybody to argue about what goes on heaven or what people that experienced near death situation did see when they were away, ’cause i’ve seen a lot of people with such experience both publicized and non-publicized. All we need to do is keeping on believing that Heaven is for Real. The deep things are of the Lord. If you are privileged to have a revelation of what the kingdom of God looks like, you will different confession about what you know of the kingdom. So there is know argument in this at all. Let’s serve the Lord they way He’s meant to be served and wait patiently for His Kingdom. May God Bless You Real Good. Heaven is For Real.

  14. AvatarMatthew Reply

    1.: This sounds desperate to me.
    2.: The description of the Gates can match up with scripture, the City, is not described in Scripture, ask yourself if rainbow-colored animals makes any sense — though no scripture can support this…
    3.: Probably true, though this is a vague description, and would be typical of many Middle-Easterners at the time, however many in Jesus’ time still were probably white, some with blue eyes, red hair, even black people — King David, though many years earlier, was a red-head, and reading Revelation 1:12-16 can be argued, though Jesus’ appearance was symbolic of the problems theologically that the seven churches had, and faith-wise, and there fore can be dismissed, lest you have the problems they have…
    4.: The Nails would’ve been driven through Jesus’ Heels, supported historically, and scripturally in: Genesis 3:14-15, in which God prophesies to Satan of Jesus, saying Jesus’ heel would be bruised;
    In a crucifixion, they’d typically drive the nail(s) through the Heels, because it would spread the legs apart and thrust the Genitals out for the crowd to see, and for embarrassment.
    5.: Akiane is unreliable — her stories were never the same twice, and her painting never improved from 8-Teens, many of her paintings contradict scripture, again Revelation 1 description may apply, but does not, in my opinion, I need another point, I’m mad, what’s more the Akiani painting has green eyes, and Akiani has now painted some “Risqué” paintings…
    6.: Made up by the parents, probably, “Listen to this, feel sorry, a dead child,” and you believe it because of that…
    7.: In Heaven the desires of your heart are met, so what if the only thing you want in Heaven, is to appear as that of an old man? It’s not improbable, I’d want to…
    8.: This is evil and not biblically supported; this is heathen Angel-Ascendancy doctrine… Only Angels have Wings, and Halos were used by the Catholic Church to denote Biblical, or especially-special Biblical Figures, and are not found in scripture…
    9.: This is Catholic “Queen of Heaven” appealing, and is EVIL! The Holy Spirit sits at the Left hand of the Father — the temple of Solomon was set up so that it serves as a prophesy of what is to come, there were two pillars before the Ark of the Covenant, one on the Right, and one on the Left. Before you could get to the Ark, where God was, you had to first walk past the pillar on the Right, this is symbolic of Jesus, and then you had to walk past the pillar on the Left, this is symbolic of being filled with the Holy Spirit, not Gabriel, then you could reach the Holy of Holies, not Allah.
    To say this, that this father of the boy, claims that Gabriel is at the left supports the Islamic obsession of Gabriel, and the Catholic obsession… Gabriel is perhaps the Leastmentioned angel in Heaven, but he is an Angel, among the Stars… Secifically, his role is to be an Angel, unlike Michal, whom is the leader of the Stars, a Star is only an Angel when they’re sent to deliver a message… Angel means Messenger…
    10.: Everything in Heaven emits light…

    There is a preacher, a wonderful man of God, to whom was taken to Heaven, and many of the Keypoints, bear in mind this many years before this story, of Heaven is for Real, was made-up, are far different, and actually line up with scripture…

    1. AvatarMrs. Lomax Reply

      Sir, you should probably read the scriptures before you quote them. Genesis 3:14-15 is a description of when God cursed the serpent… “he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” This has nothing to do with crucifixion.

  15. AvatarSaminu Reply

    The accuracy of Colton’s narration or descriptions is not the central message here, whether that portrait looks exactly like Jesus or not is not the message. Believing it or not does not make you righteous or sinful. The important message is HEAVEN IS REAL and Jesus said EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. Jesus is The way, The Truth, and Life, just believe that and leave the judging of whether anyone is lying or not for God to do. If you’re uncomfortable believing Colton, fine, if you believe him that’s fine too as long as your focus is Jesus. Colton said that portrait is the closest to what Jesus looks like not exactly. I have seen so many portraits and I never really believed they look like Jesus but I believe Arkiane Kramarik’s portrait is close if not accurate.

  16. AvatarSadiq Reply

    That is the picture of Lord Jesus Christ, I am somebody who knows God loves him and I love Jesus Christ, I have seen him in my dreams. The image of our Lord does not matter, our believe in him is more important. Angels of the Lord told me in my dream that “By Faith We Are Made Righteous” pray to God my brothers and sisters, he is always listening to you. Jesus Christ dwells in us so he is always with you. Have faith in Jesus Chris.

  17. AvatarRuth Reply

    I believe this is true and that this little boy saw what he says he saw. I had a dream or vision or whatever you want to call it of the Rapture many years ago. I was standing on a foundation, like of a housr beforw it is built, in mountains somewhere. And suddenly I saw bright light from heaven and saw many people flying up to heaven with arms raised and I raised mine too and began to float toward heaven. I believe that God was telling me that I would still be alive when the Rapture took place. I will soon be 62, so I believe the time is soon. If you dont know the Lord please. It is not too late as you have breath in your lungs.

  18. AvatarKate Reply

    All I know is when I took my Mother (who had Stage 4 breast cancer and suffered from Alzheimers) at the end of he movie she looked over at me and said…” I’m not afraid to die anymore”…I looked at her and said…”Momma you never were!!!” That movie stayed in her memory for 3 days…she told everyone at her nursing home about it!!! That in itself was a miracle, because the Alzheimers had robbed her of keeping anything in her memory for more than a few minutes!! My Mom had such amazing faith…and because of it I was able to witness her communicating with the otherside just a few weeks before she died. Her first encounter, she asked me to lay with her in bed…almost immediately she stared at the ceiling as if there was no ceiling. All of the sudden I felt and glorious stream and I asked her…Momma what do you see, all the while she wore the most radiant smile I have ever seen, she said Katy it’s my Mom she’s soooo beautiful…I said Momma she’s coming to take you home…and her reply was I CAN’T WAIT!!! A few days later I witnessed her again staring through the ceiling and pointing to what I suppose were deceased relatives and loved ones…she pointed at, at least, 6 different people and the whole time smiling as if she was going to a great party!!!!! I look up to heaven and tell her I can’t wait until the day we are reunited…but then I add…let’s wait a little bit…I’d like to see my Grandchildren…lol!!!

  19. AvatarSantoso Gondowidjojo Reply

    I have been blessed by the movie.
    Thank GOD for “Heaven is for real” and “Everything will be alright”
    Praise JESUS our Lord.
    Thankyou Burpo Family.
    GOD bless you all.

  20. AvatarMary Jo Haire Reply

    We all need to Agree to Disagree. No one is right or wrong when arguing “Are God and Heaven Real”. You either believe in God or you Don’t. When people ask me how I can belive in something that has, never been proven, sounds like fairy tales and magic. My response is “Faith” — Faith as I interperate it to mean is you believe in something or someone you can not see or physically touch. Therefore, you Believe and have Faith or you do not. Period, End of Story

  21. AvatarRiek Martin Reply

    Dear Burpo family.
    I have check all the photos and image of heavenly King and commence of every believer Started from Christian Muslim Jews and the Buddhism, so many peoples are announcing the coming of Jesus at the finally day of the world. we found in Bible the coming of the son of man would be like one second if you are inside the house you will not come out and if you are out you will not get in your house.

  22. AvatarKaren Reid Reply

    Heaven IS for “real”–a little boy’s LIE IS NOT. Colton and Todd would do well to learn from the example of Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts. They MADE Colton pick a picture of Jesus for his book. He perused some 2000 pictures of Jesus, then he found a painting of a pock-marked Jesus and said, “Dad, this is IT”–his book describes a “rough but kind looking Jesus.”

    The artist later admitted using a HUMAN MODEL for the painting. Jesus came to me in a dream in 1973, and He is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL; NO human face could match his face. He did NOT have a “rough but kind looking face.” He was PERFECT in beauty!

    He glows like a florescent light, His eyes are large, deep turquoise blue, and heavily fringed with lashes. Colton even lied that Jesus was SHORTER than the archangel MICHAEL! He also lied that people in heaven have wings, yet Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus in the presence of three disciples, and they recognized them–I’m quite sure they would have thought they were angels if they’d had wings.

    There are NOT descriptions of rainbow colored horses in heaven; additionally Colton claims Jesus refused to give him a sword “because it would be too dangerous.” There IS no danger in heaven, nor would ANYONE want or need a weapon for any reason in heaven. Paul went to heaven, and saw things he didn’t have WORDS FOR; things that “man isn’t permitted to tell.”

    We are commanded not to participate in the sins of others. Alex Malarkey had the decency to repent. Colton Burpo, please read the account of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts, and Revelation 22 as well–Jesus says “OUTSIDE ARE…ALL WHO LOVE AND PRACTICE FALSEHOOD.”

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