Provo mayor set to make another ‘epic’ announcement


PROVO — One year after Provo Mayor John Curtis announced Google Fiber was coming to Provo, Curtis is set to make another significant announcement.

Curtis posted on his blog Monday that, in lieu of people inevitably asking him what the announcement will be, he will offer a hint if Provo residents do their part in sharing the video.

“I have a solution for you — I’ve put this post on my Facebook page,” Curtis wrote. “If you can get it shared 200 times, I’ll give you a hint by unlocking a clue. Watch the video, share with me your thoughts and let the sharing begin!”

The video highlights the other “epic,” or consequential announcements, Curtis has helped change in Provo as mayor. Some of these include the Provo Recreation Center, Allegiant Airlines flying to LAX, economic growth and Google Fiber.

This time around Curtis invites people to share their guesses and discuss the next announcement using #WhatsNext. However, for now the announcement is under wraps.

“For some people, this announcement is bigger than the Google announcement,” said Deputy Mayor Corey Norman. “For others, they will say, I didn’t know this was a concern. … This goes to the heart of the quality of life that we enjoy here in Provo.”

Norman did confirm that it isn’t a amusement park.

The announcement will be held at Provo Zions Bank Building on University Avenue on Tuesday, April 29 at 3 p.m. It will be open to the public.

Rebecca Lane

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