Dwell Done: Tana Hallows builds Destination Nursery from the ground up



Tana made over her daughter Presley’s bedroom to kick off the Destination Nursery giveaway series. Presley’s smile is proof that she approves.

Tana made over her daughter Presley’s bedroom to kick off the Destination Nursery giveaway series. Presley’s smile is proof that she approves.

Salem’s Tana Hallows is the mom behind “Mom’s Best Network” (a popular lifestyle blog) and she also gave birth to “Destination Nursery,” a giveaway series that awards deserving moms across the country with a nursery or child’s room makeover.

Tana — who has five kids of her own — has helped moms in Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin create stylish spaces for their little ones through Destination Nursery. But it’s anything but child’s play — Tana is the master organizer, design visionary and handywoman.

After winners are selected by Internet voting, Tana gathers donations from sponsors, collaborates with interior experts and works with the lucky mom to finalize the look and feel for the room. Then Tana flies to the winner’s hometown and makes over the room — right down to hanging picture frames and draping curtains.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” Tana says. “The brands that sponsor and donate items are promoted and moms get a room they wouldn’t have otherwise. It is such an enriching experience.”

To kick off Destination Nursery, Tana gave her daughter Presley a room makeover.

The color scheme was neutral with splashes of color, and Tana incorporated animal decals on the wall as a nod to her daughter’s love of the animal kingdom.

Presley’s chalkboard wall is another noteworthy part of the makeover.

“We used a magnetic primer which is cool because she can play with magnetic letters and animals on her own bedroom wall,” Tana says.

Tana gave her love of bright colors the green light in Presley’s chartreuse green closet.

“Even though I love the clean, white, modern feel, I am still a lover of color so I wanted something fun in the closet,” Tana says. “I saw the color of the wall at a Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake.”

Local sponsor Edge Homes installed a wood floor and Gatehouse No. 1 provided the rug.

“I love wood floors,” Tana says. “It just feels neater and is super easy to clean.”

Tana’s favorite part of the room?

“The rocking chair,” Tana says. “It’s where we gather and bond together reading, singing, talking and rocking her to sleep before nap time and bed time.”

As for Destination Nursery’s future, Tana plans on gifting more moms with dream nurseries and hopes to eventually turn the project into a mini reality series.


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