Josh Groban orders pizza ‘Kid Snippets’ style


Pop artist Josh Groban joined local YouTube sensation, “Kid Snippets,” to prove that when Josh Groban wants a pizza, he gets it within five minutes.

On Monday, “Kid Snippets,” released their most recent video, “Josh Groban Pizza,” where Groban calls to order a pizza demanding that he get it delivered within five minutes. The catch is that Groban isn’t speaking, but, like all “Kid Snippets” videos, he is lip syncing while a kid talks for him.

“That’s not so different than how I act normally,” Groban joked in the bloopers at the end of the video.

This is the second time that Groban has been featured in a “Kid Snippets” video. He was featured in “Josh Groban Backstage,” where he humorously wasn’t allowed backstage at his own concert because the body guard didn’t recognize him and he didn’t have a pass.

Groban tweeted that he was a fan of “Kid Snippets,” which brought the two groups together.

Rebecca Lane

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