Free subscriptions to, MyHeritage, findmypast available to LDS Church members

More family history records will be available to Church members for free in coming months. (Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom.)

More family history records will be available to Church members for free in coming months. (Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom)

In an ongoing effort to make genealogical records available to Church members, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made an agreement with three major partners —, MyHeritage and findmypast — to provide premium subscriptions free of charge to all Church members.

A limited number of  Church members have already received subscriptions, with a few thousand more gaining access every week. This week, 45,000 members will receive email invitations.

“We’re all about giving access to members of the Church and those not of our faith access to as many records as possible so they can identify their ancestors and preserve their legacy for generations,” said Thom Reed, partner marketing manager at FamilySearch International.

Reed said they’re rolling out access to these subscriptions slowly to ensure there are no unforeseen technical issues as large numbers of Church members create new accounts. Church members worldwide will have premium access to all three partners’ sites within three months, but probably sooner, Reed said.

“The Lord opening up the opportunity for us to work with these commercial family history companies gives us even more technology and even more records, which shortens the time it takes us to find these ancestors and provide saving ordinances for them,” Reed said.

The subscriptions Church members receive aren’t just the basic packages — all three companies (and a fourth coming soon) are providing Church members with the global, premium subscriptions. These subscriptions usually cost anywhere from $120 to $300 per year, per website, and provide access to all available records with few exceptions.

“This will allow more members of the Church to submit their family names for temple work,” Reed said. “The more records we have access to, the more opportunities Church members will have to find their ancestors. The more ancestors we find, the more individuals will be able to receive saving ordinances in the temple. That’s the goal — to get more temple work accomplished.”

Additionally, is working to integrate Church members’ subscriptions to these sites with Family Tree. When the technology is fully functional, Church members will be able to access and add to their FamilySearch Family Trees and submit names for temple work from whichever platform they prefer.

“You can choose any of the four to accomplish what you want to do as you find ancestors and take their names to the temple,” Reed said. “If you want to share your Family Tree with others to collaborate on another website, you can. But if you don’t, you can keep that information private.”

Church leadership considered the agreements carefully before finalizing anything.

“These decisions to enter agreements and share information like this has been weighed by the senior councils of the Church,” Reed said. “We have not entered into these lightly. There are great blessings to be had by having access to a greater number of records on these websites to aid Church members in their family history research.”

The Church has recently made strides in hastening of the work of salvation with increased missionary efforts and a large-scale emphasis on all Church members participating in missionary work. Family history and temple work are another important part of the work of salvation, and these changes help that work move forward.

“Brothers and sisters, family history centers are now in our homes,” said Elder Quentin L. Cook in his April 2014 General Conference address “Roots and Branches.” “…We finally have the doctrine, the temples and the technology for families to accomplish this glorious work of salvation.”


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  1. AvatarRalph Jay Bailey Reply

    I m trying to learn how to access my family’s records. Any help you ca provide would be greatly appreciated….

    1. AvatarMichael Reply

      Dear Mr. Bailey,

      It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it you’ll be finding records left and right.

      The best way to start would be to register at:

      Then you can search records and link them to your family tree. If you have just begun the process of searching for your family’s history, start with yourself and work your way back…it saves a lot of confusion in the long run. As to how to search, there are tricks that only you can learn over time as you search records and understand how they are processed. One of the neatest features of is that you link the records you find directly to the person in your tree.

      Say you search for:

      John Jones,
      birth place Pennsylvania,
      birth date 1892,
      residence place Ohio,
      residence year 1900

      I get 35,220 records returned from that information. That’s a lot. I’m sure you don’t want to search through all of those records so try to narrow it down by adding info in the light-blue column on the left headed “refine your search”. Every time you add new information, click the blue search button or press enter. You can also filter your results using the filter selector just under the blue search button.

      You will become more at ease with the process once you master the interface by using refinements and filters. There is only so much anyone can teach anyone else. The more you do, the more you will learn. The only other thing I would suggest is to start with yourself, add your parents and siblings, and then work your way back from there. You may get frustrated with the process but remember the old fashioned way of doing it meant waiting weeks or months sometimes for a record to be sent through the mail. Now as it is everything that is indexed is at your fingertips. Just be patient and keep searching.

      If you don’t want to register with and you just want to search records and save them onto your computer, you can do that at the following address using all of the same methods described above.

      I hope you’re able to make some progress. The more more progress you make, the more you will want to do. Hope this helps you.

  2. AvatarJenny Middleton Reply

    Just wondering when we will have access to this membership? My ancestry membership was due to renew in July so I canceled so I would not to be charged since we will be getting free access. Now I can’t take full advantage of’s searches & I’m bummed. Any word?

  3. Avatarsusan ward Reply

    I was told to go to bit.ldsmemberaccess and I could sign to ancestry for free. then it goes
    to where you have to choose a website and I don’t know which one to select.
    thank you

    1. AvatarDave Hopper Reply

      Choose one and sign up. Then enter the website again and choose another one and sign up. Finally return to the website again and sign up for the third.

    2. Avatarelenora frayer Reply


  4. AvatarTerryl E. Draney Reply

    I thought members of The Church of Jesus Christ were supposed to get for free? So, why did you charge my account for $299.40 when I gave you specific instructions not to do so. Terryl E. Draney

  5. AvatarRobert Mills Reply

    As High Priest Group Leader I signed up for when the offer was made by the LDS Church but not for, Find My Past or My Heritage. Now I find that I need all three web sites. Can you help me?

  6. AvatarVictoria Eng Reply

    I want to do research for my husband who is totally blind. His father was born in China (Han Ping) District of Sin Ning. Can help me?

  7. AvatarRita Cole Reply

    I understand that as a member of the LDS Church that I can get a free membership to Am I at the correct site? Thank you!

    1. Avatarevelyn motes Reply

      I cant find a simple form to sign in to for Lds members
      Please give a simple answer thank you

  8. AvatarSandra M Chivers Reply

    I would like to know how to get desktop icons for My Heritage, Find My Past, and I am an Lds member, and so want to have these three to help me with my family research, I have a Windows Vista basic compaq 6720s is it possible to get desktop icons for these ?
    Yours Sincerely Sandra Chivers

  9. AvatarDale Nelson Reply

    I’m anm lds church member and i’m looking for an ivitation to join, I mayhave deleted the invitation and am looking for a new one.

  10. AvatarSDS Reply

    So, us non-Mormons are actually supporting this whole operation? Is my membership tax deductible as a church/religious donation? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    1. Avatarsteph Reply

      No, you aren’t supporting this with your membership. Our church has a business contract with But luckily, yout can benefit from this membership because we are bringing our family ancestry records to this site. Basically it is allowing everyone more access to records that may not have been there before.

  11. Avatarerica evans Reply

    I’ve been trying to sign up for this free account w/ for months now and I keep getting a access denied message saying, “You do not qualify for this offer at this time.” I am a member of the church. I’m just wondering if anyone else had the same issue w/ signing up and if so, How did you fix it?

    1. AvatarKim Kunz Reply

      If you are a member of the LDS church you are able to access the partner sites like ancestry, my heritage and such for free. You access them through Family Search. After you login to family search, go to the upper left corner of the site where it says “get help”. Click on this and then go to “Help Center”. Find the partners icon and it will drop down the various partner sites. It has been frustrating figuring out how to sign on to these for free without help.

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