You’ve done it — you’ve “waited” 2 years while your sweetheart served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now he is coming home and it’s time for you to get ready. Here are 14 signs you’re preparing for your missionary to take off his badge and tie.

1. You clean up your Facebook page.

Devil wears…- who's that

I don’t know who that guy was with his arm  around my shoulders.


2. You break up with your lukewarm boyfriend.

NSYNC- Bye,bye,bye

It was fun while it lasted.


3. Get your story straight with your BFFs.

Cinderella- hide our flaws

Remember how much I missed him the WHOLE time he was gone. *Wink, wink.*


4. Hit the gym.

Monster's Inc. running

Plus, the salon and mall. Well, at least stop wearing sweats ever day. It ‘s game time!


5. Plan your reunion.

Little Mermaid reunion

What are you going to say? What are you going to wear? Should you hug him at the airport? Tip! Make sure those shorts reach your knees so as to not freak him out.


6. Block out their homecoming speech date on the calendar.

Final Countdown


7. You re-establish your relationship with his mother.



8. Review his emails.

Grease- Tell me more

You’ll be ready with an enthusiastic response to his endless mission stories when he gets home — not to mention his awkward interactions.


9. Rekindle your dedication to writing.

Little Rascals- Dear Darla

Now, what was the mission address again?


10. Prepare this list: “Things you missed while you were gone.”

Elf- Schedule

I mean, what if you had missed out on this craze?

Why is everyone singing about Friday? He’s going to need help getting caught up on the fads. Blockbusters and music and apps — basically everything — has changed. A lot happens in two years.


11. Find all of your old momentos from your missionary.


Now, where did I put that promise ring?


12. Delete old text messages from other guys on your phone.

Men in black- memory erase


13. Schedule temple date.

Enchanted married in the morning

Let’s think optimistically.


14. Start planning your wedding.

Bride Wars- Dead before wedding

Thank goodness for secret boards on Pinterest.

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