Orem’s University Mall concept architecture

The new look of University Mall from the corner of University Parkway and State Street looking east. Image courtesy Woodbury Corporation.

The new look of University Mall from the corner of University Parkway and State Street looking east. Image courtesy Woodbury Corporation.

Residents, students and visitors who drive through Orem recognize the intersection of University Parkway and State Street as the epicenter of not only Orem, but all of Utah Valley.

Now Orem’s central hub is getting a facelift.

The Woodbury Corporation recently received the go ahead from Orem City to revamp and reinvent the 112 acres in and around University Mall.

The approved plan, now known as University Place, calls for 600,000 square feet of office, 1,100 housing units, 1.3 million square feet of retail, a two-acre civic plaza and park, a swim and tennis club, an outdoor music venue and a hotel.

Phase one, which is already under construction, will include an office building just east of Jared Galleria of Jewelry, an underground parking garage, more than 400 residential units and the addition of RC Willey as a new retail anchor in the former Nordstrom location.

New office building just south of the current Macys department store. Image courtesy Woodbury Corporation.

New office building just south of the current Macys department store. Image courtesy Woodbury Corporation.

As part of the revamped University Mall property there will be a two acre park. Image courtesy Woodbury Corporation.

As part of the revamped University Mall property there will be a two acre park. Image courtesy Woodbury Corporation.



    1. AvatarTony Reply

      The article reads that there will be underground parking which will make up for the loss of parking. The majority of the revamping will be on the backside of the mall on the 800 side where that is mostly wasted land that no one parks in anyway.

  1. AvatarFinally Some Improvement! Reply

    Tim, it mentions in the article that they are also building an underground parking garage. This should be great for the city and the mall for years to come! Looks beautiful! Hopefully they can attract some great stores and restaurants to come along with it…

  2. AvatarMomOfThree Reply

    Sounds great, but why do they have to add an unattractive business such as R.C. Willey to the plan? They sell crap, treat their customers like crap, and will be a detriment to the mall.

  3. AvatarBwall Reply

    Makes sense. I know from experience working retail at University mall that this mall is busy as hell constantly.I’m excited to see what happens to the rest of Orem once this is built.

  4. Avatarsadie Reply

    Why can’t part of this money go to fixing the eye sore (that huge great idea of housing and business that is empty and unfinished) on state street first?

  5. AvatarTime Hat Reply

    I bet the underground parking will replace the loss of spaces, maybe a bit more, but won’t compensate for the increased demand overall. Though office space and retail space do attract parking demands at different times of day.

    Really, though, traffic is already terrible. I already avoid the area. I suppose this is the start of downtown Orem with high rise buildings and eventually light rail and parking meters to help with congestion.

  6. Avatarkilee Reply

    the problem wouldn’t just be the parking its the traffic flow around the mall area that is absolutely ridiculous at all hours of the work day

  7. AvatarJoe Orem Reply

    Ugh – this is not good looking architecture and it will make traffic at the intersection there an impossible mess around 5 pm but my biggest concern is finding out how much the city is subsidizing the Woodburys on this one.

  8. AvatarTrevor Reply

    I think it’s kind of funny when people comment that new development is negative because of “traffic congestion” or “parking issues”….. Wake up people! We live in Utah VALLEY…. in other words, geographically we are running out of space! Sooner or later development (like this new mall concept) will be necessary for more space! As mentioned in this article, there will be parking structures built to accommodate. As cities grow, yes, driving becomes less attractive, but that’s why we develop alternative transportation routes, like trax, biking lanes, etc…

    1. AvatarGreg Reply

      Thank you, Trevor! Good to see there are some people with some sense for the need of growth. University Mall has been dwindling for a long time. Bringing in more offices and residential to this area will also help bring more people and more business. I’m very excited to see this project happen!

  9. AvatarJ. Reply

    Who do you think will live there?! Students can not afford that, Orem and Provo are known for having large families, sounds like a bad idea to me.

  10. AvatarNick Reply

    The only problem I have with this, is that it was concept is that it was already in Orem on State Street and 300 So., went unfinished, and is now known as the great an spacious building, as it rots and in full of rodents. I just hope the city makes sure the developers have their funding all aligned before construction begins.

  11. AvatarFloyd Holdman Reply

    I am surprised at all of the negativity. I would like to say something positive about the project. By the way, R. C. Willey does not sell crap. They sell good-quality things and have a very professional and courteous salesforce. We have bought 80% of our furniture there. I feel that this whole master plan for the additions will be a great addition to our Valley. Remember, a lot of people complained about the automobile when it first came out, they wanted to stay with horses.

    1. AvatarPeter Kaanapu Reply

      I agree Floyd, we have been buying great furniture at RC Willey for the 12 years we’ve lived in Provo. Also I think the architecture is quite exciting and the idea of residential housing near the mall etc is quite enticing for those in the 50+ age bracket who can afford to trade down from their larger homes to something that is maintained for them.

      Lets open our eyes everyone.

  12. AvatarMarty Reply

    I love it! I think University Mall needs this and that Orem and Provo will both benefit from it! Looking forward to it.

  13. AvatarGreg Reply

    Funny how negative voices seem to be the loudest when it comes to online posting. I’m excited to see this area revitalized. Without changes, University Mall would dwindle to nothing. It’s initial concept has served the valley great for many years but is becoming somewhat outdated. I side with the positive voices and look forward to seeing this project getting finished. Don’t like it? Well sorry, it’s happening anyways with or without your support. lol

  14. AvatarDave Reply

    If you have ever lived in LA. This is a bad bad plan. Just to find a space in a parking structure can take 20-30 min. I think this plan is crazy, It is not going to bring in the expected revenue that is proposed, and in the end, it is going to be ugly. The parking structures are going to bring crime to the area. WHAT A BAD BAD IDEA.

    The reason is why people are talking about parking is because… if parking becomes ridiculous, people are going to stay away.

  15. AvatarDave Reply


  16. AvatarHarvey Reply

    I like the idea of development. I love the park and concert venue. I just wish they would use more classic architecture that fits with the existing style of the mall from its last renovation rather than built these weird, angular buildings that aren’t particularly attractive. The saddest thing about Orem is that we have no style standards and let anyone build whatever they want …we end up with a modge podge of ugliness.

  17. AvatarRoy Reply

    The negative comments are ridiculous because just like a couple of you said, like it or not they will still build it. I know we all have the freedom to voice our opinion but we also need to realize that change is good. I think that this will not only help Provo and Orem but all of Utah county also I have not lived in L.A. But I don’t think that a simple parking structure is going to turn Orem into a place like L.A. I LIKE IT

  18. AvatarBrad J Reply

    City Creek got similar negative reaction. That turned out to be one of the better Utah developments in recent history. This project (though smaller) is similar in purpose and scope.

    I grew up right near this and think this will be a fantastic upgrade. I Think it looks great and I’m excited to see it!

  19. AvatarShirley B Reply

    I am concerned about the height of the new apartments at the Mall. I know it is too late to do anything about it, but I hope that the city will keep the maximum building heights to 4 stories.
    There are too many new apartment complexes being built in Orem right now. Let’s wait to see how the rentals go for these that are being built, before building more of them. ( I realize that this may not be the correct place to voice these concerns, but I wasn’t sure where to write them.)

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