10 things Utah dads do better than other dads


Dads aren’t in short supply in Utah. And while all kids roll their eyes from time-to-time at the things their fathers do, Utah dads are definitely better than most at a few things.

1. Attending church.


Mississippi and Utah top the charts as being the most religious states with 61 percent and 60 percent of its residents reporting they were very religious. And  89.9 percent of Utah Country residents are affiliated with organized religion.

2. Going on hikes.


Yes. Even dads.

The second highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains, Mt. Timpanogos, is arguably the most popular hike in Utah. Its peak reaches 11,749 feet, and Timp is home to Utah’s only glacier. Other notable hikes in Utah Valley include Lone Peak, Rock Canyon to Squaw Peak, Rock Canyon Trail, and of course, Provo’s iconic Y Mountain.

3. Taking their kids fishing.

Spanish Fork Reservoir and Salem pond are just two of Utah Valley’s fishing hotspots. They’re great for dads to take their kids to because they are calm and have an abundance of fish.

4. Speaking to their children in a foreign language.

Due in large part to the LDS dominance in Utah, and therefore its large returned missionary population, Utah Valley dads aren’t just speaking English. In fact, 1/3 of the workforce is bilingual.

5. Talking BYU sports.

Whether they’re a true blue Cougar fan rising and shouting, or a Ute or Aggie that’s moved their way south wishing the Cougars would sit down, sports fans in Utah are talking about BYU sports year-round. Thousands of users are on CougarBoard.com, and BYURadio has the only university-based daily sports talk show.

6. Being Boy Scouts.


Utah’s Boy Scout memberships top the list. Dads like LDS apostle Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Utah Senator Mike Lee and former Gov. Jon Hunstman Jr. were all Eagle Scouts. And with the Utah National Council having 86,814 members last year, future Utah Valley dads are going to be just as prepared as current dads.

7. Driving a minivan.

Utah has the highest percentage of households with children with 43.3 percent. You better believe most of those dads are carting their kids and their friends to church, school and soccer practice in a minivan.

8. Having more than one kid.

Dad catches kid flying off swing

Dads around here have more than one bundle of joy. The average Utah family size is 3.14. The national average is 2.64.

9. Wearing a suit and tie all week.


When are Utah dads not wearing suits? Monday through Friday: work suits. Sundays: church suit. Sleep: They probably sleep in one too.

10. Being LDS.

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