New Kids on the Block: 30 business rockstars in their 30s


Kids these days.

They create companies, they lead teams, they travel the world and they build hot dog empires like nobody’s business.

It’s music to our pages.

So BusinessQ hit the streets of Utah Valley and rounded up 30 in their 30s — young powerhouses who aren’t afraid of cornering in on some good ol’ fashioned hard work.

Lacey Cherrington, Josh Case and Michael Bunn.

Lacey Cherrington, Josh Case and Michael Bunn.

Lacey Cherrington

Age 39 Company The Cherrington Firm, PLLC

Hometown Mapleton Worktown Provo

Building Blocks Talk about laying down the law. After a 16-year career in the debt collection field — which began as a file clerk for her dad earning $4 an hour — Lacey Cherrington went to BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School and was elected by her peers to speak at her 2012 graduation. She is now the lead attorney for Checknet, Inc. — a Provo institution run by her well-known, well-loved family, the Carneseccas.

Childhood Career Dream “Professional barrel racer.”

In Good Company “I’m proud of the reputation our family has in our local Utah Valley business community.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “Not one thing! I wouldn’t change any part of my career.”

Business Pet Peeve “Being late to an appointment.”

Provo Pride “I love the desire of local businesses to maintain local business relationships.”

Favorite Provo Landmark “How can I pick just one? Downtown Provo, the Y on the mountain, BYU campus and Utah Lake.”

When I’m 50 … “The sky is the limit. If I want to do it, I can and I will.”

Ultimate Career Dream “I’m living it. I love what I do every day, and I love who I do it with.”


Josh Case

Age 38 Company Energy Capital Group, LLC

Hometown Provo Worktown Provo  

Building Blocks Josh Case is energized. After executive and advisory roles at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, M.J.M. Capital and S.C. Associates, Case is leading the charge of ECG Utah Solar 1 — the 300 MW solar plant Energy Capital Group is developing. The project is estimated to cost $600 million and will be one of the largest solar projects ever built in North America. Now that’s what you call making hay while the sun shines.

Childhood Career Dream “A business owner. I watched my papa, dad and uncle all start or buy businesses, so it has always seemed natural.”

First Job “I was 13 and worked for my Uncle Stu at his company Horizon Coffee & Vending. I cleaned coffee pots, stocked selves, pulled orders — all for $2 per hour plus all the candy, chips and soda I could consume.”

In Good Company “I love the local, national and international media attention ECG Utah Solar 1 has been receiving since we announced the project last September. There are new stories about it almost weekly.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I had an opportunity to sell M.J.M. Capital, Inc. and passed about a year before the credit crisis. Looking back, it would have been a good idea.”

Favorite Provo Eats “The restaurant in back of the Rancho Market. Verde chilaquiles with huevos and pork tamales are my favorites.”

Favorite Provo Landmark “Downtown Provo.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be an investor in early-stage companies, and I’ll be teaching business and project finance at a university to help my kids’ generation be successful.”


Michael Bunn

Age 30 Company Gesso Group

Hometown Provo Worktown Provo  

Building Blocks If Michael Bunn builds it, they will come. The industrial design guru is father to a variety of designs, brands and products. From taking third place in BYU’s Innovator of the Year competition to working on the development of a baby band that will help reduce SIDS to placing in the 2010 table tennis national championship (holla!), Bunn is a classic case of, “What will he think of next?” And we’ll be watching.

Childhood Career Dream “I always said I wanted to be an inventor, but I didn’t really know what that meant because there isn’t a degree for inventing. It took me awhile to find my way back to my childhood passion, but when I landed in industrial design, I knew I was home.”

First Job “Selling homemade origami Chinese stars in the second grade for 50 cents.”

In Good Company “I love that I’ve been able to create an environment for myself where my work is no longer just a job but something I love and look forward to every day.”

Business Pet Peeve “Dried up whiteboard markers.”

Provo Pride “I love that I’m surrounded by good and talented people. Being in a university town, everywhere you turn you run into people who are thirsty for knowledge and full of creative energy and ambition. It motivates me to reach further and work harder.”

Favorite Provo Eats “I have become mildly obsessed with pho at the Noodle King. No. 2 with extra noodles!”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be traveling and getting inspired.”

Ultimate Career Dream “To challenge the status quo and spend my life creating excellent things.”


Todd Hollingshead, Clint Severson, Janae Moss and Matt Haney. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Todd Hollingshead, Clint Severson, Janae Moss and Matt Haney. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Todd Hollingshead

Age 33 CompanyBYU 

Hometown Orem Worktown Provo  

Building Blocks Extra, extra! Read all about Todd Hollingshead. After graduating in journalism from BYU in 2004, Hollingshead interned in New York City and then worked as a reporter for the Daily Herald and Salt Lake Tribune. In 2007, he was hired as the media relations manager at BYU — a position he still holds today. In his spare time, he teaches an undergraduate course in public relations at BYU and serves as the president elect of the Utah Valley Public Relations Society of America.

Childhood Career Dream “Fireman. But not because that’s what I really wanted to be. It just sounded like an easy answer.”

In Good Company “I’m proud BYU stands for something good and doesn’t apologize for doing so.”

Business Pet Peeve “People speaking in jargon to try to impress you. We’re all humans, just speak in human.”

Provo Pride “My favorite thing about Provo is Chad Lewis. Seriously. Have you met that guy? He’s amazing.”

Ultimate Career Dream “No matter where my career takes me, I hope I always have fun and leave a positive mark.”


Clint Severson

Age 31 Company Hokulia Shave Ice

Hometown Highland Worktown Provo

Building Blocks Clint Severson is selling ice to Eskimos. His shave ice empire, Hokulia Shave Ice, just sold a franchise in Fairbanks, Alaska, bringing the grand franchisee total to a cool 75. What’s more? Hokulia employs hundreds in Utah alone. Ice, ice baby.

Childhood Career Dream “Monster truck driver.”

In Good Company “I’m proud of our commitment to being the best and never compromising on quality.”

Career Highlight “Becoming a national franchise.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I would have quit my corporate job sooner and started entrepreneur-ing younger!”

Business Pet Peeve “Someone who always criticizes and never compliments.”

Provo Pet Peeve “The fear of a boot on my car — even when it’s only been 15 minutes!”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll hopefully be replacing Mr. Wonderful on ‘Shark Tank.’”

Ultimate Career Dream “Being successful enough to spend the majority of my time with my beautiful wife and family.”


Janae Moss

Age 38 Company RBM Building Maintenance;

Hometown Provo Worktown Provo  

Building Blocks Janae Moss is boss. Not only is she the co-owner of RBM, the largest solely-owned janitorial and building maintenance company in Utah, she’s the co-founder of, a company that connects business owners, bloggers and non-profits. On top of it all, this mother of seven has leadership and volunteer roles with various non-profits, including United Way of Utah County, Women in Philanthropy, Thanksgiving Point, Kid Labs and more.

First Job “I made $4.25 as a ‘bun cooker’ for Wendy’s.”

Career Highlight “Breaking down barriers between businesses and non-profits.”

Business Pet Peeve “When people start a business and invite you to invest, but they expect you to work harder than they do.”

Favorite Provo Eats “Hokulia Shave Ice.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be helping to facilitate grassroots parent-led groups that meet across the country to support each other through the strengthening of family systems. I’ll call it The Children’s Movement of Utah — and we’re starting now.”


Matt Haney

Age 37 Company Precision Concrete Cutting/UA2

Hometown Cedar Hills Worktowns Provo/Lindon

Building Blocks Matt Haney used to write business plans for a living. And in 2002, he put those best laid plans to use. He co-founded Precision Concrete Cutting, which now has more than 40 franchises across the U.S. and Canada and combined revenue sales of $25 million. When he’s not helping his company rank on “Best Franchises in America” lists, he angelically reads business plans as a co-founder of UA2, an angel investing group in Utah.

Childhood Career Dream “Professional violinist.”

In Good Company “I love the financial impact we make in the lives of the franchise owners. It’s fun to see them succeed through a system we built.”

Proudest Accomplishment “Even though I love working and growing PCC, I’m proud my kids still know who I am.”

Business Pet Peeve “Ego. Isn’t that everyone’s pet peeve?”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be involved in several young companies helping them grow. PCC will be on auto-pilot, although it will always be the company I’m most proud of.”


Andrew Stewart and Jay Roberts. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Andrew Stewart and Jay Roberts. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Andrew Stewart

Age 30 Company HITLIST

Hometown Provo Worktown Provo

Building Blocks Six years ago, a BYU professor challenged Andrew Stewart and his business partners to start a venture with only $5 in startup capital — and they gave those bucks some bang. They grew their print advertising business across four states, partnering primarily with large universities. Then, at the request of client J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, they developed the HITLIST technology, which creates an engaged online user and allows an advertiser to better communicate with said user. Today? They have two patents pending, and HITLIST technology is being licensed to media outlets and advertising agencies around the country (including BusinessQ’s parent company). Way to buck up, Stewart.

First Job “I worked for my uncle as ranch hand when I was 14. I made $820 in one summer, which worked out to be $2 an hour. You can’t beat family labor.”

In Good Company “I’m most proud of working with my great partners, Devin Killpack and Joseph Meservy.”

Dream UV Partner “Matt Bennett. We love the brand Bennett Communications has built in Utah County.”

Business Pet Peeve “Insincerity.”

Provo Pride “I love the entrepreneurial vibe that permeates the culture.”

Favorite Provo Eats “Communal.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Media is exciting. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg as to how traditional advertising will be disrupted and transformed using video and interactive technologies to engage the masses.”


Jay Roberts

Age 31 Company Provo Beach

Hometown Provo Worktown Provo

Building Blocks Dude. Jay Roberts is the big kahuna of management. He’s currently the general manager of Provo Beach — a one-of-a-kind recreational resort at the Shops at Riverwoods. Before that? He managed the design and oversight of construction projects. He led teams in a variety of small- to medium-sized businesses. And he’s led firefighters through high-stress situations such as battling forest fires. See what we mean? Dude can lead.

First Job “River guide.”

In Good Company “I’m proud of being part of something I view as wholesome and good for our community. Provo Beach is a company and product that strengthens important relationships and makes people happy.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I wouldn’t change a thing. My successes and failures have led me to where I am today.”

Provo Pride “I love the recreation in Provo. It is so easy to go on a hike, go fishing in a nearby river, go skiing at Sundance or go surfing at Provo Beach.”

Pet Peeve “Seeing unhappy people. They should come to Provo Beach and be happy.”

Favorite Provo Landmark “Rock Canyon.”


Brandon Young, Brigham Budd, Paul Southam, Tyler McNeil and Danielle Mahoney (front). (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Brandon Young, Brigham Budd, Paul Southam, Tyler McNeil and Danielle Mahoney (front). (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Brandon Young

Age 30 Company

Hometown Provo Worktown Orem

Building Blocks In 2005, Brandon Young was an employee at StoresOnline. The company required all its employees to build their own ecommerce websites, so Young started selling CTR rings on the Internet. In short? They were MFEO. Nine years later, Young is selling a variety of LDS products online, and his now $2.4-million company has landed on BusinessQ’s UV50 two years running.

Childhood Career Dream “Financial analyst.”

Career Pride “I love providing a fun place to work for my employees and waking up excited every day to go to work.”

Orem Pride “It’s easy to find awesome, dedicated employees.”

Favorite Orem Landmark “Mount Timpanogos.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be running some sort of ecommerce business.”

Ultimate Career Dream “To grow a business to a $50-million company.”


Brigham Budd

Age 36 Company Vetora LLC (dba EcoSwift)

Hometown Lehi Worktown Orem  

Building Blocks Brigham Budd made his first million running an online sales business in 2004. And those that do, teach. He then proceeded to develop ecommerce coaching material, taught webinars and personally coached hundreds of students on how to build an online business. In 2009, he merged his online business with Rich Jackson, and in 2013, Vetora landed on the Inc. 500 and UV50. Swift work.

First Job “Greenhouse worker at 12 years old making $3.61 an hour.”

Proudest Accomplishment “Providing for my family.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I’d get an MBA.”

Business Pet Peeve “Procrastination and disorganization.”

Dream UV Partner “Ricky Ray Butler, Plaid Social Labs.”

Orem Pride “Great people, great companies.”

When I’m 50 … “In 14 years? Still working hard! If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.”

Ultimate Career Dream “$100 million per year in revenue.”


Danielle Mahoney

Age 33 Company Dream Dinners

Hometown Provo Worktown Orem  

Building Blocks Danielle Mahoney’s career is cookin’. After earning culinary arts and home and family degrees, she worked at Culinary Crafts for nine years as the event staff manager and onsite chef. In 2007, she purchased Dream Dinners in Orem with her business partner Jean Colarusso. And in 2013, they bought the Dream Dinners in Salt Lake City. Success is served!

First Job “I worked at Arby’s in Eastbay when I was 15 for $5 an hour.”

In Good Company “I love that we help families eat together more often, which is so important.”

Business Pet Peeve “I hate staff turnover. It always hits me hard.”

Dream UV Partner “I’ve been lucky to work with Mary Crafts and Colton Soelberg, two geniuses in the Utah Valley food world. But if you know a pro hang-glider in the area, I’ve always wanted to try that.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Owning a destination bed and breakfast that provides fun activities for the area as well as incredible food and service.”


Paul Southam

Age 35 Company Clear Satellite

Hometown Salem Worktown Orem  

Building Blocks Let’s be direct — Paul Southam is a clear entrepreneur. In 2001, he started his first satellite company. In 2006, he became a general contractor and started building custom homes and developing land. And in 2009, he started Clear Satellite, a company that ranked No. 2 on the UV50 in 2013 and brought in more than $12 million in sales in 2012.

Childhood Career Dream “Happiness.”

First Job “Running Soffit machines.”

Proudest Accomplishment “That I have built a new Vertical inside DIRECTV.”

In Good Company “I’m proud of our ability to find great people and continue to grow year after year.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I don’t live in the past.”

Business Pet Peeve “Dishonesty.”

Orem Pride “I love the quality of people we can draw from.”

Dream UV Partner “Kenny Parcell.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be farming.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Creating jobs. There is no greater satisfaction than providing a place where someone can provide for their family.”


Tyler McNeil

Age 36 Company McNeil Printing

Hometown Spanish Fork Worktown Orem  

Building Blocks Tyler McNeil is a self-taught businessman. After learning the ropes at the family printing company, he took over as general manager and has overseen McNeil Printing’s growth from a one-press storage unit to a 15,000-square-foot facility with 20 employees. Now that’s some fine print.

Childhood Career Dream “A fireman, of course.”

First Job “Serving ice cream at Carousel Ice Cream in Provo.”

In Good Company “I love that we have a company with employees who are like family. My goal has been to build a company we can be proud of.”

Business Pet Peeve “When people think I can read their minds.”

Orem Pride “It’s the city I grew up in, and it’s still home to me.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be traveling and spending lots of time with my family.”

Ultimate Career Dream “To continue to create and build a successful business that will provide for my family and for those I work with.”


Ryan Grover, Reed Quinn and Jacob P. Sybrowsky. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Ryan Grover, Reed Quinn and Jacob P. Sybrowsky. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Ryan Grover

Age 35 Company My Fast PC

Hometown Vineyard Worktown Orem

Building Blocks Technically speaking, Ryan Grover is a man of the people. At Nuvont Communications, he was responsible for the management and growth of all customer facing groups. At Tafiti Consulting, he was in charge of strategic growth and team building. And at his own two companies — Telos Solutions and now My Fast PC — he’s created people-pleasing products. My Fast PC is a remote third-party desktop support company. And the diagnosis? More than 25,000 people served.

Childhood Career Dream “Forest ranger.”

First Job “Bagger at Albertson’s on Center Street in Orem. I made $4.25 an hour.”

In Good Company “Our company culture stands out. Our employees feel like they can contribute on every level. It’s not merely a job; they are a part of a team that strives to provide excellence in remote customer support.”

Business Pet Peeve “Salesmen who over-promise and under-deliver.”

Dream UV Partner “Greg Butterfield.”

Orem Pride “I love being able to tap into the ambitious workforce created every year with BYU and UVU graduates. My least favorite thing is also what keeps me strong, and that’s the fierce competition hiring from the same pool.”

Favorite Orem Landmark “Mount Timpanogos. It’s incredibly beautiful and represents all the great outdoor activities I love to participate in.”

When I’m 50 … “I will have built My Fast PC into a national name brand.”


Reed Quinn

Age 33 Compnay KT TAPE, FiberFix, BLADEPAD

Hometown Highland Worktowns Orem/Pleasant Grove

Building Blocks Reed Quinn has an M.O. — startups, new product development and Chinese manufacturing. In 2004, he lived and worked in China for a boat manufacturing startup called Quantam. In 2005, he worked for Provo-based Seastone, a gift card accessory manufacturer and distributor. In 2008, he started KT Tape, a 2013 Inc. 500 company and manufacturer of elastic athletic tape sported by Olympic athletes. And in 2013, he started BladePad and co-founded FiberFix, a rigid repair wrap manufacturer that scored an investment deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Talk about an entrepreneur who’s built to last.

Childhood Career Dream “Astronaut.”

Proudest Accomplishment “I’ve never had a job I don’t love to do.”

In Good Company “We’ve created a culture of ‘nothing is too ambitious.’”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I’d talk less, listen more.”

Business Pet Peeve “Multiple-page resumes.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be serving a mission.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Make sure it doesn’t get in the way of more important things.”


Jacob P. Sybrowsky

Age 34 Company Utah Valley University

Hometown Provo Worktown Orem

Building Blocks Jacob Sybrowsky is schooling his career. He holds a Ph.D. in personal financial planning from Texas Tech University, a master’s degree in marriage, family and human development from BYU, and a bachelor’s degree in linguistics (with a minor in Korean) also from BYU. Today? He’s the associate dean of UVU’s Woodbury School of Business where he’s changing lives and taking names. Teach us your ways, Sybrowsky.

First Job “Busser at Magleby’s Restaurant for $2.13 an hour plus tips.”

Career Highlight “The strength of our personal financial planning major at UVU and 100 percent job placement for our students. I see our students in the community helping individuals and families around the country. We’re making a difference.”

In Good Company “I love the focus on student success and the innovation I see daily. UVU is a dynamic institution. The quality of our programs is truly impressive.”

Favorite Orem Eats “Pizzeria 712.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be working with students, faculty and our community providing opportunities and resources for those who need them.”


A.J. Rounds, Jessica Weiss and Lisa Daybell. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

A.J. Rounds, Jessica Weiss and Lisa Daybell. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

A.J. Rounds

Age 36 CompanyLone Tree USA

Hometown Mapleton Worktown Springville

Building Blocks A.J. Rounds is well rounded. Sales, marketing, HR, recruiting, management, investing — you name it, he’s worked it. And at successful companies like Dixie State College, Shelf Reliance, Winder Farms and his current gig at Lone Tree USA (which is in the man camp industry), this jack of all trades has run circles around the competition.

Childhood Career Dream “A limo driver. Weird, huh?”

Career Highlight “I love the breadth and depth of knowledge I’ve been able to acquire while working with the great ones in many industries. I cherish the long-term friendships I’ve made.”

In Good Company “I’m proud that we put people first, production second. ‘You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.’ – Anonymous.”

Business Pet Peeve “DWYSYWD (Do What You Say You Will Do) or move on. Life is too short for broken promises.”

Dream UV Partner “Too many: Dave Bateman, Brandon Fugal, Todd Pedersen, Josh James, Jim Loveland.”

Favorite Spanish Fork Eats “I love me some Casa Salza.”

When I’m 50 … “I love St. George. Any business developments I’m involved in I hope to manage from there.”

Ultimate Career Dream “To become the leader, most respected and well-known company (philanthropically speaking) in property management, development, investment, temporary housing, construction and hospitality services. It’s an uphill battle in an obscure industry, but we’re going to make it happen.”


Jessica Weiss

Age 33 Company Springville Museum of Art

Hometown Provo Worktown Springville

Building Blocks Jessica Weiss’ career has been a work of art. After earning a bachelor’s degree from BYU and a master’s degree from the U (both in art history), Weiss interned at Sotheby’s Auction House in London. But for the past decade, the historic Springville museum has had her art, mind and soul. As the Head of Education, she oversees exhibition interpretation, school and public programming, and visitor services.

Childhood Career Dream “I found an old journal in which my 8-year-old self wrote, ‘When I grow up I want to be a famous movie star with long blonde hair and ride around in a white stretch limousine.’ So … that was ridiculous. I would have been a terrible actress. And I like my hair as it is.”

In Good Company “Art has the power to teach people not only about art but about themselves and the world. Being able to facilitate and witness those kinds of experiences is extremely rewarding.”

Springville Pride “Springville is quite charming. I love the community vibe and small-town feel.”

Ultimate Career Dream “I can’t imagine not working in a museum. There is always more to learn and new ways to develop. As long as I’m doing work I’m passionate about, I know I will feel content and successful.”


Lisa Daybell

Age 32 Company Contagious Boutique

Hometown Spanish Fork Worktowns Spanish Fork/Heber City

Building Blocks Lisa Daybell’s success has been contagious. Her business -— which started on $5,000 in credit cards — has risen from a traveling-truck-and-trailer boutique to popular destinations in Spanish Fork and Heber City. And people like it. They really, really like it. Contagious Boutique has more than 113,000 likes on Facebook and a dedicated clientele.

Childhood Career Dream “Public relations! I didn’t even know what that meant. I just read it once when I was studying for a Rodeo Queen contest. I ended up with my bachelor’s degree from USU in PR. So I guess I did know what I was talking about!”

First Job “Driving the feed truck for my father on our family ranch. In return, my parents would pay for any lessons we wanted to take or any camps we wanted to attend.”

In Good Company “I love how much people love our store. We appreciate our customers so much.”

Business Pet Peeve “Dishonesty!”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be retired! And I’ll be living the dream with my husband and children.”

Ultimate Career Dream “To just have a 40-hour workweek and actually be done with everything I need to do. Ha! That is a dream.”


Sara Douglass, Aaron Day, Mike McEwan and Jayson Edwards. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Sara Douglass, Aaron Day, Mike McEwan and Jayson Edwards. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Sara Douglass

Age 33 Company Stampin’ Up!

Hometown Highland Worktown Riverton

Building Blocks Sara Douglass grew up watching her mom, Shelli Gardner, create the scrapbooking empire that is Stampin’ Up! And Douglass has since put her own stamp on the 26-year-old direct sales company. Now a member of the corporate team, she travels around the world to places like Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan as she caters to more than 40,000 Stampin’ Up! demonstrators.

First Job “Counting paper at Stampin’ Up!”

Most Proud Of “Being teachable. It’s benefited me the most in my career.”

In Good Company “I love the relationships we have with people. People matter.”

Favorite Highland Eats “Blue Lemon”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be doing what I’m doing today for the rest of my life.”

Ultimate Career Dream “I want to do all I can to make Stampin’ Up! a better, stronger, more vibrant company. I love working with my mom, husband and other family members, and I imagine that as my own children grow older, I may be working alongside some of them as well.”


Aaron Day

Age 33 Company Blue Lemon

Hometown Alpine Worktown Highland

Building Blocks Aaron Day’s career has been a delicious ride. After working for Xactware and Layton Construction, he and his wife, Lychelle, opened Blue Lemon in 2009 — their first venture into the very risky restaurant world. Five years later? The “pure, clean food with a twist” has four  thriving Utah locations.

In Good Company “I love that we are a company with a purpose. Every community we enter, we strive to have a positive impact. Not only do we provide employment to our awesome team members — and offer a better, healthier way to dine out — we allot each store ‘giving back’ dollars to use toward the communities that support us.”

Favorite Highland Eats “Blue Lemon (of course!)”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be happy and healthy with a successful chain of restaurants across the nation. We’re now starting to expand out of the state of Utah, and I’m excited to see where that will take us.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Being able to weather the storms of life and turn them into positive learning experiences.”


Mike McEwan

Age 35 Company

Hometown Lehi Worktown Lehi  

Building Blocks Mike McEwan’s company is no Jane doe. The daily boutique deal site,, is a literal hits-maker with more than 236,000 likes on Facebook and 35,000 followers on Instagram. What’s more, McEwan, along with his wife and business partner, Megan, have been instrumental in pioneering (and prettying) a booming industry. No big deal.

In Good Company “I’m most proud of bootstrapping into a multimillion-dollar company without a cent of capital along the way. It was slow and painful to get started, but at this stage, I’m glad I didn’t sacrifice equity and don’t have to convince anyone of my vision.”

Most Proud Of “Learning how to code on my own. At the time, front-end development was kind of the Wild West.”

Favorite Lehi Landmark “Lehi Roller Mills because ‘Footloose’ was filmed there. Anywhere Kevin Bacon has set foot should be considered hallowed ground.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll be working on projects with a deeper cause than just making money. I’d like to make a difference in people’s lives.”


Jayson Edwards

Age 34 Company J Dawgs

Hometown Provo Worktowns Lehi, American Fork, Orem and Provo

Building Blocks Jayson Edwards is the classic story of shacks to riches. As a BYU senior, one credit short from graduating with a bachelor’s in Asian studies, he opened the little hot dog shack that could. Word quickly spread of the delicious dawgs, and the phenomenon started — and lasted. J Dawgs has been heating up Utah for 10 years with locations in Provo, Orem, American Fork and Lehi — and three more are in the works. Well, hot dog!

Childhood Career Dream “A pilot like my grandpa or a firefighter like my dad.”

In Good Company “I’m most proud of the people I’m privileged to work with and the communities that embrace us.”

Favorite Provo Landmark “A little 10×10 red shack on the south-end of BYU.”

Ultimate Career Dream “It doesn’t get any better than it is now — making people happy for a living and being able to provide comfortable, meaningful work for employees. The only thing I’ve constantly dreamt about is a J Dawgs 18-wheeler I’d like to drive to deliver our fresh product to all the stores.”


Geoff N. Germane, Terry Lyman and Austin Miller. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Geoff N. Germane, Terry Lyman and Austin Miller. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Geoff N. Germane

Age 35 Company Kirton McConkie

AgeHometown Provo Worktowns Lehi/Salt Lake City

Building Blocks We’re no judge, but Geoff Germane is mighty impressive. He has accounting and law degrees from BYU. He started two successful law practices — one in San Diego and one in Utah — from scratch. He joined Kirton McConkie, one of the premier law firms in the state. He teaches legal courses as an adjunct professor at both UVU and the Marriott School at BYU. He’s the president of the Utah Valley Estate Planning Council. He is an Accredited Estate Planner and an Estate Planning Law Specialist. And he has published several articles in national periodicals. Yep. No objections here.

Childhood Career Dream “Spider-man! Or major league baseball player … alas.”

In Good Company “At Kirton McConkie we have excellent, excellent attorneys and great, great clients.”

Dream UV Partner “Todd Pedersen. That dude is a visionary man in the best way.”

Lehi Pride “My favorite thing is that we’re right in the Silicon Slopes — lots of exciting development.”

Favorite Lehi Landmark “Thanksgiving Point Golf Course.”

When I’m 50 … “Hopefully owning a business in conjunction with my law practice at Kirton.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Become a regular presenter at the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning in Florida. It’s a tax geek kinda thing.”


Terry Lyman

Age 38 Company Pay Pros

Hometown Cedar Hills Worktown Lehi

Building Blocks At 21, Terry Lyman left college to pursue an entrepreneurial dream — leading to the first and only “real” job he’s ever had. Seventeen years and hundreds of clients later, Lyman has made Pay Pros a career-changer — with a passion to pay it forward to future entrepreneurs. Not bad for a first job, Lyman.

Childhood Career Dream “Professional fisherman.”

In Good Company “We have helped hundreds of small business get started and succeed. As an entrepreneur, that is the most rewarding thing we do.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I would have finished school. A lot of lessons were learned the hard way. More experience in college would have helped avoid a few early pitfalls.”

Lehi Pride “I love having my office in Lehi. With all the growth, I feel like I am in the middle of the developing business community.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll hopefully have more time to golf and fish.”

Ultimate Career Dream “Besides selling my company and retiring early to a life of leisure, I would like to continue to work with startups. Creating companies and helping others do the same is what I am passionate about.”


Austin Miller

Age 31 Company AtTask, Inc.

Hometown American Fork Worktown Lehi

Building Blocks Austin Miller is a people person. His career in human resources has spanned local giants like Circlepix, SirsiDynix, Omniture and now AtTask. And as AtTask’s VP of HR, Miller is revolutionizing resources for the world-class company’s 500 humans.

First Job “American Fork Yogurt Parlor at 14. I made $5.25 an hour and felt loaded.”

Proudest Accomplishment “Having talented people around me. The decision to come to AtTask, leaving the phenomenal atmosphere of Omniture, was a really scary moment. However, it allowed me to be around a more entrepreneurial group of people, as well as some of the smartest individuals I have ever met.”

In Good Company “Coming into a company as employee No. 61 and seeing it grow to almost 500 people, I have witnessed a lot of change. We are seeing our company mature to a high-class level. We have great internal company values and truly live them.”

Lehi Pride “Lehi is a fast-growing community. We built our office here two and a half years ago and are in the process of building another building with Thanksgiving Park to help with our growth. I commend Lehi for their forward thinking and efforts to build a great place to do business.”

Ultimate Career Dream “I thrive in building departments from scratch. I’d like to go from small company to small company, building them into larger, successful companies from the ground up. To me, an HR leader’s job is change! And change is fun.”


Jared Turner, Matt Frisbie and Catherine Wong. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Jared Turner, Matt Frisbie and Catherine Wong. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Jared Turner

Age 37 Company Boostability

Hometown Pleasant Grove Worktowns Lehi/Lindon/Orem

Building Blocks Jared Turner has both boost and ability. He’s been a software developer, engineer and technology manager for 14 years and has experience in application architecture, database design and operational management. So when it came time to co-found Boostability, a client-focused SEO company, Turner was optimized for the opportunity. Case in point? The multi-million dollar company ranked a whopping No. 1 on BusinessQ’s 2013 UV50 Fastest-Growing list and now has more than 400 employees.

Childhood Career Dream “I always envisioned myself as a doctor or a lawyer, but technology has evolved so much since I was a kid that my job didn’t exist back then.”

First Job “Short-order cook in a diner. I made $4 an hour.”

Proudest Accomplishment “Starting a company in my basement and growing it to more than 400 employees with three offices.”

In Good Company “I love that we have been able to maintain a strong company culture throughout the accelerated growth of our company.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I am who I am because of what my career has been. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Business Pet Peeve “I cannot stand indecision. No decision is, by definition, the wrong decision.”

When I’m 50 … “I’ll either be in the throes of another startup or retired on a beach somewhere with a cool drink in my hand.”

Ultimate Career Dream “That whatever I am doing or wherever I am working I have great friends and great minds around me to push me to higher heights.”


Matt Frisbie

Age 32 Company Chief MO

Hometown Pleasant Grove Worktown American Fork

Building Blocks Matt Frisbie is a marketing media maven. After working at Disney Entertainment for seven years and Paramount CBS on several feature and TV productions, he came to Utah to bring his own messages to market. And thus Chief MO was born — a marketer “for the brave.” Business has since thrived with campaigns for companies like AccessData, Provo Beach and Rustico.

First Job “At Taco Bell. I sold more Yo Quiero Taco Bell Chihuahuas than any other store.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “I’m a big believer in the power of our past. I subscribe to the school of hard knocks — my favorite lessons are the ones that hurt the most.”

American Fork Pride “I love the old downtown American Fork — great little shops, great vibe and plenty of good eats.”

Dream UV Partner “Jacob Hoehne at Issimo is one of my favorite people in the world. The kid just gets it. I make it a point to collaborate as often as possible.”

Ultimate Career Dream “I would love to open up locations in key markets around the country and eventually make Chief a national brand. I emphasize eventually — I’m happy to take my time. I want to grow for the right reasons with the right team.”


Catherine Wong

Age 38 Company Domo

Hometown Highland  Worktown American Fork

Building Blocks Catherine Wong is what you call a hire species. The technology guru graduated with a computer science degree at BYU, and while she’s worked at giants like Omniture, Adobe and Domo — in tech leadership and executive roles, mind you — she’s only ever had to have one real job interview. What’s more, she holds patents in data visualization/analysis and SaaS data collection. Yeah. We’d hire her forever, too.

Childhood Career Dream “A fashion designer.”

First Job “Babysitter for $5 an hour.”

Proudest Accomplishment “That my only official job interview happened during college. I’ve been tapped/recruited for every new opportunity since then.”

In Good Company “I’m most proud that Domo is a company that puts customers and employees first. We’re tackling a remarkable opportunity rather than just being comfortable. I’m having so much fun.”

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda “No regrets. Everything in my career has been a step up or a learning opportunity. I wouldn’t trade in any one of those experiences.”

Business Pet Peeve “Microwave popcorn in the break room.”

When I’m 50 … “I’m extremely passionate about education and its impact, and I see myself focusing on helping make education more accessible to children through technology. Great strides are being made by initiatives such as Khan Academy, and there is so, so much more to be done.”

Ultimate Career Dream “I’ve been fortunate to live my dream for my career.”



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