16 of Utah Valley’s juciest ‘guilty pleasures’

One Utah Valley guilty pleasure is enjoying a BYU football game when you should be doing something else. Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

One Utah Valley guilty pleasure is enjoying a BYU football game when you should be doing something else. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

This list of guilty pleasures goes to show just how tame we really are round here. Our dirty little secrets are pretty darn clean.

1. Drinks (other than coffee) from Starbucks

A cozy steamer? A super fattening smoothie? Pick your poison.

2. Eyelash extensions

Get your lashes made professionally luscious, then bat them for an Instagram selfie. That’s really the whole point, right?

3. Waffles

You will eat them from a truck. Then you’ll want a nip and tuck.

Waffle Luv's pumpkin waffle is back by popular demand, just for the holidays. (Courtesy of Waffle Luv)

(Photo courtesy of Waffle Love)


4. Plastic surgery

You’ve seen the suggestive billboards on I-15. Your oranges could be cantaloupes.

5. Skipping out on the adult session of stake conference to watch BYU football

Yes, it is a test. And yes, you failed it.

6. Reading “trashy” magazines at Barnes & Noble without buying them

Just make sure you wear a ball cap and hunker down in the aisle. No one has to know.

7. Cafe Rio’s Pork Salad



It’s a salad, so it must be healthy. Never mind that creamy cilantro ranch dripping down your chin.

Photo courtesy of @fitnessperks on Instagram)

(Photo courtesy @fitnessperks on Instagram)

8. “The Bachelor”

“This is so shallow and unrealistic,” you say as you turn up the volume.

9. Doing laps for extra samples at Costco

No shame — at least not enough to stop you from snagging another pot sticker on a toothpick.

10. Hip Hop and “Dirty Dancing” fitness classes

It’s the easiest way for UV moms to pretend they go clubbing on weeknights.

11. Dirty Diet Coke

Diet Coke is for the faint of heart. Dirty Diet Coke (lime or coconut flavoring added) is what Utah Valley’s adrenaline junkies are into these days. Sodalicious in Provo even gives their sodas “racy” names. “I’ll take a large ‘Second Wife’ to-go, please!”


(Photo by Amy McDonald)

12. Fantasy Football

It’s an irresistible time-sucker. Closeted coaches are living out their athletic fantasies from Alpine to Santaquin.

13. “Twilight”

Yep, it’s still a thing. The fact that Utah Valley hasn’t gotten over the obsession like the rest of America makes this pleasure extra guilty.

14. Blog stalking

Religiously following the private lives of people you don’t really know — guilty as charged.

15. Open bars (cupcake style)

In these parts, we get drunk on frosting at parties and wedding receptions.

16. Bunco

It’s the closest we get to gambling. Bonus: No skill required!


Samantha Strong Murphey is a lover of greenery, glitter and goat cheese, an advocate of media literacy, human rights and karaoke for all. She earned bachelor's degree in communications from Brigham Young University and is a former writer and editor at Utah Valley Magazine. Now, she works as a full-time freelance writer and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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