New study reveals which state is Utah’s opposite


The Washington Post created this map to visually present the findings of a new American Time Use Survey. (Graphic  courtesy Washington Post)

Utah has its own distinct culture. Since the state’s founding, the proportionally large number of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in Utah has made it distinct. But a new study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified which state is Utah’s polar opposite — at least when it comes to how its residents use their time.

The new American Time Use Survey ranked West Virginia as the state in which people spend the most time on leisure activities — 6 hours and 7 minutes per day, on average. Utah came in on the other end of the scale with 4 hours, 27 minutes — less time than any other state.

In a possible correlated finding, West Virginians also spend the most time watching television at 3 hours, 37 minutes per day. Utahns spend, on average, 2 hours 3 minutes watching television — one minute more than the Wyoming, which spends the least amount of time in front of the TV screen.

The two states were also on opposite sides of the scale in time spent on housework, commuting, and thinking and relaxing.

However, both Utah and West Virginia ranked in the bottom half of time spent sleeping and reading, and both ranked in the top half of time spent working and pursuing religious activities.


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