Magleby’s serves up summer Community icon dishes up tradition from Springville location

Magleby’s dishes up its traditional favorites in its artsy Springville location.

Magleby’s dishes up its traditional favorites in its artsy Springville location.

By Mary Crafts-Homer

If you’ve wondered what happened to the original Magleby’s restaurant, it is still alive and well, and living on Main Street in Springville. Rick and I stopped by on our Friday date night to see if there were still any of the old favorites on the menu.

To our delight, many of the dishes that made Magleby’s a house-hold name were there, along with new updated selections.

It’s fresh halibut season, so halibut was a Friday night special prepared with a strawberry basil salsa and fresh vegetables — a super healthy preparation that was perfect for me! Rick ordered the bison with a dollop of herb butter and garlic-mashed potatoes. Bison is higher in protein and lower in fat than almost any meat, including chicken, but you have to leave off the butter and mashed potatoes to call it “healthy”!

And who do you think we ran into at Magleby’s? Utah Valley Magazine’s very own editor, Jeanette Bennett, with family and parents in tow, trying all sorts of scrumptious desserts. It was fun to share notes, and we all decided that Magleby’s should be everyone’s first stop when looking for delicious desserts.

Our waitress said, “You really should have the Marionberry pie that the owner’s mother just brought in as a special treat.”

Can you beat that? Doc’s wife is still making homemade pies for the restaurant!

So here’s my summer entertaining tip:  Throw some good meat on the grill with an easy dry rub and serve with a homemade fresh citrus salsa, toss a garden salad, and make a stop by Magleby’s for their fabulous “bake and serve” Parmesan rolls, and the amazing original homemade chocolate cake that made them famous.

Viola! You are the hostess with the mostess with minimal work and time. The rolls and cake are packaged ready to go at the front of the store. And the price? Super affordable. They charge $4.95 for a dozen big rolls and $8.95 for the chocolate cake to serve 6.

Until next time, remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and love.



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