The Family Home Storage Starter Kit is a useful and compact gift for newlyweds. (Photo courtesy store.lds.org.)
The Family Home Storage Starter Kit is a useful (and compact) gift for newlyweds. (Photo courtesy store.lds.org)

The wedding season is a busy time, especially in communities where many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live. Weddings are exciting, joyful and can be — for Church members who attend several celebrations every summer — expensive.

But they don’t have to be. The LDS Distribution Center sells thousands of items at cost, many of which are useful to newly married couples as they build their homes. Here are 10 great gifts that won’t break the bank.

1. Subscription to Church magazines

Price: $10 for one-year subscription

LDS Church magazines are an excellent resource in any home, but managing magazine subscriptions is probably not at the top of the new couple’s to-do list. By purchasing a gift subscription, you can give them a meaningful gift with the added benefit of giving them one less thing to do.

2. Family History Supplies

Price: Under $5, depending on what you include

A marriage is the organization of a new family, and even if both parties have much of their family history compiled, they’ll need to combine the two as they organize their new family’s history. Give them the supplies to do so with an inexpensive collection of forms and booklets.

“My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together” is an easy-to-use booklet for getting started with family history. “Member’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work” is available for free, as well as family group forms and pedigree charts. Put it all in a binder and tie a ribbon around it for a unique, useful gift.

A limited edition of "The House of the Lord" by James E. Talmage is available with an Italian leather binding. (Photo courtesy store.lds.org.)
A limited edition of “The House of the Lord” by James E. Talmage is available with an Italian leather binding. (Photo courtesy store.lds.org)

3. Family Home Storage Starter Kit

Price: $33.50

Help the new couple get started with food storage with this useful (and small!) starter kit. The single box contains recipes, pamphlets, visual aids for teaching food storage principles and one can each of flour, red wheat, white wheat, pinto beans and oats. Best of all, it’s compact and won’t take up too much room in a small apartment.

4. Leather-bound scripture helps

Price: $24

Young couples need the basics, but it doesn’t hurt to have something nice. The distribution center sells books bound in soft burgundy Italian leather to complement scripture study. Right now, the limited edition “Articles of Faith” by James E. Talmage is available in both English and Spanish.

5. Church music library

Price: $20 for “Children’s Songbook,” $17.15 for “Hymns”

This music set is a great gift for the musically inclined couple. But in case they get multiple books and need to return one, it’s best to avoid having the books engraved with the family’s name.

6. Fine Artwork of Jesus Christ

Price: $40-$281, depending on piece and size

Framed artwork can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars at retail locations, which sell a wide variety of frames and work. At the LDS Distribution Center, a limited number of fine art prints are available at a lower cost. Inspiring decor like this will help the couple invite the Spirit into their new home.

7. Framed Temple Photos

Price: Approximately $1 for temple photo, $10.75-$45.50 for frame

Give the couple a personal gift by framing a photo of the temple where they were sealed. Photos of every LDS temple are available for about $1 each at the distribution center. Inexpensive frames are available as well.

8. Family Scripture Study Library

Price: $9.25 to $10 per manual

The Church Educational System is in the process of releasing new seminary teacher manuals for each year of Seminary curriculum. Chances are, the new couple has been out of Seminary for long enough to have missed the new manuals. These will help them start their own family scripture study library.

9. Leather-bound books

Price: $30.50 for “The House of the Lord” by James E. Talmage, $32.50 for “Pathways to Perfection” by Thomas S. Monson

The genuine Italian leather-bound collection also includes classic gospel study resources. “The House of the Lord” by James E. Talmage is a great gift for a young couple who recently made important temple covenants, and “Pathways to Perfection” is an inspiring collection of 34 sermons by the living prophet.

10. Family Home Evening Resource Book

Price: $12

Help the new couple set good patterns early in their marriage with this book, which contains 37 lessons as well as resources for planning successful family home evening activities.

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  1. Just as an FYI, the “LDS Starter Kit” has been discontinued sometime in the last few months (I must have gotten one just before they stopped offering them).
    They told me that because they had a wider selection to choose from now, and also because the starter kit was seen an introduction to the pre-pack program, the starter kit was no longer considered necessary. That’s a shame. If you are looking for a smaller combination of items together, you can not get that but must buy larger amounts of individual items instead (by case). Could always split a purchase with someone though.

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