16 signs students are back at BYU


A new college semester comes with a range of emotions, experiences and reminders — from excitement to exhaustion, here are 15 signs BYU fall semester is back in session.

1. The number of people on campus compared to spring/summer is shocking.


“Where did all these people come from?”


2. You nearly pass out climbing the stairs up to campus.


“I think I’ll just lay here. Forever.” Don’t worry, in a few weeks you’ll be slightly less winded.


3. You remaster your tricks to get a spot in student parking.




4. Despite it being your senior year, you’re still a little nervous you won’t be able to find your class.




5. Remembering how to do the whole college thing in general is a struggle.


“How does college work again?”


6. You attempt to make friends in your GE and religion classes to help with exam prep and missed classes.


Let me use you … I mean … together we will conquer this.


7. You scope out your optimal nap and study spots.




8. You’re buying school supplies and planning first day outfits.

school supplies

Which, by the way, is somehow still thrilling.


9. The semester is still full of promise that this time you really will stay on top of all your assignments and reading.


4.0 here I come!

One month later, not so much.

desk nap

Curse you Netflix!


10. Runway Sunday is ridiculous and entertaining at the same time — and you must participate.


Whether you call it “Runway Sunday” or “Super Cute Sunday,” the name doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you look your best for the first Sunday in your new ward.


11. You’re both intentionally and coincidentally reunited with friends.


It doesn’t matter if it was on purpose — both situations bring you so much joy.


12. It’s nearly impossible not to comment on how young the new batch of freshmen look.

school of rock

What are they even saying? I swear I never looked that young.


13. Trying to finalize your class schedule while on a wait list is completely overwhelming.




14. Introductions somehow become a competition for people to explain why they’re the best.




15. For better or worse, you know the new semester’s coming for you.



16. You found out the BYUHITLIST is back under the new name UVHITLIST and you know you’ll no longer be wasting your time on Facebook.


Why stare at friends’ pictures when you could be making money for wasted time. Play at UVHITLIST.com (which is on UtahValley360.com).


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