uv50-copyThe fast and the curious — 30 local companies that have innovation on speed dial.


Three-Year Growth 442% 2013 Revenue $2,499,344 Founded 2009 City American Fork Employees 30 (plus 20 contractors) Industry eLearning Website www.elearningbrothers.com, www.elearningtemplates.com Founders Andrew Scivally, 37; Shawn Ski Scivally, 35

The Company The iStockPhoto of eLearning, it has the largest library of eLearning games, templates, quizzes, interactions, layouts, skins and scenarios.

The Growth With more than 30,000 killer templates, more than 89,000 monthly downloads and a brotherly love culture, eLearning Brothers has scored a 2014 Inc. 500 ranking and clients like Adobe, Canon, RC Willey and Chick-fil-A.

Best Moment Ever “We brought the whole team to a conference in Vegas with a laser-focused expo strategy. The team’s emotion and execution was phenomenal. We owned the expo floor and blew it out of the water. Every attendee felt like they were part of our family — and we did tons of sales.”

Coolest Company Tradition “The slow clap.”

Culture In Three Words “Orange is brotastic.”

The Advice “Hire your brother and give him half the company … or focus on your mission. If you don’t have a real mission, create one.”

In 2020 “We’ll be more orange than ever! We’ll be the largest eLearning template company in the world.”


Three-Year Growth 391% 2013 Revenue $22,960,943 Founded 2009 City Lehi Employees 410 Industry Online marketing Website www.boostability.com Founders Rick Horsley, 43; Travis Thorpe, 45; Jared Turner, 37 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #1

The Company An online presence builder for small businesses through effective, affordable and client-focused SEO.

The Growth Formidable focus, lively leadership and top technology proves last year’s No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is still boosting at the seams.

The Growing Pains “Having 400-plus employees in three offices.”

Best Moment Ever “Being recognized by the Yellow Page industry as the premier partner to work with.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Running out of money in 2009 and having our development team go find new jobs.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Summer parties.”

Culture In Three Words “Hardworking. Fun. Committed.”

The Advice “Provide value and over-deliver. Customer referrals will come.”

In 2020 “We’ll have expanded domestically and internationally into Europe and South America.”


Three-Year Growth 352% 2013 Revenue $79,953,302 Founded 2010 City American Fork Employees 118 Industry Real estate Website www.nudge.com Founder Ryan Poelman, 37 Past UV50 Ranking 2013: #2 Startup to Watch

The Company A provider of turnkey, rental real estate to investors around the world. Additionally, it provides other real estate-related services such as private lending, corporation/entity setup, tax liens, trust deeds and residential improved building lots.

The Growth Talk about a home run. With a core value of integrity and experienced entrepreneurship at the helm, Nudge — which also resides on our Top Revenue list — operates in multiple countries, interacts with hundreds of thousands of clients and completes thousands of real estate transactions annually.

The Growing Pains “Capital.”

Best Moment Ever “Getting reports of clients making big bucks doing real estate.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Having good people leave.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Food challenges.” 

CultureIn Three Words “Oh so sweet.”

The Advice “Take care of your customers.”

In 2020 “We’ll be in a new building in Lindon chuggin’ along.”


Three-Year Growth 266% 2013 Revenue $2,201,321 Founded 2010 City Lehi Employees 130 Industry Offshore staffing Website www.zylun.com Founder Brigham Tomco, 34 Past UV50 Ranking 2012: #8 Startup to Watch

The Company A provider of enterprise level recruiting, infrastructure and HR management through a “cosourcing model,” which helps companies compete in a global marketplace by connecting them to overseas talent.

The Growth An innovative model that solves global growing pains has pushed Zylun — and its HR solutions — onto the world stage.

The Growing Pains “Knowing at what point to add key managers.”

Best Moment Ever “Signing our first client.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Letting go of early management team members who couldn’t evolve with the business as we pivoted and scaled.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Christmas party in the Philippines.”

Culture In Three Words “Focused and fun.” 

The Advice “Hire key people who can build systems and processes that allow your company to scale.”

In 2020 “We’ll have a thousand-plus employees in multiple cities in the U.S. and Philippines.”


Three-Year Growth 221% 2013 Revenue $20,173,235 Founded 2009 City Orem Employees 325 Industry Satellite Website www.clearsat.tv Founder Paul Southam, 35 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #2

The Company A door-to-door seller of DIRECTV nationwide.

The Growth With door-knocking dominance, Clear Satellite channeled success the instant it powered on (it won Top First-Year Dealer from DIRECTV). As for its future? Clearer than HD.

The Growing Pains “Training.”

Best Moment Ever “Becoming the largest retailer in the nation for DIRECTV.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Letting go of good people who tried hard but didn’t have the skills.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Yearly elite trip.”

Culture In Three Words “Happy. Fun. Exciting.”

The Advice “Don’t do it too fast.”

In 2020 “Still No. 1.”


Three-Year Growth 206% 2013 Revenue $114,049,201 Founded 2008 City Orem Employees 51 (plus 15 agents) Industry Real estate Website www.edgehomes.com Founders Gordon Jones, 43; Joel Harris, 43 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #5

The Company A residential construction company.

The Growth Edge Homes — which was recognized as the nation’s fastest-growing homebuilder ­— has the edge. They’ll build nearly 600 homes this year alone, thanks to innovation, integrity and an inherent focus on the customer.

The Growing Pains “Maintaining our fun, collaborative environment as we grow.”

Best Moment Ever “Every day. It’s the joy in the journey. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we’re excited to see it.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Whenever we don’t meet or exceed expectations. Customer satisfaction is something we take very personally.”

Culture In Three Words “Fun. Hardworking. United.”

The Advice “Relationships matter. No matter how big you get, it’s always about people. You need to care about doing the right thing.”

In 2020 “We’ll be bigger and better. We’ll never stop growing and progressing.”


“Things take time, but you have to act. Get out of the office and stop analyzing everything to death.”

— Andrew Smith, founder of No. 7 four foods group



Three-Year Growth 190% 2013 Revenue $36,439,899 Founded 2008 City American Fork Employees 875 Industry Food and beverage Website www.fourfoodsgroup.com Founder Andrew K. Smith, 38 Past UV50 Rankings 2013: #6; 2012: #3 2011: #2 Startup to Watch

The Company A restaurant management and investment company focused on expanding Kneaders Bakery & Café into the western region.

The Growth Talk about a balanced company. Four Foods Group has a delicious blend of smarts, instincts, guts and drive.

The Growing Pains “Capital. It is hard to get and hard to control when you get bigger — but a rush when it all comes together.”

Best Moment Ever “Every time we open a new store and I face our 60-plus new employees.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Summer of 2009, trying to raise capital in the middle of the worst recession ever. No one wanted to help me, nor did they want to take a chance on our business plan.”

Culture In Three Words “Lighthearted. Uplifting. Positive.”

The Advice “Things take time, but you have to act. Get out of the office and stop analyzing everything to death.”

In 2020 “We’ll be owning and operating restaurants all over the U.S.”


Three-Year Growth 154% 2013 Revenue $5,881,914 Founded 2008 City Spanish Fork Employees 41 Industry Home services Website www.fivestarfranchising.com Founders Chad Jones, 39; Scott Abbott, 39 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #15; 2012: #18; 2011: #8

The Company A technology-based franchise development company.

The Growth Thanks to stellar success with sister company Five Star Painting, the founders have turned their technology into a franchise dream machine for multiple brands.

The Growing Pains “Managing limited resources required for an increasingly demanding project list.”

Best Moment Ever “Seeing several of our franchisees break the $1 million sales level and realizing that we were helping people achieve their goals. Another great moment was reaching the 100-franchisee level.”

Coolest Company Tradition “We have a weekly team meeting dubbed the Five Star Fiver. We share the top 5 percent and bottom 5 percent in our company each week to make sure we are celebrating our wins as well as staying real.”

Corporate Culture “Franchisees first.”

The Advice “Do the right thing even if it is unpopular.”

In 2020 “We’ll have 400 owned franchisees in multiple brands and technologies supporting thousands of businesses.”


Three-Year Growth 154% 2013 Revenue $49,743,778 Founded 2003 City Lehi Employees 1,200 Industry Software Website www.propertysolutions.com Founder David Bateman, 36 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #12; 2012: #8; 2011: #4

The Company A provider of technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

The Growth Armed with first-class leadership, a creative culture, and head-turning technology, Property Solutions has been on the move since it pioneered — and power-housed — its market 11 years ago.

The Growing Pains “Meeting the software development needs of a diverse and burgeoning base.”

Best Moment Ever “Seeing an investor cash out with a huge multiple.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Struggling to make payroll in 2004.”

Culture in Three Words “Deliberate. Purposeful. Aligned.”

The Advice “Don’t raise more money than you absolutely need to execute. Preserve equity. Bootstrap.”

In 2020 “We’ll still be in Lehi.”


Three-Year Growth 153% 2013 Revenue $1,008,956 Founded 2010 City Orem Employees 12 Industry Professional photo lab Website www.persnicketyprints.com Founder Chari Pack, 39

The Company A next generation photo lab that uses dark room technology for digital imaging.

The Growth Persnickety Prints is “fussy about the small details” — and it’s been a picture-perfect business model. With customer service and guerrilla marketing in focus, the Orem company has developed a passionate and loyal following worldwide.

The Growing Pains “Convincing business partners to trust me and re-invest. They didn’t, and now they’re gone. Driving this ship on my own has been tough, but worth it.”

Best Moment Ever “When a customer from North Dakota was driving to California, she took a detour in the middle of the night to stop by our store.”

Hardest Moment Ever “My first December.”

Most Proud Of “How far we’ve come. It takes a great team to get from zero to hero.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Christmas bonuses. After seeing what it did to Clark Griswold in ‘Christmas Vacation,’ we do Christmas bonuses. Our company MVP program is fun, too.”

Culture In Three Words “Fast and furious.” 

The Advice “You can’t just want, you must DO. Don’t just talk about it — do it!”

In 2020 “We’ll be right where we’re at, only bigger and better.”


Three-Year Growth 150% 2013 Revenue $888,623 Founded 2009 City Lindon Employees 7 Industry Fashion Website www.halftee.com Founders Amanda Barker, 36; Noelle Nieporte, 37 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #9

The Company A product line of half-tee shirts that works as a layering top without the extra bulk/fabric.

The Growth A fresh take on the popular layering trend, Halftee has gone full force online and in boutiques across the nation.

The Growing Pains “Keeping up with inventory.”

Best Moment Ever “Becoming business partners.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Breaking up with one of our accounts … so hard.”

Coolest Company Tradition “FOOD.”

Culture In Three Words “Confident. Beautiful. Real.”

The Advice “Surround yourself with people who support you and your passions.”

In 2020 “We’ll be in every woman’s closet worldwide.”


Three-Year Growth 146% 2013 Revenue $864,987 Founded 2004 City Highland Employees 12 Industry Design/marketing/web Website www.goodwinmedia.com Founder Stewart Goodwin, 33 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #10; 2012: #7 

The Company A design and development studio.

The Growth With a client list as long as it is impressive (including fellow UV50 winners Boostability, Persnickety Prints and Clear Satellite), Goodwin Media has the goods (and the wins).

The Growing Pains “Growing and managing a remote workforce. We love the concept and the freedom it offers, but it has its challenges.”

Best Moment Ever “Getting my core team in place last year. I’m extremely lucky to have such great people to work with.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Having a key person leave with no notice during a very busy period.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Burrito Tuesday (Marley’s breakfast burritos).”

Culture In Three Words “Creative. Flexible. Rewarding.”

The Advice “Slow and steady wins the race.”

In 2020 “It’s top secret, but awesome.”


Three-Year Growth 132% 2013 Revenue $4,322,998 Founded 2004 City Lehi Employees 27 Industry Finance/software Website www.youneedabudget.com Founder Jesse Mecham, 33 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #17; 2012: #13

The Company A provider of financial education/management software.

The Growth With user-friendly software, critical customer focus, and glowing reviews from CNN, LifeHacker and AppStorm, You Need A Budget is right on the money.

The Growing Pains “Hiring. Hiring. Hiring. Not that we’re hiring so quickly, but that the hiring process takes so long to get right. Of course, once you know you’ve found the right person, it’s like you just dug up buried treasure.”

Best Moment Ever “Taking the team to Santa Cruz for a company-wide meet-up (we’re a remote team).”

Hardest Moment Ever “Giving a public launch date to our customers in 2009, and then having to hit that date. I’ll never give a public launch date again. There is no upside, only downside.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Every other week we get on a Google Hangout for an ‘all hands’ meeting. At the end, one assigned team member gives a presentation on any topic they want. So far we’ve covered the genetics of dogs, the origin of idioms, had a tap dancing demo, and played ‘guess that tune’ while a team member jammed on the piano.”

Culture In Three Words “Confident. Humble. Fun.”

The Advice “Find what you do best, own it and pursue it with laser focus.”

In 2020 “Our tech will be better, our customer base will be larger and we’ll still be teaching people a whole new way of managing their money.”


Three-Year Growth 130% 2013 Revenue $617,714 Founded 2009 City Lehi Employees 16 Industry Finance/technology Website www.deductr.com Founders John Thomas (“JT”), 53; William Olsen, 49

The Company A provider of web-based and mobile applications that automate tracking expenses, mileage and time to help maximize tax deductions for small/independent business owners.

The Growth With serial entrepreneurs at the helm, there’s nothing taxing about Deductr. Plus, any company that minimizes headaches in April is going to score some serious mileage.

The Growing Pains “Raising capital.”

Best Moment Ever “The thrill of closing the deal — that first big client or huge partnership that takes you to the next level.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Hot, sweaty office space sharing a building with a Latin wedding dress company and an MMA fighting gym. We got to walk through all the dresses to use the restroom.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Monthly, open book, any question goes, company-wide meeting followed by Dickey’s Barbecue.”

Culture In Three Words “Team. Open. Honest.”

The Advice “Hire passion and watch the cash.”

In 2020  “We’ll have millions of subscribers — but we’ll still be keeping it real. Maybe we’ll move back into that hot, sweaty, shared building.”


Three-Year Growth 120% 2013 Revenue $2,315,067 Founded 2010 City Spanish Fork, Springville Employees 103 Industry Car care Website www.wiggywash.com Founder Brent “Wiggy” Wignall, 34 Past UV50 Ranking

2013: #10 Startup to Watch

The Company A full-service car wash and express detail center.

The Growth Passionate leadership driven by customer service has led Wiggy Wash to a pristine community reputation that’s revved for growth.

The Growing Pains “Growing our depth in leadership to allow us to expand to another location.”

Best Moment Ever “Being involved with the Sherwood 10-78 fundraiser. It was amazing to watch the first responders donate their time to hand dry vehicles at our facility and see the generosity of our community. On several occasions I saw customers give $100 bills for a $2 hand dry.  It was a humbling event.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Getting funding for our first location at the peak of the recession. We went to more than 50 different financial institutions and private lenders — only to be denied every time. We were even denied at loan committee three times before we were approved from the bank that formed the loan for our first location.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Getting as deeply involved as we can in the communities we’re in.”

Culture In Three Words “Leaders lead servantly.”

The Advice “Remember that the second leading cause of small business failures is success. Don’t grow beyond your capabilities — grow your depth and then your business.”

In 2020 “We’ll have multiple locations throughout Utah and be changing the carwash culture in Utah from the DIY to searching out Wiggy Wash to see what everybody is talking about.”


Three-Year Growth 113% 2013 Revenue $31,344,213 Founded 2002 City Lindon Employees 95 Industry Oil and gas/technology Website www.profireenergy.com Founder Brenton Hatch, 63 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #16 

The Company An oilfield technology business specializing in burner management systems.

The Growth Standout staff, top technology and a command of the market have more than energized this public company.

The Growing Pains “Not being able to have a personal relationship with all of our employees because we are starting to have so many — not to mention they’re spread across the American continent.”

Best Moment Ever “The first day that Profire became a company. We knew what we wanted to do — and more importantly why we were doing it!”

Coolest Company Tradition “When employees visit our Profire office in Texas, they’re taken to a local cowboy store to buy a pair of boots.”

Culture in Three Words “Proactive. Family-focused. Dedicated.”

The Advice “Know your customers’ needs/problems — and take the time to solve them well.”

In 2020 “We’ll be expanding heavily worldwide.”


Three-Year Growth 106% 2013 Revenue $3,121,951 Founded 2004 City Orem Employees 95 Industry Beauty/retail Website www.amaradayspa.com Founders Leigh Bennett, 33; Tyler Bennett, 34 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #19; 2012: #22; 2011: #7; 2010: #11

The Company A day spa, salon and boutique.

The Growth The five-time UV50 fastest-growing company has beauty and brains with laser-like focus on training, skills and customer service.

The Growing Pains “Not enough time to put in proper infrastructure and systems prior to the growth.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Doing a full remodel and expansion and never closing down a single day. Lots of consecutive all-nighters and weekends!”

Coolest Company Tradition “Every January, we sponsor all employees who want to go to the half marathon down in St. George. We rent the biggest house we can find and make a fun weekend out of it. This year we had 52 attend and run. It’s a big party!”

Culture In Three Words “Happy. Genuine. Fast-paced.”

The Advice “Bigger doesn’t always mean better or more profit. Grow strategically.”

In 2020 “We’ll possibly have multiple locations. And who knows! Our youngest will be in first grade, and we’ll have more time!”


Three-Year Growth 96% 2013 Revenue $2,407,154 Founded 2005 City Orem Employees 11 Industry eCommerce Website www.LDSBookstore.com Founder Brandon Young, 30 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #13; 2012: #4

The Company A seller of LDS and Christian-themed products on the Internet.

The Growth Specific, stealth and service-oriented, Latter Day Products has become the gosh darn greatest seller of its kind.

The Growing Pains “Inventory and technology.”

Best Moment Ever “Having an employee tell me he wasn’t enjoying his job. We made changes, and then he came back a couple months later and told me it’s his favorite job he’s ever had.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Letting someone go.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Every week we have a ‘district meeting’ where everyone presents what they’re doing, how the company is performing, etc. To decide what order we present in, we usually play some kind of game like hide and go seek, whose paper airplane goes farthest, around-the-world ping pong, etc. Everyone LOVES it.”

Culture in Three Words “Young. Innovative. 


The Advice “Be open to anything.”

In 2020 “We’ll still be selling great products that uplift and inspire.”


Three-Year Growth 90% 2013 Revenue $144,281,643 Founded 2005 City Lehi Employees 159 Industry Health and wellness Website www.drinklifein.com CEO Rodney Larsen, 49 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #8

The Company A direct seller of natural, Earth-friendly health and wellness products.

The Growth Popular products, global integrity and a powerfully passionate sales force — Zija is a natural.

The Growing Pains “Expanding so quickly into so many international markets. We’re doing well globally, but it’s always a challenge to adapt to each market’s customs, culture and marketing preferences.”

Best Moment Ever “At last year’s Zija Summit, our yearly international convention, the energy was unbelievable. We love launching new products, programs and tools on stage in front of a live audience.”

Culture In Three Words “Life. Unlimited. Movement.”

The Advice “Don’t skimp on your product or service. There’s no substitute for a great product people are excited about and willing to share with everyone.”

In 2020 “We hope to become a billion-dollar brand.”


Three-Year Growth 83% 2013 Revenue $1,040,726 Founded 2007 City Orem Employees 7 Industry Datacom/technology Website www.professionalcable.com Founder Jason Bringhurst, 43 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #30; 2011: #21

The Company A supplier of network cables and datacom products to IT managers, system administrators, contractors and data centers nationwide.

The Growth As a naturally recognized brand in its industry, Professional Cable connects with clients by offering hard-to-find cables and networking products.

The Growing Pains “We’ve moved four times in seven years. Our new warehouse should allow us to grow for several years without moving again.”

Best Moment Ever “First order from an account I’d worked on for years.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Running the business while my newborn son was at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake for four months.”

Most Proud Of “Our support of hydrocephalus charities. A portion of the proceeds of our cables goes to these charities.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Dinner and movie night for the company when we hit record sales for the month. We’ve seen a lot of movies!”

Culture In Three Words “Cables with cowbell.”

In 2020 “We’ll be the leading supplier in Utah for comprehensive connectivity solutions, custom fiber-optic manufacturing, and expert customer support for any cable-related technology and challenge.”


Three-Year Growth 82% 2013 Revenue $1,290,088 Founded 2004 City Provo Employees 30 Industry Food and beverage Website www.subzeroicecream.com Founders Jerry Hancock, 47; Naomi Hancock, 42 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #11; 2012: #5; 2011: #10; 2010: #2

The Company A cyrogenic gourmet ice cream experience that flash freezes customized individual portions of cream, flavors and mix-ins into a frozen treat in less than 30 seconds

The Growth Scientific smarts has led to sweet growth, an appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and even an international location in Dubai.

The Growing Pains “Learning that we need to do things ourselves and having the confidence to do it.”

Best Moment Ever “Having the sharks on ‘Shark Tank’ validate our business.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Partners hijacking the business and being sued.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Shooting off water bottle rockets at each initial franchisee training.”

Culture In Three Words “Empower. Trust. Challenge.”

The Advice “Be cautious. Don’t be eager to partner if you can do it on your own.”

In 2020 “We’ll do $30 million in annual revenue with 300-plus stores in 10 countries.”

22. VETORA (dba EcoSwift)

Three-Year Growth 80% 2013 Revenue $5,690,084 Founded 2005 City Orem Employees 28 Industry Shipping supplies Website www.ecoswift.com Founders Rich Jackson, 42; Brigham Budd, 36 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #7

The Company A provider of durable, lightweight shipping and packaging supplies.

The Growth Now this is the total package. EcoSwift delivers with experienced leadership, fast focus and affordable products.

The Growing Pains “Running out of space!”

Best Moment Ever “The first order on our ecoswift.com website.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Opening additional warehouses.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Monday lunch.”

Culture In Three Words “Fast-paced. Accuracy. Respect.”

The Advice “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

In 2020 “We’ll do $50 million.”


Three-Year Growth 76% 2013 Revenue $3,806,934 Founded 1992 City Provo Employees 42 Industry Construction/franchising Website www.safesidewalks.com CEO Aaron Ollivier, 36

The Company A sidewalk safety management company.

The Growth PCC is walking the walk. It’s worked for city governments in 48 states in the U.S. and all but two provinces in Canada, resulting in more than 500,000 sidewalk panels in 2013.

The Growing Pains “Being sued because of our success.”

Best Moment Ever “Watching our franchisees grow more than 200 percent.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Terminating a franchisee — who was also a friend — who just didn’t want to work as hard as it requires.”

Coolest Company Tradition “We take all our franchisees on a cruise each year and an adventure trip each summer. This year, we’re rafting the Grand Canyon.”

Culture In Three Words “Stoked. Focused. Committed.”

The Advice “Organization is key. If you don’t have good systems and team in place when the growth happens, you’ll miss opportunities and be distracted with non-revenue production things.”

In 2020 “We’ll be near $20 million in revenue and have all of our franchise territories sold in North America.”


Three-Year Growth 69% 2013 Revenue $45,044,259 Founded 2003 City Lehi Employees 125 Industry Internet security Website www.digicert.com CEO Nicholas Hales, 57 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #20; 2012: #16; 2011: #13; 2010: #6; 2009: #3

The Company A provider of enterprise security solutions with an emphasis on authentication, encryption, PKI and high-assurance digital certificates.

The Growth DigiCert is seriously trustworthy — it’s used by more than 80,000 of the world’s leading government, finance, healthcare, education and Fortune 500 organizations.

The Growing Pains “Continuing to enhance the customer experience as we grow. We are very conscious of what got us here and obsess over keeping our values as we scale in a huge way.”

Best Moment Ever “Hitting record company sales in 2013. The people who know technology choose to work with DigiCert.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Rewarding performing employees for reaching personal and company goals with a vacation bonus that allows them to expand their horizons and learn to appreciate new cultures.”

Culture In Three Words “Fun. Fast. Team.”

The Advice “Pick something you can be the best at and then stick to it.”

In 2020  “We’ll be leading the market with best-in-class trusted identity, authentication and encryption services.”


Three-Year Growth 68% 2013 Revenue $4,185,859 Founded 2004 City Springville Employees 25 Industry Composite manufacturing Website www.rockwellinc.com Founder Vaughn A. Cook, 46 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #27

The Company A manufacturer of composite window wells.

The Growth Constructed with discipline and determination, RockWell has grown nationwide to become the most used window wells in the country.

The Growing Pains “Market exposure.”

Best Moment Ever “Shipping our first semi-truck load of product.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Being down to our last $10.”

Most Proud Of “Having grown from nothing.”

Culture In Three Words “Accountability. Success. Enjoyment.”

The Advice “Strategic planning — it doesn’t just happen. It takes money to grow.”

In 2020 “We’ll be over $10 million in sales and have additional product lines.”


Three-Year Growth 58% 2013 Revenue $9,533,076 Founded 2007 City Orem Employees 49 Industry Manufacturing Website www.simtekfence.com Founder Brad Wilson, 39 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Rankings 2013: #29; 2012: #27

The Company A manufacturer of simulated stone fence systems molded from steel-reinforced polyethylene.

The Growth Crowning craftsmanship, powerful partnerships and energized employees have led SimTek Fence to capitalize on a recovering housing market.

The Growing Pains “Delegation is painful — but necessary.”

Best Moment Ever “Home Depot deciding to carry our product nationwide in their stores.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Layoffs in 2008 right when we were getting going.”

Most Proud Of “Providing jobs in the manufacturing sector to U.S. employees who want to work.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Annual Cinco de Mayo party. We have a large Hispanic representation in our employee base, but they all had to consult Wikipedia to remember why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.”

Culture In Three Words “Go, go, go.”

The Advice “Set up shop in Utah. Other states make things very complex and costly.”

In 2020  “We’ll be passing the $25 million annual sales mark.”


Three-Year Growth 57% 2013 Revenue $3,512,196 Founded 2001 City Lehi Employees 45 Industry Document management/ software Website www.efilecabinet.com CEO Matt Peterson, 47

The Company A provider of document management software products and services.

The Growth File this one under impressive. With more than 12 years in the document management industry, eFileCabinet has logged more than 107,000 users worldwide.

The Growing Pains “Keeping up with the number of leads flowing into the company.”

Best Moment Ever “Becoming profitable.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Navigating through the recession in 2009.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Friday barbecues during the summer. Everyone also loves our free soda fountain.”

Culture In Three Words “Nimble. Driven. Challenging.”

The Advice “Create a well-researched plan and be willing to alter your plan frequently as needed.”

In 2020 “We’ll be growing at a double-digit rate and in more foreign countries.”


Three-Year Growth 52% 2013 Revenue $9,246,281 Founded 2008 City Spanish Fork Employees 35 Industry Promotional products and apparel Website www.brandmakers.com Founder James Greaves, 36 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #25

The Company A promotional marketing, direct importing and branding business.

The Growth Brand Makers has become a logo legend thanks to marketing know-how and dreamy customer service.

The Growing Pains “Running low on money.”

Best Moment Ever “Still searching.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Still too painful to discuss.”

Culture In Three Words “Making it happen.”

The Advice “Call us. We’ve helped a lot of companies grow through awesome marketing ideas.”

In 2020 “We’ll continue to fine-tune our offering so our clients look like marketing geniuses.”


Three-Year Growth 42% 2013 Revenue $28,318,705 Founded 2002 City Provo Employees 48 Industry Ecommerce/logistics Website www.accessts.com Founder Chris Boyle, 51 PastUV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2010: #23

The Company A provider of cloud-based ecommerce technology and logistics services, which enable online retailers and direct selling companies to sell and ship products into international markets.

The Growth World-class tech has led to world-class clients (Etsy, MonaVie, Melaleuca, Franklin Covey).

The Growing Pains “Dealing with more and more countries and the accompanying complexities and bureaucracies.”

Best Moment Ever “Running our first payroll.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Separating with a long-time partner.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Summer sushi and steak party.”

Corporate Culture in Three Words “Get it done.”

The Advice “Focus on providing value to your customers and the growth will come naturally.”

In 2020 “Be the recognized leader in international ecommerce solutions.”


Three-Year Growth 40% 2013 Revenue $561,500,000 Founded 1983 City Provo Employees 1,400 Industry Online services/family history Website www.ancestry.com VP of Global Communications Heather Erickson Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2012: #25

The Company An online family history resource.

The Growth Genealogy is in — and Ancestry.com is the cool kid. With top-of-the-line technology, billions of historical records and dream partnerships (including TLC’s popular “Who Do You Think You Are?”), the company has impressively grown with higher-than-high revenues.

The Growing Pains “We have a fantastic team at Ancestry.com, but our continual challenge will be to recruit top talent in a highly competitive technology market.”

Culture in Three Words “Passion. Innovation. Leadership.”

The Advice “1. Make it a priority to improve customer experience — view your product from the eyes of the customer. 2. Encourage, accept and embrace new technologies as they are applicable. 3. Face challenges with creativity — be willing to look for new ways to solve challenging problems.”

The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on percentage growth over a three-year period (with the base year having a revenue of at least $50,000). Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.

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