8 resources to help you #ShareGoodness

Church members can answer Elder Bednar's call to "Share Goodness" using readily available resources. (Photo courtesy LDS.org Media Library.)

Church members can answer Elder Bednar’s call to “Share Goodness” using readily available resources. (Photo courtesy LDS.org Media Library)

When Elder David A. Bednar invited Church members to flood the earth with positive messages on the Internet, he put it this way: “Beginning at this place on this day, I exhort you to sweep the earth with messages filled with righteousness and truth — messages that are authentic, edifying and praiseworthy — and literally to sweep the earth as with a flood.”

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints responded to Elder Bednar’s call in droves, some using the hashtag #ShareGoodness with their positive messages. Now, a month after Elder Bednar’s invitation, is a good time to pay closer attention to the next thing Elder Bednar said:

“I pray we will not simply participate in a flash flood that rises swiftly and then recedes just as rapidly. I am not suggesting a one-time glitzy initiative from which we quickly move on to the next task on our lengthly list of gospel things to do.”

If your creative juices are receding as quickly as the metaphorical flash flood, try using these eight resources to help you keep goodness going.

1. Official Church accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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Sometimes, you just don’t have much to say. But the Church has several official accounts on different social media outlets that are consistently populated with positive messages.

On Facebook, you can “share” these messages with your own friends and followers. On Twitter, you can retweet. If you like, favorite, or comment on these messages, they are also more likely to be seen by more users.


2. LDS.org Media Library

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In his address, Elder Bednar mentioned the LDS.org Media Library, which is fully populated with high-quality, royalty-free images, video and audio files that you can download, save and share anywhere you’d like. These images include uplifting graphics of quotes, which you can share quickly and easily.


3. Hashtags

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Follow Church-sponsored or Church-related hashtags and add your own comment to the conversation. Look at #ShareGoodness, #InYourOwnWords, #LDSconf, #BecauseofHim, #ItWasMom or current hashtags to see what others are saying. Doing so will help generate your own ideas.


4. Your personal gospel study


Church members are always learning new things about the gospel. When you find something in your gospel study, share it with others. As appropriate, you might choose to share something you learned in Church, a video someone in your family shared during family home evening or your favorite scripture. Because daily personal and family scripture study are a regular part of gospel living, there’s always something new to share.


5. Local missionaries


Many full-time missionaries are using social media to spread the gospel. If you’re having difficulty thinking of things to share, talk to your local missionaries to learn what is working for them. What messages do people in your circle of influence need to hear? What social media platforms are most popular? What gospel topics are missionaries in your local mission focusing on this month?

Missionaries are commissioned to share the gospel full time. Their insights and recommendations will help as you share goodness in your own sphere.


6. Other Church members


As Church members flood the earth with their own positive messages, help increase their reach by sharing their stories, retweeting their tweets and commenting on what they share. Continuing the conversation on existing messages can be just as helpful as creating new ones.


7. Your own talents


Before you try to share something new about the gospel every single day, think about your particular talents and abilities. Are you a great photographer? Share your images and bear testimony using them. If you’re a particularly good writer, consider starting a blog. If you like to compose music, write a song about your beliefs and share it on appropriate social media channels.

Every Church member has different talents to share, and that should be reflected in social media.


8. “Share” links on LDS.org

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Nearly every page of LDS.org includes links for sharing the content you see. Use the “Share” button to post text, videos or images from LDS.org via email, Facebook, Twitter or Delicious. Some pages also include links to Pinterest and other social media websites.


Breanna Olaveson worked in the magazine industry before taking her writing from full-time to nap time with the birth of her first daughter. Her work has appeared in the Ensign, Liahona and New Era magazines, as well as Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Bride and the Provo Daily Herald. She lives in Utah county with her husband and three children. She blogs at www.breannaolaveson.com.

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