uv50-copyThe money mavens — 10 companies Utah Valley banks on.


2013 Revenue $3,177,000,000 Founded 1984 City Provo Employees 1,500 Industry Personal care/nutrition Website www.nuskin.com CFO Ritch Wood, 48 Past UV50 Top Revenue Rankings 2009-2013: #1

The Company A direct sales company that operates in 53 markets and distributes more than 200 anti-aging products in the personal care and nutritional supplements categories.

The Success With staggeringly stellar revenues, science-driven products and a 30-year history of being a “force for good,” Nu Skin is in a class of its own.

Coolest Company Tradition “Nu Skin Force For Good Day. This has grown into a global event where we celebrate Nu Skin’s ‘force for good’ culture and invite our distributors, employees and their families to give back to the community through various service projects that support children in need.”

Culture In Three Words “Force for good.”

Most Proud Of “Empowering people to improve their lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.”

Where To Splurge “On the items that differentiate us and give us a competitive advantage.”

High Revenues Require “Innovation.”

Utah Valley Pride “We recognize the great privilege of being headquartered in Utah Valley. We have an incredible employee force who work hard and love to make a difference. We feel responsible to these good employees, their families and this great community we call home.”

The Advice “Clearly determine what your competitive advantage is, and invest and spend accordingly.”

In 2020 “We’ll be stronger, much larger and with the same focus on being a force for good in the world.”


2013 Revenue $561,500,000 Founded 1983 City Provo Employees 1,400 Industry Online services/family history Website www.ancestry.com VP of Global Communications Heather Erickson Past UV50 Top Revenue Ranking 2012: #3

The Company An online family history resource.

The Success Genealogy is in — and Ancestry.com is the cool kid. With top-of-the-line technology, billions of historical records and dream partnerships (including TLC’s popular “Who Do You Think You Are?”), the company has impressively grown with higher-than-high revenues.

Best Moment Ever “Every day. We have an extremely rewarding line of business that helps people connect with their family history — and every day customers experience this 10 times over.”

Where To Splurge “Invest in your people. They are the most important asset a company has.”

Culture in Three Words “Passion. Innovation. Leadership.”

The Advice “Encourage, accept and embrace new technologies as they are applicable — the use of technology, if used wisely, will not only help your business grow, but will help your industry’s landscape.”

Utah Valley Pride “We are grateful to have the energy and innovation this valley has to offer. In return, we are happy to benefit the local economy by hiring local talent and by recruiting bright minds from out of state to assist in the growth.”


2013 Revenue $510,183,041 Founded 1997 City Orem Employees 2,312 Industry Construction services/building material supply Website www.clydeinc.com CEO Wilford Clyde, 61 Past UV50 Top Revenue Ranking 2010: #2

The Company A construction and building materials organization formed to consolidate and provide support services for its five subsidiaries: W. W. Clyde and Co., Geneva Rock Products, Sunroc Corporation, Sunroc Building Materials and Beehive Insurance.

The Success With a company legacy that dates back to 1926, Clyde Companies has constructed its strength and success on this mantra: “Our word is our bond, quality products and service at the best value, always give a full measure, and we value people.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Our annual company party is a blast and something we look forward to each year. We’ve held it at the aquarium and at the zoo, and we even held a carnival at our corporate office where I was dunked in a dunk tank by an employee’s child.”

Culture In Three Words “Integrity. Quality. Relationships.”

Where To Splurge “Strategic planning and measuring and rewarding employee performance.”

High Revenues Require “Acquiring work continually and performing the work in an efficient manner.”

Utah Valley Pride “We love providing careers for people in our community. We also recognize our responsibility and opportunity to be involved in the community financially, through supporting community projects and being involved in organizations and associations that improve the community.”

The Advice “Hire the right people. Be aggressive. Be willing to take risks.”

In 2020 “We’ll continue to be the market leader in the Intermountain West.”


“I take pride in being located in such an entrepreneurial environment as Utah Valley.”

— Todd Pedersen, founder of No. 4  VIVINT



2013 Revenue $500,908,000 Founded 1999 City Provo Employees 6,450 Industry Home automation/security Website www.vivint.com Founder Todd Pedersen, 45 Past UV50 Top Revenue Rankings 2013: #2; 2012: #4; 2011: #2

The Company A provider of home technology services such as home security, energy management, home automation and solar solutions.

The Success Vivint is vibrant. With more than 800,000 customers throughout North America, the clever company with smart technology is dominating its market and boosting our local economy. Orange you glad they’re in Utah Valley?

Most Proud Of “I have a lot of pride in Vivint’s employee base for being part of the company and loving to work here.”

Coolest Company Tradition “What I love most is that we continue to provide opportunities for our employees, whether that involves individual job growth or a company-wide private concert.”

Culture In Three Words “Go. Fight. Win.”

Where To Splurge “On employees.”

Where To Save “Improve operational efficiencies.”

High Revenues Require “20/10 vision.”

Utah Valley Pride “I take pride in being located in such an entrepreneurial environment as Utah Valley. This place is full of amazing talent, and tapping into that talent has made Vivint the economic engine it is.”

The Advice “Focus on growing and developing a talented sales force.”

In 2020 “We’ll be a technology platform that allows families to control and connect everything in their homes through Vivint’s integrated products.”


2013 Revenue $378,100,000 Founded 1983 City Lehi Employees 1,000+ Industry Health/herbal supplements Website www.naturessunshine.com CEO Gregory L. Probert Past UV50 Top Revenue Ranking 2013: #3

The Company A direct sales company that manufactures and markets tablets and encapsulates herbal products, high-quality natural vitamins, food supplements, skin care and other complementary products.

The Success With more than 340,000 active distributors dotting 40 countries — and a partnership with the Sunshine Heroes Foundation that supports health and wellness among kids worldwide — Nature’s Sunshine has been a healthy contribution to the world and our local economy.


2013 Revenue $144,281,643 Founded 2005 City Lehi Employees 159 Industry Health and wellness/network marketing Website www.drinklifein.com CEO Rodney Larsen, 49 Past UV50 Top Revenue Ranking 2013: #6

The Company A direct seller of natural, Earth-friendly health and wellness products.

The Success Popular products, global integrity and a powerfully passionate sales force — Zija is a natural.

Best Moment Ever “At last year’s Zija Summit, our yearly international convention, the energy was unbelievable. We love launching new products, programs and tools on stage in front of a live audience.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Last year as a company we started a charitable arm. Visiting our sponsored orphanage in India was humbling and inspiring. We are blessed so much, and it’s difficult seeing others around the world have so little.”

Culture In Three Words “Life. Unlimited. Movement.”

High Revenues Require “A vision for what’s possible — and people willing to get there.”

Utah Valley Pride “We love hiring new innovators! We are always growing at Zija, and it’s been fun welcoming new members to the team every month. This growth means we’re creating jobs in Utah Valley. That’s a good feeling.”

The Advice “Don’t skimp on your product or service. There’s no substitute for a great product people are excited about and are willing to share with everyone.”

In 2020 “We hope to become a billion-dollar brand.”


2013 Revenue $114,049,201 Founded 2008 City Orem Employees 51 (plus 15 agents) Industry Real estate Website www.edgehomes.com Founders Gordon Jones, 43; Joel Harris, 43 Past UV50 Top Revenue Ranking 2013: #8

The Company A residential construction company.

The Success Edge Homes — which was recognized as the nation’s fastest-growing homebuilder ­— has the edge. They’ll build nearly 600 homes this year alone, thanks to innovation, integrity and an inherent focus on the customer.

Best Moment Ever “Every day. It’s the joy in the journey. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we’re excited to see it.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Whenever we don’t meet or exceed expectations. Customer satisfaction is something we take very personally.”

Culture In Three Words “Fun. Hardworking. United.”

Utah Valley Pride “This is home. We love it here, and we’re proud and grateful that we get to grow our company here.”

The Advice “Relationships matter. No matter how big you get, it’s always about people. You need to care about doing the right thing.”

In 2020  “We’ll be bigger and better. We’ll never stop growing and progressing — in all aspects of the company and our lives.”


2013 Revenue $79,953,302 Founded 2010 City American Fork Employees 118 Industry Real estate Website www.nudge.com Founders Ryan Poelman, 37 Past UV50 Top Revenue Ranking 2013: #9

The Company A provider of turnkey, rental real estate to investors around the world. Additionally, it provides other real estate-related services such as private lending, corporation/entity setup, tax liens, trust deeds and residential improved building lots.

The Success Nudge is no push-over. With core values of integrity and experienced entrepreneurship at the helm, it operates in multiple countries, interacts with hundreds of thousands of clients and completes thousands of real estate transactions annually.

Best Moment Ever “Getting reports of clients making big bucks doing real estate.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Food challenges.”

Culture In Three Words “Oh so sweet.”

Where To Splurge “Planning and communication.”

Where To Save “Energy drinks — they’re overrated!”

High Revenues Require “Discipline.”

Utah Valley Pride “It feels good to make a positive impact. Hopefully we can be around for generations contributing to the community.”

In 2020 “We’ll be in a new building in Lindon chuggin’ along.”


(holding company for Bank of American Fork)

2013 Revenue $56,591,000 Founded 1913 City American Fork Employees 408 Industry Banking Website www.bankaf.com CEO Richard Beard, 61 Past UV50 Top Revenue Rankings 2012-2013: #10; 2011: #6

The Company A family of banks committed to community banking, with 18 locations across Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Washington counties.

The Success World-class services with small-town charm have led the company to a 100-year history that’s on the money.

Best Moment Ever “Seeing our people succeed in personal and corporate growth.”

Hardest Moment Ever “The Great Recession — because many Utahns feared for their financial well-being.”

Most Proud Of “Helping to build Utah communities for more than 100 years.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Every year we host Project Teddy Bear, a drive to collect stuffed animals for at-risk children. Last year we collected more than 20,000 bears.”

Culture In Three Words “Excellence. Collaboration. Friendly.”

Where To Splurge “On the people.”

Where To Save “Needless outside consulting.”

High Revenues Require “Constant hard work and a protection of our reputation.”

Utah Valley Pride “We care about what we do. Community banking is not an extractive industry but a reinvestment industry. Money is recycled in Utah to build Utah.”

The Advice “Establish the values that will drive your business and align all of your everyday activities to those guiding principles.”

In 2020 “We’ll have more community banks in more Utah communities.”


2013 Revenue $49,743,778 Founded 2003 City Lehi Employees 1,200 Industry Software Website www.propertysolutions.com Founder David Bateman, 36

The Company A provider of technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

The Success Armed with first-class leadership, a creative culture, and head-turning technology, Property Solutions has been on the move since it pioneered — and power-housed — its market 11 years ago.

Best Moment Ever “Seeing an investor cash out with a huge multiple.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Struggling to make payroll in 2004.”

Most Proud “That we employ more than 1,200 professionals and that we raised less than $1 million in seed capital.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Christmas cabin retreat.”

Culture In Three Words “Deliberate. Purposeful. Aligned.”

Where To Splurge “We’ve invested every spare penny in product development. We built out a multimillion-dollar software development facility.”

Where To Save “Payroll. Hire the right people for the right price.”

High Revenues Require “Momentum, capital, talent, media and customers.”

Utah Valley Pride “It is immensely fulfilling to be part of the major tech surge that’s happening right now in Utah.”

The Advice “Don’t raise more money than you absolutely need to execute. Preserve equity. Bootstrap.”

In 2020 “We’ll still be in Lehi.”

The Top Revenue list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on 2013 gross revenue. Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only the sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. The gross revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.

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