11 Halloween costumes you’ll only get if you live in Utah Valley


Halloween costumes with a touch of humor are always fun for you or your kids. Below are some ideas that everyone around you in Utah Valley will get a chuckle out of.

1. Cosmo the Cougar or Willy the Wolverine


All you or your child needs is a Cosmo hat/cat ears or some fancy face paint, a tail and a BYU sports shirt or jersey to pull off this fan-favorite Utah icon.


2. EFY counselor


Photo courtesy @djvladek62 via Twitter

Bright colored polo? Check. Handmade nametag? Check. Unwavering smile? Check. You’re ready to roll. Don’t forget to randomly burst into song with accompanying hand motions. (Plus, we are betting you can find one of these shirts at DI.)


3.  12-month supply of food


Secure some boxes and (empty) cans of non-perishables on your kid and hand them a 10-gallon bucket they can use to collect their treats in during Trick- or Trunk-or-Treating.


4. Missionary


A missionary companionship is perfectly adorable for your set of twins or kids close in age. Dress your girls or boys up in their Sunday best (with comforbale shoes, though) and buy them some “Future Missionary” nametags. They can carry around a copy of the Book of Mormon and use their backpack to collect candy in.


5. Donny & Marie Osmond

Photo courtesy @kcchronicle via Twitter

(Photo courtesy @kcchronicle via Twitter)

The LDS dynamic duo make a great couples costume. Draw from their days in the 70s or 80s for a retro outfit as well.


6. Provo Mayor John Curtis

via Twitter

(Photo courtesy @Curtisut via Twitter)

Suits. They’re quite the foundation for Halloween costumes here, aren’t they? Make sure your pants are a tad short or pulled up to show off your bright and fun socks to emulate Mayor Curtis and one of his favorite accessories.


7. Girls Camp director

Photo courtesy @LizzieAgolding via Twitter

(Photo courtesy @LizzieAgolding via Twitter)

Dig in your closet for some cut-off, knee-length shorts, a T-shirt, bandanna and that fanny pack you’ve been meaning to take to DI. French braid and face etched of sleep deprivation optional.


8. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf or the Silver Fox


Suit up, do “the part” with your hair (you all know what we’re talking about) and stand up real straight. Top it off with an airplane lapel pin and aviators for added effect.

Bonus: Go as the Internet’s nickname for President Uchtdorf, “The Silver Fox,” by holding a “What does the Fox Say?” sign and putting quotes on your suit from some of his past talks.


9. Church ball team

Photo courtesy @dfarr_3 via Twitter

(Photo courtesy @dfarr_3 via Twitter)

Perfect for an on-the-fly family costume. Dress everyone in their athletic gear, grab some sweat bands and some safety goggles for authenticity. Don’t forget to commit a lot of fouls and argue with your teammates. Remember, authenticity.


10. Food truck

(Photo by Huffington Post in "2013 NYC Halloween Dog Parade")

(Photo by Huffington Post in “2013 NYC Halloween Dog Parade“)

It’s simple. Grab a cardboard box, decorate it, give it a name (you can use a local food truck name if you want or you can create your own) and done — you have a costume. Bonus: If you get all of your friends to make their favorite food truck costume, you could be your very own Provo Food Truck Roundup.


11. Taysom Hill almost anytime after playing Utah State


Too soon?

Grab a No. 4 BYU football jersey — the one you cried into a few Friday nights ago — and tuck some crutches under your arms. You’re all set.


Kelly Haight is a BYU graduate with a degree in communications and an editing minor. Her emphasis was in journalism, and she enjoys covering sports, the arts and writing opinion-editorials. She also works full-time as a content editor for an SEO company.

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