21 signs the MTC is actually Hogwarts


You’ve always wanted to receive a letter to Hogwarts, and it turns out you might have already received it — that is if you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and you served a mission. Here are 21 signs that the Missionary Training Center might actually be Hogwarts in disguise.

1. Both get their acceptance letters in the mail.

Harry Potter- Hogwarts letter

Missionaries wait weeks anticipating their mission call to come in the mail. That isn’t quite as long as waiting for a Hogwarts acceptance letter, but you get the point.


2. Both are schools meant to train the next generation.


Missionaries spend a minimum of two weeks in the MTC.


3. Both fight against the Dark Lord.

Voldemort-vs-Harry-harry final battle

We’re talking about Satan here, people!


4. Both use trains as a form of transportation.

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Express

Some missionaries at the Provo MTC are now sent on Frontrunner, a railway in Utah, to get to the airport.


 5. Both have high security.

Harry Potter - Guard

There’s a protective fence lining the MTC with a “scary” security guard watching all who enter.


6. There’s a dress code.

Dress Code

Suit, tie, knee-length skirts — you know the drill.


7. Both have rules against wandering the halls at night.

Students out of bed

The rigid missionary schedule never fails.


8. It’s thrilling to leave the school boundaries.


“Oh Babylon, oh Babylon….” An expedition to the temple, the Marriott Center for a devotional — whereever it is, it is exciting to leave.


9. Both have their own special type of “beer.”


Root beer or apple beer (only in Utah do people know what that is).


10. There is crazy turnover in the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Because the MTC staff is stocked with BYU students, there is huge turnover as students graduate or reach their three-year teaching cap.


11. It’s exclusive.

Rubber Duck

Muggles have their place. Only worthy LDS members have their place … or, in other words, are permitted to serve missions.


12. Students turn to sports for a break from their work.

Quiddith 2 - Harry and Malfoy

Quidditch=Gym Time


13. Both have foreign students.

Harry Potter - Triwizard Tourney

Missionaries come from all over the world to learn in the MTC.


14. Both teach the importance of pronunciation.

Harry Potter- Leviosa

Any missionary who has learned a new language can attest to some embarrassing story from mispronounced words.


15. Both have their own army.

Harry Potter - Dumbledore's Army

Dumbledore’s Army=Helaman’s Army


16. You’re sorted into houses.

Sorting hat 2

AKA: Missions. OK, so it is the Lord that picks where you’ll serve, but it’s based on who you are just like the sorting hat takes each wizard’s personality to sort them into a house. Missionaries don’t get to choose where they go.


17. Each missionary has probably met their Malfoy playing basketball or Four Square in the gym.

Scared, Potter?


18. They have magic.

Fight dementors

Mormons don’t ever call the priesthood “magic,” but it’s God’s power on earth, which works miracles. It’s kind of the same thing … maybe.


19. There’s a Great Hall with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Great Hall

Freshman 15? Ha! Bring on the missionary 30.


20. A headmaster with words of wisdom.


Weekly devotionals with the MTC president or LDS Church leaders means a lot of note taking.


21. Both are magical places that change young peoples’ lives.

Hogwarts welcomes you home


1,000 points to the Mormon missionaries!

Snape Approves

Rebecca Lane

While her first language is sarcasm, Rebecca dabbles in English and Russian to achieve her lifelong dream of being a journalist. A BYU sports fan, reading enthusiast and wannabe world traveler, Rebecca is a Colorado transplant that is convinced Colorado's mountains are much larger than the many Utah County peaks. Rebecca manages UtahValley360.com for Bennett Communications. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccalane.


  1. AvatarFred Weasley Reply

    This ridiculous ramble full of stolen copyrighted photos isn’t funny, it is a disrespectful barrage of insults to Harry Potter. At Hogwarths, qualified children learn skills to become great wizards. As “missionaries”, all children are mistaught to never question the falsehoods they’ve been spoon-fed. Education in arts versus indoctrination in the anti-christian homophobic, racist and misogynist dogma of mormon intolerance and arrogance. Huge difference. The attempt at comparison is deeply insulting. Apologies are in order.

    1. AvatarHermione Granger Reply

      Wow seriously “Fred Weasley”, calm down! Haha. If you actually sit down and try to open up your mind to understanding, the Mormons really do make a lot of sense. I’m sorry that you were probably offended by one, therefore thinking all Mormons were the same way. (Living in utah I’ve seen that happen far too often).
      This article is obviously a joke, and should be taken light heartedly. Life is too short to be offended or worried about small things.

      1. AvatarHarry Potter Reply

        Hermione Granger, i don’t mean to get between your marriage or anything, but i’m afraid that i have to support your Husband on this one. Argue with us once more and im afraid i will have to turn your car keys into another portkey. I am the chosen one, listen to me!!, not those muggle 18 year old boys. /taps foot waiting for apology.

      2. AvatarSome guy Reply

        Yes, it’s obviously attempting to be funny. But it has spectacularly failed to accomplish its intended goal.

        And the whole “only reason someone could possibly dislike the church is because they were offended by a member” spiel is getting old. It’s a ridiculous assumption without any sort of evidence to support it, and simply distracts from the very real issues that people have with the church which you conveniently dismiss as “anti-mormon.”

        1. AvatarMelanie Reply

          Typically people that don’t like Mormons, don’t know what exactly we believe, or have let something small get in their way of what they have at one time felt a testimony of. The idea that all have been offended is a silly idea, since there are so many other factors that go into why others dislike and/or leave the church. Truth is, there are many people in the Mormon church that are just as normal and human, and imperfect as anyone else in the world. We are free to choose for ourselves. Unfortunately, the church is also run by imperfect people. Therefore, we cannot possibly always know the will of God and mistakes are made. However, there are so many experiences that I have had that lift me up. I feel love, encouragement and strength to do more. I find happiness in times of sorrow.

          I know that the principles and doctrines of the church, have kept me from harm, and helped me live a happy and full life. I am educated with a college education. I believe in myself, knowing I’m good enough. I don’t need someone else in the world to tell me what to believe. That includes my belief in my own beauty and worth as well as what to believe when it comes to religion.

          There are many wonderful religions in this world. I have studied a few of them. Truth is truth no matter where it is found and even though this church on earth is run by imperfect people, there is indeed a higher power from God on high, that gives this church its fullness of truth. I would love for people from other religions to take what is important to them and see that The Church of Jesus Christ can give them even more.

          I love my family. I am sad that so many families have been torn apart. Many of society’s problems could be solved if the deterioration of family was not so prevalent. This church believes in the preservation of family, only in this life, but in the life to come.

          How can a church that teaches so many good things, be so bad?

          As for “Fred Weasley,” we are not taught to discriminate against anyone. I am a women, and feel it is a shame that some women do not feel loved or important. On the other hand, I know MANY women that feel a great sense of value, in being apart of this church.

          Also, I personally had a very dear friend who was a homosexual. I had no problem with his orientation and rather admired him for his strength in resisting the temptation to follow is desires. Just as we are counseled to be chaste and not have sex before marriage, we have been counseled to keep our thoughts and actions within the bounds that the Lord has set. I do not hate those that have chosen that lifestyle, but I will always admire those that have the strength to resist it.

          As for being racist, I don’t know where that idea comes from. I have friends from all walks of life and all sort of cultures. I don’t feel ill towards them, but rather embrace those differences and find great satisfaction in the friendships that I have with those that are Black, Chinese, Muslim, Pakistani, Latino, etc. I’m pretty blessed to know so many different people that can enrich my life.

          Lastly, the idea that we aren’t Christian. The Book of Mormon supports the bible 100%. In fact, it clarifies more doctrine found in the bible than any other book and helps it all make so much sense. In fact, if you counted up the number of times Christ is mentioned in the Book of Mormon, you’d be surprised that it is on every page, sometimes multiple times. Christ is the at very center of our beliefs. Without Christ, this church would cease to exist. I would cease wanting to try to be better. It is only through Christ’s atonement that we are saved. “He is my rock and my salvation.” 1 Nephi 13:36 Now, will you read the Book of Mormon and find out for yourself what we believe? I know that it is good and it is true.

          I have a testimony of its truth and hope that someday, you can know too.

          1. AvatarTMR

            Book of lies is more like it. I was forced to go to a Mormon church my 7th and 8th grade years and, let me tell you, they are the most damming people I have ever met. Not to mention a theological CULT that most others refuse to recognize. Mormons put more in store by their book than the bible, often stating that the REAL word of God is incomplete…which they are in no position to say such a thing.

    2. AvatarAtheist Reply

      Fred Weasley, why don’t you just go and play with your toys, and leave the mormons with their beliefs and their way of thinking. This article is just an article, I don’t believe in God but I know the mormons are good, as they strive to be better in their daily life. You need to see a doctor. Get the f… Out if you are just blaming orhers, I am pretty sure you are as bad as badass. You have been offended in the past that’s your problem, but don’t ruin others life because of your loss

    3. AvatarMargaret Broadhahn Reply

      Oh No!!!! I didn’t know I was a racist homophobe!!!!! I better tell my bishop, he may not want me to teach the children. Oh Fred……you poor thing.

  2. AvatarBookReader123 Reply

    Hahah to the writer of this article thanks you for posting.

    I especially liked the great hall with an all you can eat buffet.

    This is true in the MTC. I mean you have so many options.

    AND! Ice cream on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

    Thank you for your article

  3. AvatarGoldarn Reply

    And in both you’ll get sent home as soon as you disobey your leaders.

    Or maybe that’s only the MTC. Obedience is the First Law of Heaven, after all. Nothing is more important than obedience.

    Harry Potter would disagree.

  4. AvatarJake D Reply

    Every notice how the hard sciences like math, physics, biology, chemistry, and critical thinking skills aren’t taught at Hogwarts in favor of superstition, speculation, and magical thinking? Another nice coincidence.

  5. AvatarRusty Shackleford Reply

    Hogwarts is way more magical than the MTC. And despite their wildest dreams, people at the MTC aren’t getting frisky and snogging all the time like Hogwarts students. That’ll get you kicked out and shamed at the MTC.

  6. Avatarcarrington Reply

    thanks alot for this article. i have always wanted to receive a letter from Hogwarts buh now i guess i ve received it long time ago when i went through the MTC

  7. AvatarD Baghs Burns Reply

    All i have to say is ALL sects of ALL religions teach what someone of a different belief would consider”false doctorine”. Forget organized religion as anything more than a set of morals& values to better humanity. Take ALL the good from ALL beliefs that are different, strange, & odd to your own & you’ll start to see we’re ALL a lot more alike than different.

  8. AvatarIndumathie Gunasingha Reply

    I truly love the agency that we are given in order to qualify to enter the organization as we are in this dispensation seeing the calamities and the disruption that has accumulated over the span of time and I sure would love to be able to witness the second coming as it could be not that far as we think Amen

  9. AvatarMoaning Myrtle Reply

    I really liked this and you opened my eyes to a lot of similarities that I didn’t expect to see!

    But as a side-note, as an RM, I think Hogwarts would be a lot more fun than the MTC! D: The MTC has all the strict fun-killing rules that Hogwarts does, but without the magic (and I think it’s the magic that balances out the strict policies of Hogwarts)… There is also a much more prevalent atmosphere of judgment and comparison at the MTC…

  10. AvatarThat One Girl Reply

    Haha, this was awesome! Thanks for posting! I laughed so hard at the Great Hall comment. I’m pretty sure the MTC is where I gained 90% of my mission weight…

  11. AvatarStephany Robinson Reply

    I was enjoying the sheer wit &humor of this article/spoof as an RM from London, but the string of negative, ignorant comments were a touch unsettling. Fred needs to spend sometime at an MTC so he can get a clue. I especially liked #s 1, 3, 9 & 10. Muggles, Wizards & Mormon Missionaries are awesome! Mischief Managed!

  12. AvatarMeredith Reply

    Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed this. I’ve heard some great stories about the MTC and can’t wait to serve a mission myself. I just love all your LDS posts! They are hilarious and uplifting! Thanks so much!

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