Halloween safety: Tips from the Halloween Industry Association

Halloween night is full of fun, but only if you don't drag out the festivities. (Stock Photo)

Halloween night is full of fun, but only if you stay safe. (Stock Photo)

As princesses, ninjas and ghosts walk the streets tonight in their yearly search for free candy, be sure to take precautions against Halloween tragedy. The Halloween Industry Association has shared safety tips to help protect your kids from harm this Halloween.

Costume Tips

  • Use bright and reflective colors.
  • Choose flame-resistant costumes.
  • Use non-toxic makeup, and keep it away from the eyes.
  • Make sure hats, wigs, etc. don’t cover a child’s eyes.
  • Place emergency contact information somewhere on your child’s costume.

Trick-or-Treating Tips

  • Parents should accompany young children. If your children do go alone, make sure you know their planned route. Give them a cell phone for emergency contact.
  • Try to trick-or-treat while the sun is still up.
  • Stay on the sidewalk as much as possible.
  • Only go to homes with a lit porch light, and warn your children never to enter a car or a home for a treat.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Once your kids return home, check their candy and make sure there are no opened wrappers, off-color odors or pinholes in their goodies.
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