TAG’S freshening up the thrift shopping experience in Utah Valley

Customers line up outside of TAG's during the September opening. (Photo courtesy TAG's)

Customers line up outside of TAG’S during the September opening event. (Photo courtesy TAG’s)

For students and families on a budget, thrift stores are a popular shopping choice in Utah Valley. The opening of TAG’S thrift store in American Fork has expanded those shoppers’ options.

Customers already have the well-known options of Desert Industries and Savers within the area. TAG’S, which opened in September, offers more choices and a pleasant shopping environment.

“We’re fresh and we’re different,” said Rick Smith, a partner in TAG’S. “You walk into our store and it doesn’t look or feel like a thrift store. We pride ourselves on quality, cleanliness and pricing.”

TAG’S constantly makes trips to their competitors’ stores to compare pricing. They revise their costs based on competitors’ prices to ensure quality for the right price.

[pullquote]TAG’S Thrift Store

Address: 710 S. Utah Valley Dr., American Fork

Hours: Monday- Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., closed on Sundays


“We want customers to feel they have an outstanding price for a quality item,” Smith said.

The concept of TAG’S started two years ago as a way to help fund Feed The World, an international organization dedicated to teaching self-reliance. Their goal is to teach families, communities and villages how to thrive on their own. After they have been taught life-sustaining skills, they can help others and pay it forward.

Customers can donate their clothing and household goods to Feed The World and receive a tax receipt. Feed The World then receives the proceeds from the sale of those donations.

TAG'S, a new thrift store in American Fork, has clothes, books, a deli and more. (Photo courtesy TAG'S)

TAG’S, a new thrift store in American Fork, has clothes, books, a deli and more. (Photo courtesy TAG’S)

Customers also have the option of donating to another charity of their choice. If they feel passionate about a particular charity or cause, Feed The World will pass through 100 percent of the proceeds to their personal selection.

TAG’S has plans of expanding following the opening of the American Fork store. They hope to have at least one more Utah Valley location by the end of the year.

“We want to be more than just a Utah company,” Smith said. “We would like to succeed on a national level and have TAG’S become successful enough to act as endowment for Feed The World. That would be the epitome of success.”

TAG’S has also partnered with Avenue Bakery of American Fork. The bakery provides customers with deli, donuts, pastries and more. This designated area has bookshelves, couches, chairs, a bar area and a TV as well as Wi-Fi for customers to connect to. The intent of this section is to have a comparable experience and feel to Barnes & Noble. Customers are welcome to come in and grab a sandwich or fresh baked goods, sit down, eat lunch and use the free Wi-Fi.

“You will see the difference, feel the difference and be the difference by choosing to shop at TAG’S,” Smith said.


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