6 positive themes in Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’



Disney’s “Big Hero 6” came to theaters this week, bringing with it a cast of unlikely heroes, notorious villains and one adorable robot.

But within the entertaining plot of “Big Hero 6” lay uplifting themes and positive messages for kids of all ages. Here are six takeaways you can look forward to.

1. We all have different gifts

The Big Hero 6 all share an interest in science but apply their proclivity in different ways. One is an adrenaline junkie, using her understanding of physics to create faster motorcycles. One puts his mind to more practical use. Another focuses on the heroic capabilities of chemistry. And when all their talents come together, the group has all their bases covered — more or less.

2. We’re stronger when we unite in a common cause

All six of the film’s heroes use different tactics, but they all work toward a common goal. When plans change and they don’t know what to do, that common goal focuses and unites them.

3. Choose your friends wisely

Early in the film, Hiro faces a difficult decision and must choose his allies carefully. His choice affects both the events that follow and his perceptions of them.

4. Friends and family help each other

Following a tragic loss, Hiro is emotionally devastated. Fortunately, his personal health care robot knows that emotional health is important to overall well-being. He prescribes the best possible medication — the support of friends and family.

5. Violence is not the answer

Like so many heroes before him, young Hiro faces a critical decision when he faces his enemy. In that confrontation, he learns what all heroes eventually come to understand — violence is for bad guys. Heroes find a better way.

6. Every soul is precious

The Big Hero 6 are defenders of the defenseless, and their charity even extends to those not on their side. Even when neglecting a single person would be justifiable, the film’s heroes go the extra mile to save every soul they can.


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