On Saturday, Nov. 8, Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay became known across the country for dropping the ball just before he crossed inside the end zone. Then on Tuesday, Nov. 8, an apparent BYU Cougar fan responded with a video.

Taking the footage from Clay’s 79-yard rush to the end zone where he dropped the ball on the 1-yard line, the video added a clip from former LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley’s 1994 talk, “Don’t Drop the Ball.”

“In all of these, someone dropped the ball. He had the self-confidence, possibly even the arrogance, to think that he didn’t really have to try, that he could make it with only half an effort. But the ball passed through his hands and hit the ground, and he gave away the game.”

After Clay’s premature celebration on Saturday, the Oregon Ducks realized the officials hadn’t blown the whistle. Oregon linebacker Joe Walker grabbed the fumbled ball and ran the 100 yards to the other end for a touchdown, which tied the game 7–7. The Ducks beats the Utes 51–27.

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    1. So true…
      But terrific for everyone else…
      Terrific as a life lesson.
      Terrific for teaching kids.
      Terrific analogy for staying focused on the task at hand.
      Terrific lesson against cockiness and arrogance.
      Just like Leon Lett’s famously premature Superbowl TD celebration…you just don’t get many terrific teaching gems like these…

    2. Really Rowley?

      I hope you are preaching that up on the Hill to all the Ute fans celebrating Taysom Hill’s injury and BYU’s 4 game losing street…

      Somehow I doubt you are.

  1. Geez Rowley lighten up. I sure hope you’re not a ute fan preaching to BYU. Lots of ute fans have celebrated T Hills broken leg and BYU’s four game losing streak.

  2. This article is probably the dumbest thing ive ever read, just because you put a prophets talk into the mix doesn’t mean its okay to openly mock Kaylen being a student at byu myself this is just nonsense and an excuse for byu fans to feel good about themself with the position their football team is in right now. Yeah, Clay dropped the ball but so did the byu football team in their last three losses to crappy teams, talk about a self righteous better than thou article. Ps clays probably never gonna get baptized if he sees this rubbish

    1. I absolutely agree, with all the fumbles BYU has had recently with their program, I would think they would keep quiet. Stay Classy Cougars!

    2. Does it give you a thrill to lecture people about righteousness? Don’t concern yourself with this dude getting baptized; he can go to one of his brother Ute for that. You “Ute’s” sure enjoyed mocking the LDS religion by having your team perform SNL skit-type baptism, with all present laughing to tears about this sacreligious behavior. Ute’s enjoy dumping beer on BYU players and fans. Ute’s enjoy tearing done BYU goal posts. Ute’s enjoy flipping me off on the highway and holding a sign up in their car window that reads in bold letters “F… YOU, BYU”. I a m not a holier than thou person you discuss. If I were, I would not say “F.U., a _ _ hole”. Your arrogance indicates a holier than thou mentality.

  3. “Never leave your religion at the door. NOT EVER.” Not even when reporting on a “rival” football team and a mistake made by one of their players. Shame on you Rebecca Lane for not lifting up one of God’s children that has made a mistake.

  4. I am a Utah fan, and I think this is funny. BYU has nothing on the Utes. Plus, Taiwanese animators made a video about the play. It was painful at the time, but funny looking back because it was so ridiculous. Unlike the time Utah beat the Cougs 54-10, that was a complete beatdown. Both were embarrassing, but also funny.

  5. Gee BYU doesn’t seem butthurt at all haha! 1) They have to poke fun at the Utes because their season this year is in the toilet…..and lately every year (God can 2016 come so Utah can go back to beating BYU) 2) What team is and has been ranked for several weeks? Oh yeah its not BYU. Always classy BYU 🙂

  6. Funny is funny. Whoever put this together was pretty clever. Hopefully at some point Kaelin Clay will look at that play and just laugh it off. For those of you who think this video is a self righteous monstrosity, you should probably recognize that life is more than just one play. Sometimes its is good to chuckle at a mistake and move on.

  7. Congrat’s to Rebecca Lane. In my opinion this is the second best thing to come out of Utah County in years, just behind Interstate 15 North.

  8. I hate the Utes! Why? Because they have a set of fans that are classless and like rubbing salt into BYU’s wounds. I prefer to not think of them or their program because I can’t stand their venomous fans. This article is being classless as well. This is not a healthy rivalry like it was under Lavell and McBride. It’s ugly and I would prefer it to go away.

    1. Jerry I am sorry you hate me. You are my neighbor and I love you. I am sorry you have so many wounds. If you tell me where you live, perhaps I can help. I could bring over my DVR and we could watch some conference talks or some great football games. Let me know. I wish you all the best.

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