(Photo courtesy BYU.edu)
(Photo courtesy BYU.edu)

Thousands of college-age members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attend a church-owned university, and thousands more high school seniors are preparing to apply for admittance next fall. At every Church-owned university, the Holy Ghost is present on campus, and students learn both spiritual and secular truths side by side.

But for all their similarities, Brigham Young University, BYU–Idaho and BYU–Hawaii have just as many differences. High school seniors who want to attend a Church school have a lot to consider. Here’s a comparison of the Church’s three four-year universities, with everything from admission statistics, campus life, distance from a temple and average daily temperature taken into account.

1. Number of students on campus every semester

BYU: 24,800 (undergraduate)

BYU–Idaho: 15,000

BYU–Hawaii: 2,500

2. Approximate number of applicants yearly

(Photo courtesy LDS.org media library.)
(Photo courtesy LDS.org media library)

BYU: 11,600

BYU–Idaho: 7,000

BYU–Hawaii: 2,800

3. Ratio of male to female students

BYU: 55% male, 45% female

BYU–Idaho: 43% male, 57% female

BYU–Hawaii: 46% male, 54% female

4. Percentage of applicants accepted

BYU: 49%

BYU–Idaho: 99%

BYU–Hawaii: 29%

5. Average daily temperature (September through April)

BYU: Begins school year in low 80s, drops down to 40s during the winter

BYU–Idaho: Begins school year in low 70s, drops down to an average of 30 degrees in December and January

BYU–Hawaii: Remains in the low- to mid-70s throughout school year

6. Distance from a temple

(Photo courtesy LDS.org media library.)
(Photo courtesy LDS.org media library)

BYU: Adjacent to Provo Utah Temple

BYU–Idaho: Adjacent to Rexburg Idaho Temple

BYU–Hawaii: Adjacent to Laie Hawaii Temple

7. Notable campus attractions

BYU: Provo Missionary Training Center

BYU–Idaho: None

BYU–Hawaii: Polynesian Cultural Center 

8. Most popular majors

BYU: 1. Management, 2. Communication, 3. Exercise Science, 4. Mechanical Engineering, 5. Psychology 

BYU–Idaho: (1) Business Management, (2) Exercise Physiology, (3) Biology, (4) Communication, (5) Elementary Education

BYU–Hawaii: (1) Business Management, (2) Biological Science, (3) Accounting, (4) Exercise & Sport Science, (5) International Cultural Studies

9. Availability of post-graduate degrees

BYU: Post-graduate degrees offered

BYU–Idaho: Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees only 

BYU–Hawaii: Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees only

10. Percentage of international students

(Photo courtesy BYU.edu)
(Photo courtesy BYU.edu)

BYU: 6%

BYU–Idaho: 4%

BYU–Hawaii: 40%

11. Size of surrounding town

BYU: 116,000

BYU–Idaho: 28,000

BYU–Hawaii: 6,100

12. Things to do around town

BYU: Local businesses, Provo Canyon, local Wasatch Mountain Range, Salt Lake City within driving distance

BYU–Idaho: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole within driving distance

BYU–Hawaii: Nearby Honolulu, Pearl Harbor historic site, nearby beaches

13. Variations in dress and grooming standards

(Photo courtesy LDS.org media library.)
(Photo courtesy LDS.org media library)

BYU: Standard CES dress and grooming standards

BYU–Idaho: CES dress and grooming standards, with additional restrictions on pants shorter than ankle length, flip-flops and an emphasis on avoiding casual attire

BYU–Hawaii: Standard CES dress and grooming standards

14. Type of athletic program

BYU: Division I NCAA

BYU–Idaho: No intercollegiate athletic teams

BYU–Hawaii: Phasing out its athletic program over the next three years

15. Number of majors offered

BYU: 180 (for bachelor’s candidates)

BYU–Idaho: 80 

BYU–Hawaii: 52

16. Year founded

BYU: 1875

BYU–Idaho: 1888 

BYU–Hawaii: 1955

17. University president

BYU: Kevin J. Worthen

BYU–Idaho: Kim B. Clark

BYU–Hawaii: Steven C. Wheelwright

18. Tuition

BYU: Undergraduate LDS: $2,425; undergraduate non-LDS: $4,850; graduate LDS: $3,065; graduate non-LDS: $6,130; Law/Business schools LDS: $5,640; Law/Business schools non-LDS: $11,280 

BYU–Idaho: Undergraduate LDS: $1,875; undergraduate non-LDS: $3,750 (no graduate degrees offered)

BYU–Hawaii: Undergraduate LDS: $2,470; undergraduate non-LDS: $$4,940 (no graduate degrees offered)

19. Diversity among students

BYU: All 50 states, the District of Columbia and 110 countries represented 

BYU–Idaho: All 50 states and more than 70 countries represented

BYU–Hawaii: 70 different countries represented (number of states not available)

20. Mascot

BYU: Cosmo the Cougar 

BYU–Idaho: Thor the Viking (formerly)

BYU–Hawaii: Seasiders

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