SPONSORED: 22 gift ideas from the Holiday Gift Guide


Be the giver this Christmas by wrapping up one of these 22 ideas from local elves.

1. Blickenstaff’s Traditions


Beautiful heirloom tins are filled with interactive traditions to help families create memories and have more fun. Traditions are designed to be used for generations – so this gift will keep on giving in your home forever.

Available at Blickenstaff’s (Shops at Riverwoods #470, Provo, blickenstaffs.com).

2. Season of Sewing


Give the gift of sewing with the BERNINA 530 Limited Swiss Edition. Available at Dave’s Bernina (268 W. Center St., Provo, davesbernina.com).

3. Cozy Wozy


Stay warm with Stance socks and a chunky knitted infinity scarf. Available at SOEL Boutique (Shops at Riverwoods, Provo, #410, soelboutique.com).

4. No Toil for Oil 


Freshest extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars in Utah. Available at Mountain Town Olive oil (Shops at Riverwoods #730, Provo, www.mountaintownoliveoil.com)

5. Charmed, I’m Sure


Personalize a gift with Katie Waltman’s petite gold charm necklaces. (Shops at Riverwoods #460, Provo, katiewaltman.com)

6. Breathe In


Holiday traditions Vanilla Bean Noel, Twisted Peppermint and Winter Candy Apple! Available at Bath & Body Works (Shops at Riverwoods #320, Provo).

7. Makeup Moment


Give the gift of the perfect look. Schedule a complimentary makeup demonstration with an expert beauty consultant at Pureza Salon & Medi Spa. (Shops at Riverwoods #340, Provo, (801) 616-3042).

8. Tag, You’re It!


Utah’s Premier Family Fun Center now offers Laser Tag! Bring your family to suit up and experience the newest adventure! Provo Beach (Shops at Riverwoods #210, Provo, provobeachresort.com).

9. Serious Seams


Dave’s Bernina carries high-end machines like this BERNINA Sterling Edition 880LE.

(268 W. Center St., Provo, davesbernina.com).

10. It’s Tradition


Beautiful heirloom tins filled with interactive traditions help families create memories and fun. Traditions are meant to be just that — not returned or forgotten. Available at Blickenstaff’s (Shops at Riverwoods #470, Provo, blickenstaffs.com).

11. Educate & Commemorate


Create an annual time capsule and journal for the first day of school. Available at Blickenstaff’s (blickenstaffs.com).

12. Wishes & Dishes


Wrap up a cake plate and wish keeper for birthdays. The plate is used to serve the birthday child’s favorite dessert, and the bag secretly collects the child’s wishes throughout the years. 

Available at Blickenstaff’s (blickenstaffs.com).

13. Mirth & Merriment


Countdown to Christmas with this two-week chain. Each link contains an activity that encourages families to interact and make memories together. Available at Blickenstaff’s (blickenstaffs.com).

14. High & Low


This calendar records each family member’s high and low moments of the week, as well as 52 unique discussion prompts to encourage in-depth chatter. Available at Blickenstaff’s (blickenstaffs.com).

15. Folks & Fables


Make the Halloween season more meaningful with a black cat named Boo who sneaks out nightly to find info, photos and facts about a family’s ancestors. Available at Blickenstaff’s (blickenstaffs.com).

16. Hat’s Off


Top off a gift with this camel wool hat by David and Young. Available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).

17. Pockets Dialed and Styled


This Tavik long-sleeved plaid shirt is available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).

18. Meet Me In Paris


Go for comfort this Christmas with a tee from Sweet Claire. Available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).

19. One Leg At a Time


Walk in a winter wonderland with these RVCA black vortex pants. Available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).

20. Run This Red Light


Light up the holidays and your senses with these Seasons soy blend all natural candles in Currant and Spice. Available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).

21. Red Alert


Dress your gift list with the comfort and style of a plaid women’s vest by Dee Elle. Available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).

22. Bottoms Up


Get a leg up on your closet by wrapping up these camel-colored Zanerobe pants. Available at Called to Surf (4801 N. University Ave, Provo, calledtosurf.com).


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