Treadmill-dancing local celebrities dance/run their way past record


A puppy, a break dancer, a ballerina, a skateboarder and a group of YouTube and Vine stars made history by participating in the world’s largest treadmill dance, all while helping promote fitness.

The video features BYU “New Spice” star Stephen Jones dancing on a treadmill, joined by 40 Utah dancers and 12 video bloggers and Vine stars dancing on their own treadmills. Puppies for Rent, a Utah puppy rental company, also provided puppies for the shoot. The group dances to “Atom Bomb” by The Str!ke, a band founded in Provo.

The video was filmed in Logan, near Icon Health and Fitness headquarters, a company that owns Nordic Track.

Jeremy Nef, social media director for icon Health and Fitness, said the goal of the video is to motivate viewers to get to the gym.

“Really, we just want YouTube to get fit,” Nef said in the behind-the-scenes video.


Alisha swapped plains for peaks when she moved to Utah from her Kansas hometown. After graduating from BYU and traveling around China with her husband, Shane, they put down roots in Utah Valley, where Alisha first fell in love with yoga, learned to ski and discovered fry sauce. Alisha is an associate editor, writing for Utah Valley Magazine and Follow her on Twitter @alishagallag.

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