In December 2014, Utah Valley Magazine hosted a photo shoot with Studio C in the BYU Broadcasting Building. Fifteen pages of photos and fun landed in the January 2015 issue, but here are 25 pics that didn’t make the glossy edition.

1. Team spirit


There was no need to tell these castmates (plus producer) what to do in front of the camera. This particular pic was eliminated because we couldn’t see the face of James Perry (aka Lobster Bisque). Before the cast performs their sketch comedy before a live audience, half the cast jams out to loud music, while the other half creates zen moments individually.

2. Dogpile


The castmates and photographer brainstormed a fun group shot that would relate to the Scott Sterling sketch, which is the all-time viewed Studio C video at nearly 17 million. “Think ‘pickup sticks,'” said Natalie Madsen (far left). In the end, the dogpile photo was “too flat” to consider for a vertical cover.

3. Fortuneteller


The cast ate Chinese food in styrofoam clamshells after getting their hair/makeup done and before the cameras clicked. They took turns reading their fortunes. Before Adam Berg read his, he said, “This is going to be about today’s shoot.” His fortune: Your simple kindness today will be rewarded multiple times.

4. Juggling


During the actual Scott Sterling shoot, directors had to tell Jason Gray multiple times to stop playing with the soccer balls. The scenario repeated itself at the photo shoot.

5. Onlooker


Hair/makeup appointments began at 11:30 a.m. for a 2 o’clock photo shoot. Utah Valley Magazine hired the same team that did the makeup for the Scott Sterling video shoot, including Jennine Hollingshaus, who is putting on Jason Gray’s makeup. In the back, Jeremy Warner stayed and chatted with castmates after his turn. Natalie Madsen sat and worked on her laptop while she listened to the conversation and occasionally piped in with questions like, “How do you spell ‘marrow’ as in ‘bone marrow’?”

6. Makeup


Utah Valley Magazine editor Jeanette Bennett took notes as cast members came in for hair and makeup, and her notes became the quiz in the magazine (and online here) about “who said what” in the makeup room.

7. Soccer style dos (not don’ts)


Marren Bailey puts on Mallory Everton’s makeup in the makeup room one floor beneath the Studio C offices. Marren researched soccer hairdos to give the three female castmates an authentic sports look.

8. Mallory’s model training


Whether the camera was clicking or not, Mallory Everton’s whole body was ready for anything. “I watched Ted Talks on modeling before I came over here,” she said at the shoot. “Models rock!”

9. It’s a man’s hall


The Utah Valley Magazine photo shoot day included hair, makeup, lunch, chatting in the hall and the actual photo shoot. Stacey Harkey, Adam Berg and James Perry swapped mission stories and told about crazy tattoos they’ve seen on people’s bodies — which came up after they talked about having to get fake tattoos put on for a Studio C sketch on criminals.

10. Eat and talk


Matt Meese ate lunch before getting his face “beat up” in the makeup room as he became “Scott Sterling.” Editor Jeanette Bennett crammed in a few more interview questions, including finding out which costumes are most uncomfortable. “Captain Literally, hands down”! Matt says. “It’s, uh, tighter than I would like. ”

11. Sit back and relax


Jared Shores (producer/ref) and Matt Meese were the last two to sit in the hair/makeup chairs. The two of them created Studio C after Matt approached Jared, already a BYUtv employee, about the show. That was five seasons ago, and now they are full-speed ahead on Season 6, which will air in September 2015.

12. A photographer’s vision


MaryLyn Linge (yellow pants) photographed Studio C for Utah Valley Magazine. She’s been shooting covers for Utah Valley Magazine and BusinessQ since 2003.

13. Matt down


The stretcher used in this photo shoot — and also in the Scott Sterling video — was rented from a prop specialist in Springville. Matt sprawled out on the stretcher, and then the cast deliberated on whether his head was at the right end. “This feels like we’re at your funeral,” Whitney Call says.

14. The man, the myth, the legend


Matt Meese wrote the Scott Sterling sketch and named the character “Scott” after the first person he climbed as the “Shoulder Angel.” Matt chose an alliterative last name because he likes that about his double-M moniker.

15. Spotlight


The giant trophy was borrowed from McGee’s Stamp & Trophy in Orem. The pricetag was carefully removed, saved and reapplied after the photo shoot.

16. #PyramidFail


The pyramid was the first attempt for the cover photo. Matt Meese got into character as the nearly-dead Scott Sterling, which ended up being the reason this photo wasn’t chosen. “Our readers love Matt Meese and want to see him alive,” editor Jeanette Bennett says.

17. Bloody business


At the photo shoot, several Studio C castmates asked Matt Meese, “Did they have the lines of the soccer ball on your face when we filmed the video?” The answer is yes. Matt went back and forth to makeup after each “goal attempt” in the viral soccer video, and a prosthetic nose was even implemented when Scott’s nose “breaks.”

18. Secret of the style


Jennine Hollingshaus uses Matt Meese’s face as a palette for a beat-up soccer goalie. At age 31, Matt is the oldest castmate. At 130 pounds, he is also one of the lightest.

19. Funny … face?


Several soccer balls were brought to the photo shoot, thanks to the neighbors of editor Jeanette Bennett. At one point the three female castmates brainstormed “pregnant bellies” with the balls, but then Whitney went for the backside.

20. More makeup


Stephen Meek, husband of castmate Whitney Call, talked about the recent cruise the cast took the week after Thanksgiving. “There were a few Mormon families that recognized us and wanted pictures,” he says. “The rest of the people were drunk the whole time.”

21. May the odds be ever in his favor


Stacey Harkey’s fortune read, “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.” His reaction? “Seriously? I have to be single for three more months!!!” Of the 10 castmates, six are married. The three single guys — Stacey, Adam and Matt — all live together.

22. Girls rule the world


An improv sketch began happening among the three female castmates — Natalie Madsen, Mallory Everton and Whitney Call. “I am not a trophy wife!” Whitney declared. “But Stephen (Meek) is my trophy husband.”

23. Ouch!


Injuries at the shoot included bare knees on hard concrete floors, Stacey Harkey falling when running in his cleats, and James Perry falling off the stretcher onto spilled water when the guys were playing around. (But no Studio C castmates were truly injured in the making of these photos.) P.S. Why does Stacey look so tired in this pic? It could be because he was in his last week of his last semester of college. He was the final castmate to complete his BYU degree, and he says, “It’s been exhausting keeping up with my classes and my duties at Studio C. I’m looking forward to having all my time devoted to Studio C now.”

24. Never a dull moment


During makeup, Whitney Call told editor Jeanette Bennett about why she and Stephen Meek adopted “fainting goats.” “We were actually researching fainting couches on KSL and came across someone selling fainting goats in Payson,” she says. “We bought two and named them Skittles and Ahab.”

25. Not amused


Marren Bailey adjusts Matt Meese’s makeup, Jared Shores (producer/ref) tells us that he prefers a no-tooth smile, and Jeremy Warner is happy to be reunited with his medical case — and light probe — that he used on the Scott Sterling sketch.

Read the cover story including details on each individual castmate here

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