Best of Restaurants 2015


Sorry, but voting has closed for the Best of Utah Valley 2015 competition. We will announce winners in the May/June 2015 issue of Utah Valley Magazine.

Rebecca Lane

While her first language is sarcasm, Rebecca dabbles in English and Russian to achieve her lifelong dream of being a journalist. A BYU sports fan, reading enthusiast and wannabe world traveler, Rebecca is a Colorado transplant that is convinced Colorado's mountains are much larger than the many Utah County peaks. Rebecca manages for Bennett Communications. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccalane.


  1. AvatarLisa Lee Reply

    Please separate the Italian & Pizza categories. I love Olive Garden for Italian, but my new favorite Pizza place is the Pizza Studio in University Mall. TOO. DIE. FOR!

  2. AvatarEmily Reply

    The Sip-N spot is the best place for drinks and treats for three reasons. One, they are family friendly. Families of all shapes and sizes can gather at Sip-N spot to enjoy a wide variety of delicious desserts and delightful drinks. They support local organizations like sports, theater, etc. Second, in addition to being family friendly Sip-N has the best treats in Utah county. Almost every dessert sold is home-made and fresh everyday. The quality is top-notch and you can help but feel like you’ve made it to paradise when you eat a fluffy cinnamon roll or a tasty Oreo. And third, Sip-N is a small, family owned business that supports other small businesses. In addition to selling home-made goodies, Sip-N utilizes other small businesses in several aspects of their own business. The owners are thoughtful and organized and you can immediately tell that they deeply care about each customer. The service is great, the food is great, the company is great. What more could you ask for from a treats and drink ship? Sip-N spot has my business for life!

  3. AvatarJennie Reply

    Sip’n Spot in Payson under the drink/treat section! So yummy, locally owned, and have you tried the homemade Oreos?! Also, Los 2 Portillos in Spanish Fork has the best chimichanga around!

  4. AvatarNatNat Reply

    Sip-N Spot is locally owned and you won’t find friendlier customer service around. Plus best drinks, cookies and OH those bacon cheese fries!!

  5. AvatarJenny Reply

    Decadence Cafe has closed. And I agree with Lisa Lee…pizza & Italian should be separated…also soda shops should be separated from dessert spots.

  6. AvatarHannah Reply

    The Mouse Trap beats every category. They have the best grilled cheese, and their dessert sandwiches are incredible! Not to mention the creative names for the sandwiches… I’ll eat a Nicholas Cage every day.

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