Salem Hill’s Porter Gustin chooses USC over other 29 offers


Salem Hills senior Porter Gustin committed to the University of Southern California on Tuesday morning.

“The environment up there was is just great,” Gustin said in the press conference. “USC is a school I’ve followed my whole life, and from the first time I went up there for a visit, I’ve had a great relationship with the staff.”

The five-star linebacker had 30 schools reaching from coast-to-coast offer him scholarships to play football starting in 2015. These include power houses like Ohio State, Notre Dame and more. Local schools Utah State and the University of Utah also made Gustin offers.

Last year, there was controversy surrounding BYU, another Utah university, and Gustin because BYU wasn’t making Gustin an offer despite Gustin’s interest in the university.

“We made a visit to BYU in December and talked to the coaching staff with the intention of committing to BYU if they had offered, but they said they were over their scholarship allotment for linebackers,” said John Gustin, Porter’s father, in a 2014 interview. “That’s fine, that’s part of the process so we parted ways and now that’s not an option.”

Gustin narrowed his choices down to a final four before announcing his final decision Tuesday: USC, Ohio State, Arizona State and Utah.

Gustin becomes USC’s 21st recruit for 2015.

Rebecca Lane

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