Larger than life BYU football prospect Motekiai Langi broke the Internet on National Signing Day


Yesterday was signing day in college football and the star wasn’t a five-star recruit that chose Alabama or USC, it was a 6-foot-7, 410 project from Tonga named Motekiai Langi that no one had heard of (and some didn’t believe existed) until BYU tweeted out his specs. Below are some highlights of the reactions to the signing of Langi from local and national media.

SB Nation trembled in fear of their new “mean mugging … Tongan overlord.”

Darren Rovell, a business reporter for ESPN, thought the Cougars were punking him  

But BYU was quick to respond that Langi was no joke, providing photographic evidence of his existence.

Soon after that, an 8-second clip of Langi playing a pick-up game of football emerged on YouTube. It’s unclear if the person he hit flopped for fear of what would happen if he were actually hit.

Finally a picture of Langi from the MTC surfaced making the old gentleman he’s standing next to look like a member of the lollipop guild.

In this clip from BYU Sports Nation, BYU defensive line coach Steve Kaufusi explains how he came across Langi.

There’s no doubt that Langi’s legend will grow to Paul Bunyan proportions over the next two years while he is serving an LDS mission. But I for one can’t wait for the day in the distant future that he suits up for the Cougars, so long as the equipment manager can find a helmet and shoulder pads that fit.

BRB Motekiai Langi


Jon Eyre has worked in marketing communications at a number of high tech companies in Utah Valley for the past nine years. He is a 2003 graduate of BYU, and worked as a graduate assistant for the school's Sports Information Department for the 2003 and 2004 football seasons. When he isn't working, Jon spends his time scouring the internet searching for obscure indie bands, trying to decipher the meaning of Lost, or hanging out with his wife and three children.

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