pinFebruary is the month of love, and there is no better time to shower your family with affection. You can’t spoil your kids with too much love, even though your older kids may be grossed out by your displays of affection. Here are six ideas for loving on your kids:

1. Have a heart

Cut out a bunch of heart shapes from colored construction paper. Every day for the whole month (or every other day if that’s more doable for you), write one word that describes a positive attribute on a heart and tape it to their door. If a daily commitment sounds overwhelming, spend one night as family writing hearts for each other. Hang them in an area where everyone will see them, such as the kitchen.

2. She loves me

Take the time to sit down and write your child a real love note. Use fancy paper and a special pen and detail exactly what it is you love about them. If you aren’t the best at journaling, jot down a few bits of biographical information such as how many teeth they’re missing or their least favorite subject at school. While you’re at it, write a heartfelt note for your significant other or a best friend, too.

3. Picture perfect

Find photos of just you and your child, and print copies to place in a special album. If you don’t have many recent pictures of the two of your together, use baby pictures they likely haven’t seen in awhile. Or, seize the opportunity for a special mommy and me photo shoot or a selfie party if you have tweens and teens.

4. Guess who’s coming to dinner

Instead of going out with your spouse on Valentine’s Day and fighting the crowds for a table, consider dining in with the whole family. Set the table with the good china, light some candles and request that everyone dress up in their fanciest duds.

5. Four hugs a day

Your kids may not let you kiss them goodbye anymore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need physical affection. Look for opportunities to hug, snuggle or kiss your child, and try to get in at least four doses of touch a day.

6. Bake off

Kids love to help bake and cook, and now is the perfect time to make and decorate sugar cookies with your kids. You could use the cookies as dessert for your family Valentine’s Day dinner, or take them to neighbors or friends who could use a little bit of love.

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