Dirty secrets: UV360 survey shows how often readers clean

Make cleaning easier with these housecleaning hacks. (Stock Photo)

In a Utah Valley 360 poll, we learned that “clean” has its own definition for different people. (Stock Photo)

If you’ve ever wondered whether the amount of laundry you do is excessive, or how often other people really change their sheets, the answers may surprise you. Utah Valley 360 conducted an online poll of readers’ cleaning habits, asking how frequently people did things like vacuum, mop, clean toilets and fold laundry.

The survey found that the majority of respondents — 53 percent — considered their houses to be “frequently” presentable for company. An additional 22 percent says their houses are “sometimes” presentable, with smaller percentages saying their houses were “always” (14 percent) and “rarely” (11 percent) so. About half (48 percent) of all respondents said they had young children at home.

Among the other findings:

  • If you love to shove things in closets and drawers, take heart: While 55 percent said unseen areas are organized, 45 percent said they are not.
  • Only 15 percent employ someone to help clean their houses.
  • Most people (39 percent) vacuum their main living areas once a week, while about the same percentages do so more (28 percent) or less (21 percent) than once a week.
  • Some people just really like to vacuum: 13 percent do it every day.
  • While 40 percent of respondents clean bathrooms once a week, almost as many (37 percent) clean them less frequently. And 18 percent clean them more than once a week, while 5 percent clean them every day.
  • Hate scrubbing baseboards and cleaning window treatments? Twelve percent of respondents said they never deep clean.
  • Still, the majority of respondents (66 percent) deep clean seasonally. Nineteen percent deep clean monthly, and 3 percent do so weekly.
  • Most people do three to four loads of laundry a week.
  • If you feel as though you are doing A LOT of laundry, you aren’t alone: 16 percent do more than eight loads a week.
  • How often is too often for sheets? Fifty-one percent of respondents change them monthly, while 36 percent change them once a week. Twelve percent change them less than once a month, while 1 percent change them more than once a week.
  • Thirty-six percent of respondents mop their floors weekly, and an additional 49 percent do it more than once a month. Fifteen percent of respondents probably have dark floors or little children: They mop multiple times a week.

Elyssa Andrus has worked as a journalist for 14 years, most recently as the lifestyle editor at the Daily Herald newspaper in Provo. She is a contributor to the KSL-TV show "Studio 5" and is co-author of the book "Happy Homemaking" (Cedar Fort, 2012) with Natalie Hollingshead. She lives with her husband and four young children in Utah Valley.

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