24 awkward Kiss Cam moments from the Marriott Center


“Pucker up, Cougar fans, it’s time for the Kiss Cam.”

While Cougar fans may have hoped that what happens in the Marriott Center, stays in the Marriott Center, those hopes were for naught. Click on the song below and scroll — it’s almost like you’re in the Marriott Center, except better because these are all of the best moments.

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch by The Temptations on Grooveshark

1. Attack of the unsuspecting wife

Kiss Cam -Attack of the wife

2. All by myselfAll by myself

3. And here’s a kidKiss Cam - Kid

4. Freshman hand kissKiss Cam - Freshman hand kiss

5. Couples scalp massage

Friend massage

I hope that’s their friend rubbing their heads, or else that is creepy. Oh wait, it is creepy either way.

6. Masked love

Masked love

7. Fan club

Fan Club


8. Dumbo on the jumbo

Elephant Love


9. I threw her on the ground

Threw her on the ground


10. Horrified and appalled Horrified and appalled

11. The neck nuzzleNecking

12. Cheerleader’s commitment compromised

Cheerleading conundrum

13. Return to meHiding Return to me

No means no.

14. Smack



15. Freshen up

Freshen Up

16. Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

17. My first love — this burger



18. They’ve conspired against me

Conspire against me

19. Hide me

Hide me

20. Be aggressive

Be aggresive

21. And they call it, mascot looove!

Mascot Love

22. Longest.

Longest spotlight ever 1


Longest spotlight ever 2


Longest spotlight ever

“It’s not an engagement ring, give the guy a kiss,” said the Marriott Center announcer.

23. And all the family relations


Seriously, are they related?


“She’s my sister, my sister.”

24. And so much rejection


Double trouble

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