Fab 40 step into the UV Mag office for a first look at the magazine


We like to party and we were ready to squeeze every ounce of enthusiasm out of our Fab 40 as we unveiled our March/April issue of Utah Valley Magazine.

It was the first time our Fab 40 saw their pictures in print — and their reactions didn’t disappoint us. Here are a few pictures from our party that brightened our day.

1. Camera ready, set, let’s party

Camera Ready

As a magazine, we can never pass up a photo op. The blown up cover of the Fab 40 issue of Utah Valley Magazine wasn’t only for the background — we had the Fab 40 and other people featured in the March/April issue sign the cover. This oversized poster will be displayed in the Bennett Communications office.

2. Our lemonade stand

Lemonade Spread

Our lemonade stand might seem meager, but it was covered in sweetness. To go with our Fab 40 theme of lemonade, we served lemonade, Swig cookies and delicious pastries from Kneaders.

3. Piles of magazines

Magazine reveal

When the guests left, they got a complimentary magazine and a goodie bag stuffed with treats and coupons — including some donated by people and businesses featured in the magazine.

4. Checking in

Sam Dallon

Since there were so many people featured in the magazine, we had everyone wear name tags as they came into the party. Here Sam Dallon, one of our Fab 40 who got a 36 on his ACT, fills out his name tag with his mom.

5. Look, it’s mom!

Allen family

Carolina Allen, who’s in our Fab 40, brought her whole family. One of her girls shouted out, “Look, it’s Mom!” The whole family had to get a look at their mom in the spotlight.

6. Fashion forward


In the back of the office, people signed the poster, including Bree Wilkins who was featured in our fashion section for her golden clothing business and her leadership with Provo Fashion Week.

7. Proving their spot

Chris and Heidi Alldredge

Doesn’t this happy couple look like they belong in our “Happy Couples” section of the magazine? Good thing, because Chris and Heidi Alldredge are one of four couples featured in the section.

8. Greetings from the guys

David Nibley

David Nibley, LDS actor and CEO of Melty Way, talks to our ad manager, Jason Nelson, at the front of the office. Jason was one of the many Utah Valley Magazine staff members who greeted our guests.

9. The gift that keeps on giving

Jeanette Bennett

Editor Jeanette Bennett had one of the best jobs — giving away door prizes. Jeanette drew prizes every 15 minutes, which included Costa Vida garb, books, Magleby’s gift cards and more. It pays to be in Utah Valley Magazine.

10. Sweet sounds

Kimberly Jo Smith

Kimberly Jo Smith, a singer and part of our Fab 40, sings while her son Bryan Davis accompanies her on the guitar. There were two musicians featured in our Fab 40 and they both performed at our party.

11. Seeing stars

Mike Joner

Mike Joner, who was in our Fab 40 for his galaxy research work, sees the March/April issue of Utah Valley Magazine for the first time. We guess he is seeing stars — we sure are.

12. Sharing with others

Rich Jones

Rich Jones takes a break from his job as CFO for Costa Vida to play a few songs that he wrote himself. Costa Vida also donated treats for our goodie bags we gave our guests when they left.

See more pictures from the party in our Utah Valley Magazine Facebook album.

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