Child’s play: Jenny Moyer creates fashion forwards frocks clothes to home

Designer Jenny Moyer's tiny fashionable friends showcase her work. Clockwise from left: Jenny's daughter Taylor, Jenny, Jenny's son Cohen, Jenny's niece Olivia, Jenny's son Bauer, Avi and Alia. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Designer Jenny Moyer’s tiny fashionable friends showcase her work. Clockwise from left: Jenny’s daughter Taylor, Jenny, Jenny’s son Cohen, Jenny’s niece Olivia, Jenny’s son Bauer, Avi and Alia. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Childhood should be bright, happy, carefree and fun, which is exemplified in clothing line Taylor Joelle Designs, created by an Eagle Mountain mother of five — Jenny Moyer.

“It started with a crib bedding set that I designed for my third child, Mason,” Jenny says. “We loved what we ended up with and started selling sets on eBay.”

Eventually Jenny started selling the crib sets on her own website.

“The crib sets took up tons of room in our house,” Jenny says. “So we stopped doing those and moved to smaller items, like baby clothes.”

Sweet child o’ mine 

Jenny began designing clothing for children 18 months up to 10 years old, and the line took off. She is now moving into the tween category so she can design clothes for her 12-year old daughter — and company namesake — Taylor. The design vibe is fashion forward yet whimsical — graphic prints and funky fabrics with touches of tulle and occasional ruffle.

Jenny looks to current women’s fashion trends and then scales them to mini proportions. When it comes to designing for kids, durability and wearability are key.

Inspiration station

Design inspiration is found anywhere and everywhere for Jenny. Whether it’s spotting a color palette she loves on Pinterest or creating a chicken print fabric because all of her siblings recently got chickens, life imitates art. 

Jenny’s mom, Diane, is also a constant source of design inspiration.

“She is super crafty and weighs in on everything we do,” Jenny says. “She is currently serving an LDS mission with my dad in Ghana, so she is my virtual partner for the time being.”

Kid at heart

While Jenny’s degree is in education, her heart is in kid’s fashion. Fashion and entrepreneurial passion run in the family. Jenny’s brother Jeremiah is the creator of Beloved Shirts, a quirky Orem T-shirt and sweatshirt company. Her brother Reid owns Provo’s Tute Genomics, a healthcare software company. Her father was a successful businessman and adjunct professor at BYU.


Next question?

How long does it take for a design to come to life? 6 months from sketch to sale.

Busiest time of year? Black Friday! Our site crashed.

Slowest time of year? February.

Next line coming out? A spring collection called “Flowers and Showers.”

Hottest item Tutu skirts

Hometown Jenny grew up in Toronto, moved to Pro


All in the family

As the business has grown, so has Jenny’s team. She now has a handful of employees who help her with social media, marketing and the website. Jenny’s husband, Jason, is also now a full-time employee.

“Lucky for me, he does all the ‘not fun’ stuff, like accounting,” Jenny says.

The couple works side-by-side in their basement office space. And with five kids to take care of, they change hats all day long.

“It’s been so great to have him at home working with us,” Jenny says.

Christmas in July 

When Jenny designs a new line she has to work six months in advance, which means she’s dreaming about summer dresses when it’s snowing outside. First she comes up with a design, then she picks fabrics and waits for the factory to send her back a sample. Then she tweaks it and orders 600 or 700 pieces of the item.

As for 2015 trends?

“I’m excited to work with gingham patterns and faux fur in the fall and winter lines,” Jenny says. “We are seeing less neon and more muted tones like pretty powder blues.”

Chic cyber friends 

Taylor Joelle’s online following is 57,000 strong and they help name each new clothing collection. Whoever picks the clever title, whether it be Sparkling Cider or Pixel Pets, is treated to a clothing prize. Many children who model Taylor Joelle clothes have been found through the company’s Instagram model searches.

“We love our customers and we love interacting with them,” Jennys says.

Jenny’s youngest son, Cohen, is already an Instagram darling with his own hashtag,  #chubalubcohen. Her oldest daughter, Taylor, loves fashion and being a part of her mom’s business.

“I am fairly positive this business will be hers someday,” Jenny says of the line’s namesake.

Jenny loves designing clothes for her own five kids — including her youngest son, 1-year-old Cohen. 

Designer Jenny Moyer’s tiny fashionable friends showcase her work. Clockwise from left: Jenny’s daughter Taylor, Jenny, Jenny’s son Cohen, Jenny’s niece Olivia, Jenny’s son Bauer, Avi and Alia. 


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